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(59.70 KB 1360x764 Xi-Jinping.jpg)
Comrade 11/30/2019 (Sat) 01:52:05 No. 2789 [Reply]
Put a reply button at the bottom of thread pages please.
Just click on any post number and the quick reply window will come up

Sage#+GbZOp 07/12/2020 (Sun) 01:12:38 No. 5290 [Reply]
Oh and also mods, what with the influx of redditors, instead of getting mad and throwing the ban hammer, I strongly urge you to consider the creation of an idpol gulag. At least this time it would be full of redditors and not incels, and it will help to integrate the redditors in, while containing their worst elements
Based idea
there is no influx of redditors lol, this board hasn't grown in months, and I'm confident the jannoids can confirm this.
>>5290 This is genuinely a good idea. Better keep that stuff confined into a single place rather than having to ban every single person that shows up to talk about that.
This was debunked comrade

Comrade 08/19/2020 (Wed) 16:50:52 No. 6448 [Reply]
Calling everyone feds or glossies with no proofs should be a bannable offence. This would not stand in any irl leftist or radical space and is ironically a fed tactic demonstratobly used to destroy spaces and movements.
How would we prove glowness? Should every accusation be accompanied by a spoilered message saying "or a useful idiot for them"? Should all accusations of real organizations as being "honeypots" also state "or at least infiltrated by ..." to be factual?
It's the equivalence of accusing somebody of repeating ruling ideology talking points. It's a decent rhetorical device, it would probably be better to make it a verb to denote that it's something that people did, rather than something they are. The entire tactic of destroying leftist space with accusatory spirals, can be avoided if you focus on actions, you know say to people, you are doing something wrong, rather than saying you are a "wrong-person". They aren't doing much beyond pushing the button that triggers the clerical instinct to excommunicate. if you focus on actions this is bypassed.
>>6498 >How would we prove glowness? Here? We dont. >Should all accusations of real organizations as being "honeypots" also state "or at least infiltrated by ..." to be factual? Yes. >>6499 I broadly agree but the internet for most is a place of words, not actions.
>This would not stand in any irl leftist or radical space and is ironically a fed tactic demonstratobly used to destroy spaces and movements. Yeah but it's completely harmless here, since it's an anonymous imageboard and therefore calling someone a glowie doesn't actually do anything other than maybe derail the conversation a bit, unlike IRL where it can have actual consequences for the group and the people being accused. It's really not worth banning people over, especially since it's mostly just polemics rather than an actual accusation.

(125.17 KB 414x371 uwotmate.png)
Where is the Mod feedback thread? Anonymous 10/09/2020 (Fri) 16:12:46 No. 7596 [Reply]
Serious talk lads. Where is the fucking Mod feedback thread? Last time I was here it was right fucking there at the top where everyone could see it where it should be. I look around and what I do you think I see? It is in the fucking GULAG, the shithole of the internets where no living soul dwells. This can't do lads. Collective judgement should be held in the open, not swept under the carpet.
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>>7678 >never visited The number of posts in all of them say otherwise >not even clear what /gulag/ <complaining about chan culture Ok reddit >hiding this thread I'm not a mod > don’t want other anons to see what people are complaining about It is extremely simple to link this thread in leftypol and mention it to people. >Pin the feedback thread to the top of leftypol There is already a pinned thread that has a full FAQ and people complain to the mods all the time there you dolt >so ass mad projecting much? >couldn't make sense your sentence is half gibberish to me, so unironically 'no u'
>>7597 >>7599 >>7605 >>7607 >>7623 >>7667 >>7676 Mods should be required to post with their tag on in /gulag/, because this shit is annoying. >mods=gods >newfaggot <when you learn about chan culture from 2005 4chan screenshots
>>7687 >post with their tag They do. I'm not a mod on this site.
>>7691 only when they want to, but on the /meta/ board it should be a requirement. Cause often mods will post as users to defend their actions to make it seem like there's popular support. Us, users, can never know if we're talking to a mod or not
>>7694 That's fair enough. I agree with this.

(109.40 KB 1567x933 Udklip.JPG)
A Proposal for the Reorganization of Bunkerchan Comrade 10/13/2020 (Tue) 02:30:12 No. 7652 [Reply]
In the wake of a new board, /leftyb/, being proposed, I have a proposal for an alternative reorganization of bunkerchan. It appears that the volunteers and the admins intent to create a space in which general shitposting is possible. While it is commendable that they want to create such spaces, I think the best way to achieve this is to revisit how this chan is organized. I therefore propose the introduction of The General Plan THE GENERAL PLAN The general plan rids us of all other boards on bunkerchan, except /GET/, /ref/ (our traditional allies of special status) and /gulag/. The plan is then to instead of different boards have a general thread for each board, so that we have a cyclical /hobby/, /tech/, /edu/ ect. THE REASONING I operate fundementally under the assumption that the boards are created because the mods want to give these categories special status, and promote them over general shitposting/baitposting. HOWEVER, counterintuitively, this system and effort to grant the boards special status, it ends up giving them lesser status than general posting. Few people actually venture outside the /leftypol/ board, especially because the other boards do not meet the minimum sustainable populations to maintain an active board-community. This is important to make note of. Currently, Bunkerchan as a whole is not chan-sized, but board-sized, which means that only /leftypol/ (and to some degree /GET/) get enough activity to be actual organic, thriving communities. Note picture related, to see the traffic on other boards. This means that general shitposting/baitposting will get more attention than the average thread on any other board than leftypol. This in turn has the paradoxial effect of achieving the exact opposite of the original goal, namely to grant these boards special status. Therefore, in order to diversify the kind of discussion and content available on bunkerchan, we need not to expand but rather paradoxically to contract, until such a time as we have enough of a user-base as to warrant self-contained organic thriving boards.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>7652 Fucking jump off a bridge. /hobby/ /anime /games/ and other boards have excellent threads with a lot of content. A general thread wouldn't even BEGIN to cover the range of content posted in them. >ends up giving them lesser status than general posting Outright lies. They have low PPH because that fluctuates constantly. And that's fine, slower boards allow for higher quality discussions, as is visible in many of the threads of those boards. This is BUNKERCHAN not LEFTYPOLCHAN we're not exclusive to a single topic even if we are all left-leaning.
>>7666 Nice trips, and I agree with everything you said except telling OP to jump off a bridge because I think they should instead make this same thread on /anime/, /tech/, /hobby/, /edu/ and /games/ and see how they react.
>>7666 >single digit and double digit replies count as excellent threads C'mon now.
>>7706 >single digit None of the older threads that are active have single digits and most of the active ones have 90-200 posts all of which are a hell of a lot more quality than /pol/jack spam and reeing in /leftypol/

Mods shove objects up their holes Comrade 10/12/2020 (Mon) 04:52:01 No. 7632 [Reply]
Instead of making a twitter account to invite libs over so you can play revolutionary party building on the internet, could you retards build a functional website? Maybe one with functioning wikis and information instead one with memewars and faggotry. It really is just a thought. Just focus on the part of this post where I tell you to stop trying to build a big tent party on a fucking image board. There's no need for you to try to change the world chanology style when you could just spread information and safeguard ideas. This is a place for that fraternity, not a place for actual retards to coordinate.
There's the leftypedia. What is wrong with that?

(92.85 KB 719x459 IMG_20201001_234652.jpg)
Revive left unity thread Comrade 10/10/2020 (Sat) 06:38:02 No. 7611 [Reply]
So mod I need your help to revive left unity thread. Cuz apparently that thread have valuable memes & left unity pics. Can you please revive or give me archive.is link for our endeavor? Here's the link of the thread: https://www.bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/885226.html And I'm sure that the pic thread is about a maoist & antifa protect each other.
Sorry, we aren't really in the business of archiving.
>>7611 So far as I'm aware, only stuff that we manually select is archived, there's no automatic archiving sadly. I would say to maybe check if anyone has it saved in their cache or something. You can always use the leftybooru and the leftypedia to archive content that you want to save, the board is temporal by nature.
You have to do some advanced web wizardry to archive a thread. File > Save As...
>>7618 Looks like new firefox changed it, so it's just in the hamburger drop down menu on the right, "Save Page As..." or ctrl+s

(57.92 KB 427x449 sylvia.jpg)
Comrade 10/08/2020 (Thu) 15:37:53 No. 7577 [Reply]
Can you clean up /anime/ please? It's like seeing the ITG thread but on a board scale.
>Another complaint thread Fuck off.
>>7578 Yeah why are people complaining on the meta board huh??
>>7610 WE already have enough of those and this shit is just whining.

(114.62 KB 1435x329 SAYE46J53.png)
Anonymous 10/03/2020 (Sat) 22:10:47 No. 7435 [Reply] [Last]
Holy shit lol
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>>7531 >>>/testing/ And some redundant dead boards from old bunkerchan which were locked and hidden after the great migration of /leftypol/
>>7532 Can you list them? other than >>>/dprk/ (which is gone) I don't remember any other boards that may have been before the migration.
>>7503 True, but it's still a massive number of posts of ranting when they say /pol/ doesn't give /leftypol/ attention. FFS back when /leftypol/ moved back to the Bunker in 2019 they tried a raid and got raided back and were so mad that any OPs mentioning leftypol were instabanned for a week there.
>>7549 Thanks m8

(217.08 KB 1887x897 Ro0slfR.png)
ISO 8601 Comrade 10/06/2020 (Tue) 18:57:30 No. 7550 [Reply]
Hi. I see dates on here are shitty yankee dates, not ISO dates like the rest of the world uses. Any chance of fixing this? <2020-06-10 <-- like this >10/06/2020 <-- dear god no please make it stop
It would be preferable (and should be done too imo) but americunts can't let go any of their retarded shit in service of literally the entire rest of the world for their life. And no idgaf if they're the majority of the userbase here.
>>7551 Let's just see what the admins say first, even though they're most likely burgers who like sticking with Freedom Dates
You can turn on relative dates at least. Usually I just want to know how old a post is, not the specific date/time.
>>7553 Fugg I didn't even notice that. Relative times helps at least. Thanks anon.


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