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(1.27 MB 648x1200 15991094458490.png)
Any Reason I should be Communist? Comrade 09/05/2020 (Sat) 06:09:52 No. 6841 [Reply]
I'm highly individualist person, of the type who openly evades to wear mask during the lockdown and puts "I" before "we". Russian communists told me that "when USSR gets restored, people like you will be gulaged", and that "'Я' is the last letter of the alphabet." Any reason I should support the ideology that promises to kill me?
>>6841 Why did you post here instead of on /leftypol/? Please go there.
>>6841 >Russian communists told me that "when USSR gets restored, people like you will be gulaged" Extremely based
The classification of societies as exclusively either individualist or collectivist is a western paranoia. Sane parts of the world see that the two mutually reinforce one another
(28.94 KB 500x500 500full-igor-bogdanoff.jpg)
>>6841 >openly evades to wear mask during the lockdown Retarded regardless of politics >Any reason I should support the ideology that promises to kill me? It doesn't, don't learn about communism from reddit memes and russian edgelords See >>6847 It is necessary to have a strong collective conciousness in order to be free to be yourself. They reinforce each other. All individualism you are able to practice today, comes from other people collectively making this society possible. Communism seeks to free the individual from the constant clawing and struggle they have to do All their life to avoid starvation and homelessness, thus creating a generation of free people able to do things they themselves wish. Read theory and you'll understand it better.

(88.10 KB 400x400 hp1TnmEP_400x400.png)
What do we as a board think of Space? Anonymous 08/22/2020 (Sat) 17:50:12 No. 6566 [Reply]
I've talked to him on Twitter once or twice and I think he's a nice guy as well as an okay BO, but I wonder what your experiences with him have been like and what you think of him.
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>>6775 >However he owns the site so I guess hes somewhat of a based guy. shut up, bootlicker. Circumstances of ownership are not proof of "basedness". This place used to be a meme chan with a communist aesthetic as a joke. Only after 8/leftypol/ had been destroyed, space and his clique saw an opportunity to populate one of their deserted chans (space owned spacechan, another dead site) so they advertised bunkerchan as a backup board, then 8/leftypol/ continued going to shit, 8chan died and people had to come here. I was one of the people warning against moving here. I probably still have the post screenshots. Long story short, pretty much everything happened as I predicted. These internet no-life types aren't hard to figure out.
>>6786 t.old bo
>>6806 OldBO wanted us to move here earlier long before 8chan went down
barely interacts and let redditors flood the janny team 0/10
>>6786 >I was one of the people warning against moving here. I probably still have the post screenshots. Care to post them?

(136.76 KB 840x551 Chad Incel United.jpg)
(145.83 KB 640x434 United Meme.jpg)
(210.24 KB 840x472 Pride Meme.jpg)
Mod Please! Anonymous 09/02/2020 (Wed) 03:15:27 No. 6808 [Reply]
Open the thread! I don't mean it. Fuck Incel Culture=Fuck Rightoids Culture/Rhetorics. Discource should be allowed, no? Don't become a dictator! Release this thread. https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/831253.html
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>>6815 >source: dude trust me
>>6816 eat shit & die, trolls! where's the mod? please mod, please!
>>6817 Threads around identity politics, including sex identity(incels), are banned. However, they're usually anchored and not locked, so I unlocked it. Best I can do.
>>6819 Thanks a lot, mod. 🙏🏼
>>6812 >anti-capitalism without intersectionality is class reductionism No you faggot, it's called Marxism, now go back to r/communism and take your liberal bullshit with you.

what the fuck happen to leftypol Anonymous 08/08/2020 (Sat) 15:39:14 No. 6195 [Reply]
Well it was a very free enviroment just few weeks ago and how the fuck it started banning all treads and users assuming them as idpol WHAT THE HECK YOU MEAN BY IDPOL NOW? And what happen to leftypol nazbol gang meme cult why did it became like leftcel? Did leftypol started to become liberal tier or something?
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>>6216 I actually started with "opposite of pol" conviction when I came here. But after more lurking I arrived at opposite conclusion actually.
>>6221 >everyone making statements I don't like is a glowfag wew sounds like damage control or defending radlibs can't tell which
>>6223 unfortunately there are liberals here who haven't came to that conclusion
>>6221 >glowuighur HUh, looks like the tr4nny jannies have brought their shitty word filters over to this board now.
>>6207 But Brit/pol/ are far less hostile to so-called "idpol" (basic faminism and anti-racism) than a lot of lefty/pol/ is.

(8.67 KB 255x253 1923561280560128.jpg)
Comrade 08/20/2020 (Thu) 16:04:24 No. 6531 [Reply]
Unban pls, I was just trying to make the /pol/acks go away.
What's the ban ID?
(35.61 KB 300x220 129385162518369.png)
>>6532 It's gone and now my IP is logged forever, I'll never forgive you for this.
>>6533 I don't get it
>>6531 What was your ban?
>>6531 What did you do?

An Influx of Liberals Comrade 04/01/2020 (Wed) 00:07:36 No. 4555 [Reply]
When did /leftypol/ get so many liberal posters? There's been ton of liberal posting lately with not much push back. We have people posting cop apologia now. See this thread: >>>/leftypol/406505 Where are these people coming from and how do we deal with this?
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Especially in the Internet containment thread, shit is cancerous
Reddit just purged everything where do you they went?
>>4555 There have always been liberal posters on leftypol. Former BO and jannies sought to expand the image board by appealing to reddit. Some still do, as they are "nicer" than apolitical edgelords and lumpems.
>>4730 Actual retard

(14.44 KB 501x466 Brzehnev.jpg)
Anonymous 08/19/2020 (Wed) 15:30:56 No. 6449 [Reply] [Last]
Seriously, who is the retard who thought putting that "people of college" filter was a good idea? They are a real social class and there are no reasons to censor that word. This filter is useless and is contributing to a degradation of the level of discourse on this website. https://www.strawpoll.me/20795981
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>>6493 Moved to gulag.
>>6494 >educated proles are a class now
>>6497 YES
>>6493 >hahaha I annoyed you therefore I win
>>6515 PMC isn't a class, it's idpol squabbling.

Ban TheLiteralNadzee Comrade 07/26/2020 (Sun) 21:57:18 No. 5715 [Reply]
>>>/hobby/13269 Faggot is posting links to his twitter accounts again
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>>5716 stay mad janny
i always thought he was just a dank irony poster, is he an actual nazoid?
>>6103 No, he's just an ironic poster, just pushes the joke too far at times.
(282.39 KB 818x921 (you).png)
>>6507 Kek he's back

Word filters 01/07/2020 (Tue) 12:02:08 No. 3915 [Reply]
Please change the /autists/ wordfilter to /zion/ Polyps aren't autists, they're zionists
4 posts omitted.
>>3920 How? Jewish or not elites do plot and fuck people because of money.
>>3919 >Dollar signs are better. The Hibernian conspiracy is kind of obscure. It might be obscure but it is part of the board culture. Also I don't think the /pol/yps would mind dollar signs, for in their minds rich = jewish.
>>3922 Exactly what I meant about it being anti-semitic
(261.75 KB 640x930 (you).png)
>>3915 you forgot the neo-nazis. are they zionists too?
why don't we wordfilter stupid while we're at it, don't wanna offend any disabled people :^)

(75.61 KB 354x404 stirner.PNG)
(31.08 KB 678x408 bunkerchan.PNG)
Are mods and jannies the same thing? /dead/ 08/14/2020 (Fri) 18:42:52 No. 6366 [Reply]
What are mods? What are jannies? But the most important question, why are you all so retarded? Do you not realise other ideologies are discussed on this site than "maoism, trotskyism, leninism and marxism"? If you don't have control over this google bit then I forgive you.
(1.36 MB 512x384 picard.gif)
>>6366 >ideologys
>>6366 >HowNew.RU
>>6502 What, a family of ugly jews?


no cookies?