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(231.90 KB 1400x1400 kershaw.jpg)
Comrade 11/04/2020 (Wed) 06:52:27 No. 8238 [Reply]
Wild idea: Send all /co/-related threads on /hobby/ to /GET/.
Wild idea: send all threads made on /leftypol/ that could easily go on a side board there, close the original and add a "This thread was moved to >>>/*/#####" message. No idea if the software supports it, though.
>>8250 I believe that /GET/ can easily be converted into a /co/-style board considering its roots, plus everyone there is gay and reeks of Tumblr.
>>8294 >/GET/ can easily be converted into a /co/-style board No it can't they're firmly into doing nothing but ERP, shitposting and generally being /b/ on crack and liberalism. >>8238 Fuck off faggot, leave the sideboards alone you cunt.
answered, anchored

(43.13 KB 392x457 iso_8601.png)
Switch the time format to ISO Comrade 08/22/2020 (Sat) 05:04:08 No. 6559 [Reply]
gringo MM/DD/YYYY idiocy is breaking my brain thank you
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>>6587 Screenshots do.
(175.44 KB 938x844 1496589294289.jpg)
>>6598 As a snowuigghur I have used YYYY-MM-DD in school papers as far back as CY-10. This doesn't trigger me at all.
>>6598 >DD/MM/YYYY confuse gringos How about this: 2020oct24
(586.44 KB 1265x5732 _k_ is for _k_ommando.jpg)
(58.36 KB 750x600 03_02_10.jpg)
(218.55 KB 800x649 3get.jpg)
retvrn to tradition
ISO-8601 is based

(1.89 MB 399x265 marx.gif)
threads with quality discussion deleted outright instead of anchor or move to /b/ Comrade 11/03/2020 (Tue) 08:25:00 No. 8227 [Reply]
First the "leftypol aversion to idpol" thread on /leftypol/ got deleted outright then the "White woman question" thread on /b/ got deleted outright. Why did you not just move the former to /b/ or anchor and why not anchor the latter? Y delet? There were good convos and I had points to elaborate upon. Thanks in advance!
I had my threads deleted "by accident" several times. People having discussions then it goes away, you complain in the thread, a mod comes in >that was by accident, just start a new thread <anons no longer interested in restarting a discussion in which all that was written is gone This is why threads that I'm interested in I save through the browsers. You can't rely on the moderation of this site. If they were responsible adults they wouldn't be spending their life on the internet, modding chans.

(374.51 KB 969x459 20200905_135322.png)
Genuine criticism (take it or leave) Namefag 09/05/2020 (Sat) 20:10:23 No. 6858 [Reply] [Last]
This pol has become even worse than Reddit, and I say this as someone who previously enjoyed it and spent a great deal of time here anonymously. The quality of people, and not only posts, has sunk rock bottom. I judge this first off from their reactions to things. I (and friends who evacuated, lol) ask simple questions, not all of them entirely related to politics, maybe I have some random image, and I get fucktards either hyperfixiating on the image or becoming paranoid and aggressive, or repeating the same mantra ten timed in a row, "A thread died for this", "a thread died for this". Or during a conversation everyone is calling each other schizo/mentally handicapped (as if that's an insult), but in the same vein those doing it will say the other side is racist or fascist. Hypocrisy is a general rule on this site. Now what makes it worse than Reddit? Midwits. Reddit at least has enough members that the normie dimwit tier memesters outnumber the mediocre, average IQ jerks with a superiority complex. But here, basically everyone is a genuine midwit Lefty style social morality plays big time into what is deemed acceptable. They ask for sources but the moment I give 12 sources for an unacceptable position not widely accepted in mainstream circles, my post gets deleted. I have to download a VPN to post it at all. They are utterly convinced that their position is right, everything is a spook but somehow they are on the "good side" and I am a pseud or schizo, they are not. Point out the fuckery of these people and they'll flail their hands, assume you are part of X group, and point fingers at the other side ("your side does it too"), never admitting when they are in the wrong and changing it At least idiots will shut the fuck up and be humble, or accept that an alternative view is at least reasonable. But the worst part of it is, they are mediocre in the truest sense. No action, no lateral thinking, not even visual intelligence (judging from the answers they give to my prodding), nothing. Just sucking dick while claiming not to suck dick and being a massive hypocrite. I don't want to stirr up anything so I won't give examples, but this why I and 50 others have all but stopped talking here. We moved on. I come back and it's even worse than before. The mods themselves are like this
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(70.38 KB 1292x464 1.PNG)
(131.81 KB 792x380 2.PNG)
(42.76 KB 1529x452 pol.PNG)
Reminder: OP is a schizo trying to carry out some kind of personal vendetta against /leftypol/ because jannies were meanies who didn't allow him to shitpost the board or something. He's not even from here, he's a /pol/yp who's been ban evading and you can track down the shit he's posted on /pol/. He's whining about censorship but he's actually just a /pol/yp trying to shill his shit, now he's shilling on /b/
>>8110 Wait.... how did you track him down?
>>8110 >>8130 He's from pol and he's screenshotting his own posts to stir up drama.
>>8110 >>8212 We don't know or care about this personal drama
(40.89 KB 680x672 tweakerchad.jpg)
You know just parsing through the content of the OP it's obvious your the whiny cunt that's been posting like at least 40% of the garbage on bunkerchan. Your wrong, your "criticism" is retarded and wrong, and just because you possess an ego doesn't make you automatically correct. You whine about midwits however clearly you can only look up to them. Please feel some shame for once loser. shit like >I (and friends who evacuated, lol) is just pathetic bottom of the barrel slop that you use to try and hide your lack of any real merit or dare I say arguments. Actually once I got to here: >I don't want to stirr up anything so I won't give examples, but this why I and 50 others have all but stopped talking here. It's clear you have some kind of mental illness or personality disorder that causes you to lie excessively and believe yourself much more important than you actually are. I see absolutely no value in you as a human being from anything that you've posted on this overall high quality forum. That's not to say I believe you especially and egregiously terrible in any remarkable or interesting way. On the contrary I am sure you have many mediocre qualities that round you out to be just one more obnoxious asshole spending his days pathetically tugging on his limp cock and proclaiming himself the misunderstood and chad genius with a very remarkable and unique brain. You have nothing unique about you or I'm sure you would have beaten the dead horse long past any initial socially awkward interjection you could squeeze it into to try and validate your own narcissism. There is nothing interesting about you anon, and even if there were no one would fucking care or remember longer than it takes for the thread to scroll down. >>8110 pol is so delusional and retarded that they inoculate us against astroturfing

Give us the SSNP flag Comrade 08/12/2020 (Wed) 17:00:59 No. 6309 [Reply]
Give us the SSNP flag
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>>6342 It was a test, fag. It shows how shitty the implementation is if spoilers can only work on a single line. [code] This is also a test but I bet you'll be too stupid to see [/code]
SSNP are literally socdems >pro-capitalism >pro strong social security, education and welfare >anti-communism The thing they have going for them is that they're secular, but other than that, they're not revolutionary.
>>6436 Well we do have a socdem flag
Mods pull through
>>6323 >I just got this book on the SSNP Interesting! I didn't know there is a book in english about this weird movement. I will check it out!

this board is becoming unusable Anonymous 10/31/2020 (Sat) 14:32:44 No. 8168 [Reply]
jannies need to stop going on banning sprees because some threads get deleted despite not violating any rules. Who is our current mod?
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>>8199 nope, can't find him. Send link
>>8201 ow my mistake it's @ericmusicfan https://twitter.com/ericmusicfan
>>8170 OP was trolling far too much so I deleted the whole thing. >>8171 Report. >>8173 3M in the reason field is a wrong input but then you only get 3 months for spam
>>8203 >OP was trolling far too much so I deleted the whole thing. >NOOOO YOU CAN'T BE IRONIC ON A MONGOLIAN WEAVING FORUM NOOO do you see how retarded you sound?
>>8202 no pronouns in bio, so that's a good sign

(99.96 KB 480x271 giphy.gif)
Comrade 03/21/2020 (Sat) 11:51:41 No. 4404 [Reply]
Trying to use this site on mobile makes me want to holodomor myself >OSC blocks the text entry box >text entry box can't be moved >text entry box resize doesn't function correctly
>>4404 have you tried >>2091 It does have some problems but it's better than using the mobile browser
>>4404 same

Anonymous 10/28/2020 (Wed) 02:07:15 No. 8009 [Reply] [Last]
The /pol/tards are raiding /b/, for some reason
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>>8154 There are 9 hidden boards of which I know 7 >>>/testing/ >>>/dead/ >>>/left/ >>>/int/ >>>/e/ >>>/dprk/ >>>/roulette/
>>8156 like 5 of those are just the pre-leftypol boards which got reorganized like /int/ into /ref/ and /left/ into /leftypol/, 2 are like testing boards, 1 is roulette which was decomissioned because there wasn't a desire for making new permanent boards, and the only one that is hidden and actually used is really just /dead/.
what is the difference between /GET/ and /b/?? Aren't they both for just whatever is on your mind.
>>8159 yes. /GET/ is for funposting. /b/ is more like rough foreplay so far.
People in this thread need to shutdown the computer, go outside, and lighten up. It's just a board, not the end of the world. >>8022 >maybe it's not even /pol/ It isn't. See >>8047 >>8159 /GET/ is part of a different imageboard altogether. People really struggle to piece this together. Also, /b/ is /b/. Don't try to make sense of it, just post. The emptier brain do more better.

Please ban cartoons outside of /anime/, including political cartoons Comrade 10/29/2020 (Thu) 05:18:57 No. 8116 [Reply]
what the title says
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>>8116 >Cartoons <in /anime/ Are you a little bit stupid? Cartoons go in >>>/hobby/ Also political cartoons are relevant to /leftypol/ though a political cartoon thread is /hobby/shit
>>8129 >waah its not a cartoon! Ok neckbeard >>8117 fag
>>8136 >neckbeard <*looks down* Nope, my face is quite clean-shaven >Waaah It's a basic rule of imageboards that Asian animation is separate from Western animation, but stay mad
>>8153 >waaaahhhh all imageboards have something to do with anime just because the first imageboard was anime related! okay neckbeard
(394.53 KB 902x970 1590164801807.jpg)
>>8116 Shutup phoneposter

(46.28 KB 848x424 Buildthewall!.png)
/vpn/ Comrade 10/28/2020 (Wed) 01:58:08 No. 8007 [Reply]
Hi Can you guys please repeal the vpn bans from time to time? It gets really annoying when all the servers are blocked and I'm tying to post. Thanks
>>8007 Agreed


no cookies?