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(175.88 KB 1022x688 1563578785054.jpg)
Word Filters Comrade 11/16/2020 (Mon) 23:12:54 No. 8674 [Reply]
The word filters are too much. I don't know which retard decided it would be a good idea to apply so many of them, it's fucking annoying and you can't go one thread without half the posts getting spammed with filters. It's good for a meme but its frequency turns it from a little thing to smirk at every so often into a constant annoyance. They should be culled down to the bare minimum or removed entirely.
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can we word filter "vaccine" to "proven cure" or something?
>>8683 fuck off
Can you do regex filters? t.?r.?a.?n.?n.?y
>>8713 No. Regex is not implemented.
Can we get a discord filter on /games/ too?

(14.04 KB 567x244 survey-captcha-example.png)
Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 20:55:53 No. 8719 [Reply]
You guys realize that the captchas are old and exploitable right?
>>8719 please, do tell
>>8719 Yes, replace it with Google Captcha
(150.40 KB 1242x960 dog machine learning.jpg)
>>8726 So you would rather be used as an AI brute forcing drone than just type some funny letters?

(58.11 KB 170x193 1538881203470.png)
Ban avatarfagging Comrade 11/19/2020 (Thu) 22:14:26 No. 8720 [Reply]
All the anime and frog-faggots that keep treating our boards like their own personal D/scords are scum of the earth and need to go back. Ban avatarfagging.
This has been a thing on imageboards for at least a decade, everything you don't like isn't Discord. We're not gonna do anything. Answered and anchored.
Based, avatarfags are the fucking worst and each and every one of those smug cunts deserves the ban hammer >>8721 kys tranny janny
(162.02 KB 600x659 f9d.png)
>>8720 especially this avatar

(168.90 KB 1052x381 didntread.png)
Anonymous 11/17/2020 (Tue) 12:56:25 No. 8684 [Reply]
Where did everything go so wrong?
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>>8685 I've been here since 2016, i know there are effortposts but not the same amount as there was, I'm seeing less effortposts and more "post chin" replies especially on threads that has to do with /pol/, it just makes threads insufferable, i remember a time where mucho texto syndrome was very common, and where people would post walls of text even to a joke. >>8686 >The urge to squash “shitposting” and “incorrect theory” or whatever is what destroyed this place. Well its now destroyed because of shitposting, the antithesis has become the thesis, we need a new synthesis.
(48.79 KB 454x340 picture comparison.jpg)
(16.65 KB 499x300 agony.jpg)
>>8688 >the antithesis has become the thesis, we need a new synthesis.
>>8688 >especially on threads that has to do with /pol/ why are you even in these threads then? go to any of the myriad of other threads that aren't shitposting about shitposters

(37.22 KB 558x419 1582924317791.jpg)
Comrade 10/01/2020 (Thu) 17:30:35 No. 7223 [Reply]
Please keep /anime/ elitist and delete e-celeb shit like threads about youtubers, vtubers, hololive and other social media garbage. It should be a board for discussion of anime and manga, not discussion of people discussing anime and manga on other AIDS platforms, or even worse, real people just wearing an anime girl shell thanks to the power of neural networks and facial recognition and not even talking about what the board is for, just doing random streamer crap.
(1.23 MB 480x270 cracker facepalm.gif)
>>7223 >imagine being so assblasted about a single thread about ANIME youtubers that you bitch about it on /gulag/ you're pathetic. Not only are almost NONE of your 'soshul mediu" even MENTIONED, but your idea of "e-celeb" is fucking edgy bullshit >keep anime elitist LOL fucking wut, it's a board of weebs for weebs. Elitist in what? Also hello m8, this is a communist website, we don't take kindly to monarchism, oligarchy and capitalism.
>>7223 Why do you keep complaining about this? If you don't like the threads just don't click on them, there's like 1-2 of them. The other users seem to want them, we can't erase it just to please you. Answered and anchored.
(181.65 KB 600x400 later weebs.jpg)
>>7223 I had to laugh at this 2 months later

(6.12 KB 300x168 pepe.jpg)
Why did you delete the nazi economics thread? Comrade 11/15/2020 (Sun) 19:52:49 No. 8642 [Reply]
I get that it was made by a fascist, but he was clearly trying to argue in good faith and wasn't baiting/trolling, and his post was generating some good discussion. I don't want this place to turn into an echochamber where the other side is banned on site before we have a chance to adequately BTFO them.
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I support mods on this. We're /leftypol/ not /pol2/. All these irrelevant nazi orbiters make me go like "who asked".
>>8651 The mods have always made it clear that rightoids are allowed to post as long as they're willing to act in good faith, which is why I made this post in the first place. Besides, I think it's good for us to debate them every once in a while, it helps us sharpen and refine our polemics.
>>8656 Third positionism hasn't been relevant for 80 years. If you wanna sharpen your polemics find libs somewhere
>>8645 Well for what it's worth, I was in the middle of typing a rebuttal of your points and was going to explain some elements of Marxism to you when the trannie jannie deleted your post. I guess just create a new thread, and explain some of your points in the OP instead of just posting an infograph.
>>8649 echo-chamber cope

On the creation of /sp/ Comrade 11/15/2020 (Sun) 20:52:23 No. 8652 [Reply]
Mods, we need a sports board. It would be great, seeing as sports-related threads pop up in /leftypol/ sometimes. They could go there instead.
Maybe broaden it to include fitness, nutrition, cooking, a /health/? It would be good to have a board for mutual encouragement and support to avoid capitalist vices like being sedentary, obese, sugary and fatty foods etc. Strength and health goes with the vanguard just as much as literacy. The Soviet Man!
In my opinion, there is nowhere near enough interest in sports related topics to justify this. It would just be a dead board. Sorry anon. Maybe in the future.

Just make linking to it a wordfilter ban already. Lynxchan has that capability, doesn't it?
>>8616 yup >>>/leftypol/1131856 keep that post pinned
Seems to be dealt with for now so I will anchor this.

(1.95 MB 237x240 9a2.gif)
A rant about the moderation Sputnik##SgNipD 11/11/2019 (Mon) 16:42:42 No. 2657 [Reply] [Last]
I've already said this before on here but I may as well make a thread dedicated to it.

The mods on /leftypol/ are trash, extremely trash and I think the moderation team on this part of the site needs to be completely changed I know I'm probably pissing in the wind but in all honesty but one of the benefits and points to an imageboard is anonminity and the lack of a circlejerk, the mods don't respect either of these aspects and because of that this site has been seeing less and less users coming into this site the few users that do show up now are mostly redditors, remember that this place isn't Reddit nor is this the moderator's personal circlejerk and that was the main problem with the original /leftypol/ when it went to hell, not the fact that it was run by a tankie or something like that.

tl;dr the mods suck
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>>8531 Look at the dates, an anon bumped this.
(988.50 KB 1146x628 nigga.png)
>>8526 it seems you guys are anchoring all forms of criticism of yourselves, i wonder why :^)
>>8538 Because this board is cluttered and it's impossible to properly address criticism in it as it was.
>>8535 I know, Look at the dates. the reply is 11/11/2020 to a thread posted 11/11/2019. It's just an ironic observation.
I am getting rather fed up with the overmoderation around here lately myself. I've started to see mods shutting down discussions when they simply personally don't like them or can't handle the heat. This is the kind of behavior I started to see when 8ch/leftypol/ was going downhill. When this happens even one time it needs to be called out and dealt with, failure to do so builds a culture of impunity and elitism among the mods.

(628.23 KB 1500x595 AnimalTownStoten.jpg)
(139.40 KB 749x1082 meisuruga.jpeg)
Idpol ban Comrade 07/30/2020 (Thu) 21:53:01 No. 6006 [Reply]
This is unworkable. Who defines idpol? Sorry but I've spent so much time trying to educate radlibs that idpol without class is fascist-adjacent shit, but we don't need to go to the other direction where we simply talk about class without anything else. The world doesn't work like that. Yes idpol is a social construction, but so are the """commonsense"" explanations as to why capitalism spread (this is literally in marx btw). What was wrong with having a thread about it? Are we seriously going to have a leftypol where talking about racism is banned on site, but we can have a e-celeb general? Come on, I thought this place was supposed to be better than that? Are we not allowed to discuss the New Afrikan Black Panthers anymore? Theodore Allen? Stuart Hall? B.R.Ambedkar? Fred Hampton? Something I've realised (and there was a thread by someone else about this recently) is that all the things we despise "idpol" for, the hysteria, the categorisation of victim/oppressor dynamics..these are already being talked about by the people in that mileu. If you want to ban bait threads from tourists fine, but that should already be covered in the rules, but all that's going to happen is that people having meaningful conversations about the intersection of race, gender and class in a capitalist society are going to be disciplined into second guessing themselves because they will wonder if their post will be banned. Say goodbye to any effort posting on that front. Not to mention that this will also encourage bad faith posters to try and shut down threads or posters they don't like by screaming "IDPOL" and mashing the report button. The current sticky in leftypol doesn't say anything clear. it just says "the mods will crackdown". That's not good enough. Be clear about what will and what won't be tolerated.
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>>8532 not a bullshit buzzphrase. if you can't understand gender, sexuality, or race as a dialectical then you're not a marxist just a joke
>>8544 They are bullshit buzzphrases. There is no dialectical reasoning behind "non-cis gender helicopter-kins" It's the kind of autism that wouldn't even pass Marx's, Lenin's, Engels', Stalin's or Castro's minds and is blatant attention whoring by people whose egos are alienated by capitalist aimlessness and who search for an identity in anything, even made up sexual rubbish.
(314.87 KB 1200x1110 laughing furwhores 2.jpg)
>>8582 >There is no dialectical reasoning behind "non-cis gender helicopter-kins" like pottery
leftypol (even in 8ch days 6 years ago) has always been a bit too liberal with calling shit idpol but a recent trend of labeling LGBT issues as 'bourgeois decadence' is both a regression in thought and without any real precedent. Aside from Paul Dickblast, I'm not aware of any popular Marxists who are so avowedly anti-lgbt.
>>8624 No argument furfag >>8654 >Muh Cockshott baaaad >It's REEEGRESSSSSION REEEEEEE Fuck off glownigger.


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