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(127.87 KB 1200x675 1490570259982.jpg)
Is the report feature broken? Comrade 07/12/2020 (Sun) 18:07:26 No. 5305 [Reply]
I was trying to report >>>/leftypol/685382 for idpol retardation but it always says wrong or expired captcha no matter what I do and reloading.
yea it’s broken. we are fully at the whim of mod’s attentiveness. thanks lynxchan!
>>5307 lel, what a wonderful time to remove the moderation thread

(27.88 KB 1311x261 Screenshot_129.png)
Comrade 07/11/2020 (Sat) 20:44:06 No. 5281 [Reply]
Mods, please explain this clear display of newfaggotry.
Please link to the thread.
>>5283 undone.

(932.40 KB 1888x832 NumberOneThreadThisMorning.png)
(101.97 KB 1552x759 SuddenPPHSpike.png)
/hobby/ needs some help I think Comrade 07/08/2020 (Wed) 23:10:31 No. 5219 [Reply]
So there's this guy on /hobby/ who was complaining about duplicate threads like a month ago, rather reasonable thing to do, but this evolved into a shitpost war in one particular thread he did that in ages ago, and today that guy made a load of low effort replies across the board. In rezzing lots of old threads, he's also buried a lot of the current ones. And most of these posts that were made earlier are sequential, one-after-another (typically only a minute between them give or take), and typically only one line. Could any of you look into it? because something just does not seem right about this sudden spike on an otherwise dead board.
12 posts omitted.
>>5235 Because it belongs on /tech/
>>5234 Traditionally those kind of threads belong to tech related boards, we happen to have one with such a thread >>>/tech/
>>5239 Look at the OP.
>>5240 Ah nevermind then.

Comrade 07/07/2020 (Tue) 19:31:34 No. 5196 [Reply]
could you please delete all the comments related to spacing in the "evidence of glow posting" thread. Annoying as fuck derailment of an interesting subject by stupid autists who refuse to shut up about spacing
fine. just remember that the vols work for you
thank yee moddos
What the fuck! They deleted my posts because of you? Why? And how was my post not related to the thread? I was calling OP a paranoid fag for being worried about shit we already knew, how is this not related?

IQ to Autism Level Filter Comrade 07/06/2020 (Mon) 12:38:16 No. 5167 [Reply]
Can we bring back the Autism level filter? We've recently been having a lot of /pol/yps come on talking about IQ and shit it'd be a lot less annoying to deal with them if they were saying autism level insted muh IQ
>>5167 lynxchan doesnt allow you to have spaces in front of or at the back of a filter term, so we cannot filter IQ without fucking up any term where there is IQ, qhich is quite a ton of them. Even more impressive if you realise that you have to go out of your way to actually code it to specifically trim spaces, for no good reason.
>>5168 Ah I see that's unfortunate thanks for telling me why though
>>5168 Sad!

(1.59 MB 420x236 lenin hanged.gif)
the pedophile problem Comrade 04/29/2020 (Wed) 21:29:35 No. 4766 [Reply]
that pedo keeps spamming his shit, how do we get rid of him?
4 posts omitted.
(164.53 KB 378x287 disgruntledsquidward.png)
>>4766 >>4767 >Just get the jannies to do their fucking job. Yup, it's really that easy. This last week has seen so much cancer tolerated. The pedoposting is only the most egregious example. Now this tumor needs excising. There is nothing at all to gain by allowing bad faith actors to shit up the board. It is much safer and conducive to the health of the board to take action.
>>4785 Based and Squidpilled
it happened again, please someone make it stop
>>4767 Getting hunted by federal authorities to own the commies.
>>4766 Report shitposts, don't reply unless its to utterly BTFO them, and repost their post#s on the Cheka thread to make sure others see the shit and report it too.

(6.89 KB 180x200 hurrdurr.jpeg)
Comrade 06/02/2020 (Tue) 17:03:24 No. 4902 [Reply]
i feel like this site is in a slump of being permanently stuck mentally in 2016-2018 and that a lot of newfags have turned this site into a weird circlejerk similar to reddit i can't be the only one whos seeing this can i ?
2 posts omitted.
(154.08 KB 413x545 131955999912.png)
>>4906 What ?
>>4902 I think you're overreacting... What do you expect to be different about political discussion now as opposed to 2016-18?
considering the people on the internet still get butthurt about those things that happened years ago I'm not surprised they wouldn't have moved on
>>4904 Well, when boards like /pol/ and /leftypol/ reach their logical conclusions (Fascism && Communism) There's on;y so much we can , realistically, talk about. Granted leftypol has a much much much broader range because of the global historical presidence we find ourselves a part of. All pol can really do is scream about the jews.
>>4902 >a weird circlejerk similar to reddit Cause they're chapofags who came here after the subreddit got banned >2016-18 Because those were the best years of leftypol.

Comrade 06/24/2020 (Wed) 02:12:29 No. 5028 [Reply]
>all manner of /pol/tard bait threads merely get anchored >thread asking about drug policy in socialism gets deleted with extreme prejudice after attracting significant discussion Hmmm really makes you think.
4 posts omitted.
>>5138 After 300 replies and half a dozen spin-off threads. The sticky specifically said Nazis are welcome to post here. Mods are more interested in looking cool to /pol/fags than decent moderation. They're scared /pol/ is gonna call them cucks and make memes about them, just like they got that video of a transexual sucking dick and said it was the leftypol BO. I think we should stop being so nice to them.
>>5138 You havin’ a laugh mate?
(11.61 KB 614x112 Untitled.png)
>discussion 1) There is a thread on hobby where this kind of discussion belongs 2) It's not discussion so much as that fucking "muh psychedelics man" shite that has been reposted so many times its beyond irritating.
>>5155 >sticky specifically said Nazis are welcome to post here Because that's a lot more relevant to political discussion and argument than drugs... a recreation (and thus a hobby topic). >Looking cool to /pol/fags Riiiiight, which is why /pol/aks are constantly laughed at?

(719.86 KB 836x623 Screenshot_20200704_202805.png)
Comrade 07/05/2020 (Sun) 04:00:53 No. 5149 [Reply]
why did my thread about the myth of degeneracy get nuked????
Cuz it was shit?
>>5151 No it wasn't, it was a concise explanation how trying to argue against accusations of degeneracy is just falling for their trap.
>>5149 Try posting with a nazi flag, mods are afraid to delete those posts lest they awaken the kraken known as /pol/.
>>5156 >mods are afraid to delete those posts theliteralnazee doesn't get banned because he's shitposting ironically and isn't a real nazi. We drove off a /pol/ raid a while back and raided them instead, so the mods are fine. >>5149 1) Cause it was shit 2) Cause it isn't a myth

(93.19 KB 605x900 n7l8pqgv720z.jpg)
Comrade 02/01/2020 (Sat) 13:00:45 No. 4120 [Reply]
What's left opinion on antinatalism and efilism, antinatalism and utilitarianism?
6 posts and 1 image omitted.
I am an anti-natalist, but it it can be a quite arrogant, petty-bourgeois position to take especially when anti-natalists who live in the west start hating on people of the 3rd world for having to much children. Also most anti-natalists don't have an actual idea how to stop this suffering, like changing the economic system which in itself will reduce suffering and cause people to have less suffering. Most are just Western Nihilists/pessimists hobbyists, purely for the aesthetic.
>>4178 >Cause people to have less suffering Cause people to have *less children*
>>4122 it's not based it assumes life is inherently miserable guess what? it's not. stop projecting your bad childhoods and depression onto people's babies.
You are indeed on the wrong board, though I doubt >>>/leftypol/ will be much more receptive to it, not least because it is not necessarily "leftist". Though you can try your luck there, you may have a better discussion (albeit at a much slower pace) at >>>/dead/, one of the secret unlisted boards where post-leftists, anti-ideological lefties, nihilists, and the like dwell. I am more than happy to discuss it further there. (I'm the schizonihilist anon who is now unable to post on /leftypol/ now that it has blocked all Tor nodes.) But nonetheless, I will try to summarise my responses to these ideas: Antinatalism as a position is rather orthogonal to leftism because it is a philosophical position born from a pessimistic existential contemplation of suffering as it relates to birth. It tends to be found among those more leftward due to some of the usual assumptions and framings that antinatalism takes, such as consent and atheism and materialist conceptions of existence, but it is not by any means an exclusively leftist perspective -- especially because it is more interested in existence and suffering than it is in liberation per se (though some take it in liberationist directions). "Efilism" is honestly a meme pseudophilosophy originating from the pet self-theory of an amateur philosopher on YouTube. It attempts to describe and capture a particularly death-affirming antinatalist perspective that values death over life and inexistence over existence. The main problem I have with it is that the entire concept seems to be developed from a rather amateurish philosophical approach, especially in terms of its terminology, and seems to have zero engagement with more serious philosophy like Nietzsche's radical critiques of all death-affirming and passively nihilistic problematisations of suffering (of which "efilism" is just another death cult like Christianity and Buddhism). While I think the concepts captured by what amateurs call "efilism" has some merit, if only as an example of a radically and holistically antinatalist perspective on the question of life, it needs rehabilitation from someone more sophisticated in philosophy. Even then, however, I think the entire perspective is fatally flawed and philosophically bankrupt because it fundamentally functions as merely an atheistic and secular form of death cultism, only basically distinguishable from Christianity or Buddhism by its radically pessimistic and materialist antinatalism. Additionally, I frankly find the term itself to be rather juvenile. If "efilism" is to be taken more seriously outside of niche amateur online antinatalist and philosophy circles, it needs better naming, such as "radical antinatalism" or "thanatism" or even "mortalism"; and it needs some serious development into a philosophy that provides a coherent and persuasive response to Nietzsche's life-affirming active nihilism and to the paradise engineering technohedonism of philosophers like David Pearce. I don't think it can, but that is the challenge it faces. Regarding the relation between "efilism" and leftism, it inherits whatever association it has from its antinatalist parent, though I suspect "efilism" is more amenable to radically reactionary perspectives than antinatalism tends to be, in part because it is itself a radically reactionary response to the existence of life. Utilitarianism is a whole other bag of worms with a complex relationship to leftism and politics, and all I can say at a general summary level is that it is an approach to utility, happiness, and suffering which seeks to optimise and economise existence toward the former two and (usually) against the latter, but in doing so instrumentalises all existence and tends to privileges death over life in its attempts at accounting for possible futures within present conditions. It is fundamentally flawed in that sense and many more, though as a hermeneutical method it may still have its place when subsumed within a larger ethic (even a nihilist one). Considering how each interact with each other is a far more complex analysis that demands even more text than I have already typed thus far (when this was intended to be brief), so I will refrain from doing so, except briefly thus: "efilism" is at best a radically death-affirming form of amateur antinatalism that seems to lack the philosophical engagement, nuance, and sophistication of its antinatalist parent; whereas both "efilism" and antinatalism are usually approached within a utilitarian framework that prioritises suffering/disutility over pleasure/utility, yet can operate outside those frames. If you want to discuss this further, I recommend going to >>>/dead/619 or creating your own thread there. If you go to /leftypol/, I will be unable to join you and caution that you will probably not get a satisfying response. Lastly, >>>/edu/ is another option, though that board is more a general space for serious discussion and I have yet to frequent there.
(83.52 KB 634x804 Untitled.png)
(35.97 KB 624x320 Untitled2.png)


no cookies?