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Gameing anarcho syndicate? Comrade 03/22/2021 (Mon) 07:36:11 No. 7583
So i've been thinking of opening a game developing and maybe game journalism syndicate that works on helping the common gamer to get closer to the industry but i have 2 worries; >i'm not entirely sure how syndicates work because i traded my INT points for END and STR I know i want a decentralized organization but i agree we should get some direction >i need a way to keep the "incel" type gamers in check i don't want to alienate capital G Gamers but we still should do something about them so they don't endanger the organization, alienate gamers of vulnerable backgrounds and of course get the wrong attention because they thought being total edgelords wouldn't bring any consequences What are your thoughts? what would you do? how much experience should i probably get first? i've worked on very small projects that have gone nowhere due to socioeconomic limitations I used to be a videogame blog writer on a considerably sized operation and soon enough i'll probably start working on a New Vegas mod and or a Unreal game


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