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Mods shove objects up their holes Comrade 10/12/2020 (Mon) 04:52:01 No. 7632 [Reply]
Instead of making a twitter account to invite libs over so you can play revolutionary party building on the internet, could you retards build a functional website? Maybe one with functioning wikis and information instead one with memewars and faggotry. It really is just a thought. Just focus on the part of this post where I tell you to stop trying to build a big tent party on a fucking image board. There's no need for you to try to change the world chanology style when you could just spread information and safeguard ideas. This is a place for that fraternity, not a place for actual retards to coordinate.
There's the leftypedia. What is wrong with that?

(92.85 KB 719x459 IMG_20201001_234652.jpg)
Revive left unity thread Comrade 10/10/2020 (Sat) 06:38:02 No. 7611 [Reply]
So mod I need your help to revive left unity thread. Cuz apparently that thread have valuable memes & left unity pics. Can you please revive or give me archive.is link for our endeavor? Here's the link of the thread: https://www.bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/885226.html And I'm sure that the pic thread is about a maoist & antifa protect each other.
Sorry, we aren't really in the business of archiving.
>>7611 So far as I'm aware, only stuff that we manually select is archived, there's no automatic archiving sadly. I would say to maybe check if anyone has it saved in their cache or something. You can always use the leftybooru and the leftypedia to archive content that you want to save, the board is temporal by nature.
You have to do some advanced web wizardry to archive a thread. File > Save As...
>>7618 Looks like new firefox changed it, so it's just in the hamburger drop down menu on the right, "Save Page As..." or ctrl+s

(57.92 KB 427x449 sylvia.jpg)
Comrade 10/08/2020 (Thu) 15:37:53 No. 7577 [Reply]
Can you clean up /anime/ please? It's like seeing the ITG thread but on a board scale.
>Another complaint thread Fuck off.
>>7578 Yeah why are people complaining on the meta board huh??
>>7610 WE already have enough of those and this shit is just whining.

(114.62 KB 1435x329 SAYE46J53.png)
Anonymous 10/03/2020 (Sat) 22:10:47 No. 7435 [Reply] [Last]
Holy shit lol
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>>7531 >>>/testing/ And some redundant dead boards from old bunkerchan which were locked and hidden after the great migration of /leftypol/
>>7532 Can you list them? other than >>>/dprk/ (which is gone) I don't remember any other boards that may have been before the migration.
>>7503 True, but it's still a massive number of posts of ranting when they say /pol/ doesn't give /leftypol/ attention. FFS back when /leftypol/ moved back to the Bunker in 2019 they tried a raid and got raided back and were so mad that any OPs mentioning leftypol were instabanned for a week there.
>>7549 Thanks m8

(217.08 KB 1887x897 Ro0slfR.png)
ISO 8601 Comrade 10/06/2020 (Tue) 18:57:30 No. 7550 [Reply]
Hi. I see dates on here are shitty yankee dates, not ISO dates like the rest of the world uses. Any chance of fixing this? <2020-06-10 <-- like this >10/06/2020 <-- dear god no please make it stop
It would be preferable (and should be done too imo) but americunts can't let go any of their retarded shit in service of literally the entire rest of the world for their life. And no idgaf if they're the majority of the userbase here.
>>7551 Let's just see what the admins say first, even though they're most likely burgers who like sticking with Freedom Dates
You can turn on relative dates at least. Usually I just want to know how old a post is, not the specific date/time.
>>7553 Fugg I didn't even notice that. Relative times helps at least. Thanks anon.

(2.89 KB 111x107 wtf_sunglasses.jpg)
ban AOC posting Comrade 09/28/2020 (Mon) 11:34:45 No. 7158 [Reply]
Jannies I beg you to ban "age of consent" shitposting as a rule. its 90% /pol/ crossposters and 10% that one schizo incel who always goes on about how he should be allowed to ban teens and girls over 18 are "roasties" for the love of Stalin jannies
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>>7158 Fuck off moral fag.
>>7192 TWO memes in one! Now this is funno.
>>7192 >moralfag lol wut
(370.21 KB 1200x917 DzTNAhvUcAAXfC7.jpeg)
>AOC posting I first thought you meant picrel posting.
>>7158 Agreed >>7192 >being spooked by spooks t. spook

(127.73 KB 1080x1457 Screenshot_20201003-234826_1.png)
Downloads are still broken Anonymous 10/03/2020 (Sat) 21:49:05 No. 7411 [Reply]
Mods, please for the love of Mother Earth, fix this. No matter which device or browser I try, downloading picture related fails. I want to get the newest /pol/jack faces for fuck's sake!
It's that cloudflare protection or we get flooded with gore by spambots. So for the moment until we manage to counter the bots, it will stay on.
I literally can't post. Maybe 1 out of 15 posts work.. Not sure if it's the captcha or what but it's very frusturating
>>7415 Can't you exclude /.media/ from the DDOS protection? That would solve 99% of the problems with it.
>>7526 Alternatively, if that's not possible, make the board get the media from static.bunkerchan.xyz, configure nginx to only serve static files from that hostname, enable cloudflare without DDOS protection for that hostname.

(5.45 KB 463x127 wtf.png)
Comrade 10/03/2020 (Sat) 02:04:15 No. 7342 [Reply]
literally wtf pls fix
We're under a raid my dude. Shelter in place. Hunker down this looks like it could be a long storm.
>>7350 >reposting Derflinger Nicu!!!
>>7350 ok but why the fuck is this happening? why will it sometimes not let me post images?
>>7400 https://bunkerchan.xyz/boards.js check pph Posts Per Hour and number of Users

(4.38 MB 3000x2373 lmao.jpeg)
Anonymous 10/02/2020 (Fri) 02:43:04 No. 7295 [Reply]
>cloudflare DDOS protection >need to enable 3rd party cookies to access the site now alright board is officially dead
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>>7316 Dude there's a spam bot replying to every thread here
>try to report CP spam on /GET/ >nothing happens when clicking "OK" until captcha runs out, then says captcha expired Hmm.
>>7314 >botspam chuds You mean like right now? If anything I don't recall ANY en masse botspam outside of the Wojack script, and that was locally made.
dumbfuck reddit jannies and their culture war destroyed the board old BO was too right
>>7345 You have to click it once and wait for a minute or so. It loads slowly and if you double click it cancels out the first request. Think of it like old computer systems

(307.46 KB 1024x756 1431549937608.jpg)
Proxy and VPN blocked Comrade 09/04/2020 (Fri) 23:57:51 No. 6838 [Reply]
Every day more proxy and VPN IP are blocked with this message: >Your IP was recognized as a known spammer Please fix this. I found one working proxy to post after two hours trying many proxies. Yesterday three proxies I used still worked, now give this error. Are the IP blocked by this site or the host? Hope it is possible to fix even if it is the host. Some people live in countries where political activism is more dangerous. Proxy and VPN are necessary but somewhere free list proxies and free VPN are the only safe way to post because government knows who pays for VPN or private proxies. Pic unrelated but it is happy unity. Sorry for my non native English.
6 posts omitted.
>>7163 Why don't you ask him? I imagine he might take it more seriously if it was brought to his attention by someone "higher up the food chain" than regular users. >>7164 Also this...
>>6838 use softether vpn anon, it even works in 4chan
>>7175 He takes regular users more seriously than the staff t. Regular user who has gotten him to do stuff
>>7185 Well how about you share with the class how to get space away from low-class hookers for half an hour?
So now even Cloudflare's "DDOS protection" has been added and you have to do a captcha with every post, and the problem with proxies and VPN's hasn't been fixed? What the actual fuck?


no cookies?