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(370.15 KB 2000x1333 japan gdr flag ddr.png)
(81.63 KB 2000x1200 hoxha wales flag.png)
(40.54 KB 784x495 nazbol aus.png)
More flags + better selection screen Comrade 10/21/2019 (Mon) 18:56:24 No. 2370
Can we get more flags please? There are a lot of great historical socialist flags that are missing and it would might also be fun to add some original socialist flags for anons to use. Yknow, shit like a Japanese Democratic Republic flag or a Welsh Hoxhaist flag
also when i say better selection screen i mean better flag selection thing cuz it just tells you the name of the flag and not what it actually looks like
They need to be readable when scaled down, these flags are too detailed
plz add the regular Nazbol flag to leftypol too
just use the nazi flag
Nazis hate Nazbols
doesn't matter what nazis hate, if that's what you care about go to /pol/
where is the flag selection menu? i must be retarded
>>4247 If the board has flags you can find it under "extra".
>>4247 It's to the left of "X Spoiler"
(3.38 KB 800x533 800px-Estelada_roja.svg.png)
Would be cool if you added pic
>>4252 It’s on /ref/ if you want to check it out.
>>4263 Yeah I know, still think that it should be added to leftypol
>>2373 This >>2370 I'd also like it if they added new flags. For example ordinary country ones to see your location. I know some will counter it with >muh feds data mining but not everyone gives a shit about that.
(29.31 KB 1200x800 Husak_komunismus.png)
If this flag would be added, I would consider becoming namefag (so aproach this submission with caution)


no cookies?