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Posting with flags, admin tags, tripfagging, ect ect ect. Comrade 11/05/2019 (Tue) 16:54:51 No. 2608
What is every ones opinion on this? I think it is necessary to display an admin flag or even the flag with a name name, but, I don't think it is necessary to constantly do it. Many mods around here do it quite often.

I'm just curious and trying to get everyones opinon on the matter to see how we feel about it going forward. I don't think it's a bad thing but I feel like sometimes people use it to try and build an identity.

Further more, what does everyone want out of the flags? Do we want more or less flags or just keep the flags where they are?

Personally I think over saturating the flags is a bad idea. Give me some feed back /gulag/
Are we talking about /GET/ or /leftypol/?

Why not both?
I don't think the mods on leftypol tripfag / use flags, they sometime show that they're mods but only when it's relevant.

On the other hand you have /GET/ where the mods are always recognisable. I don't really have a problem with this because /GET/ is largely /leftytrash/ which is basically a discord server and if you regularly post in it you will be recognisable.

If we're talking about tripfags/ avatarfags in general I don't really mind them.
Anybody who's an admin, volunteer, janitor, etc should display the tag when it's relevant, but should post without it otherwise. They should be able to participate in threads without drawing attention to their status.

As for regular users and flags, you should really only use flags if it's relevant to the post/discussion by similar reasoning IMO. And you should definitely use a flag if it would help avoid confusion in the discussion. People already adopt shitpost flags in context when making a devil's advocate argument for Porky or whatever.
mod/admin tags should be mandatory in /gulag/. too often jannies voice support for their decisions using anonymous posts to give an illusion of agreement. It is obvious now that every anon in support of creation of /b/ in the stickied discussion thread was a jannie, because no one really wanted it, yet we got it. Funny thing is, the jannies don't think people can see it, lol. Newfags to chans don't realise there are ways of recognising posters.
>>2608 Admins and VOls should be required to post as such regarding administrative matters and especiallly on this board. Flags should be optional but available.
>>8292 >https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Toupee_fallacy >rationalwiki <The origins of the name are unclear, but it can be traced back to at least 2006 with a mention on a Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast as a "name that fallacy" question[1] and the Skeptical Medicine blog's list of fallacies attributes the phrase to Rebecca Watson.[2] >Rebecca Watson >pic related <Rebecca Watson is a relatively well-known[1][2][3][4][5] skeptical and feminist activist. Together with several other writers, Rebecca Watson runs the site Skepchick.org,[6] which promotes skepticism and atheism among women, LGBTers, and teens (all groups who have historically been reluctant to come out as atheists, in part due to the stereotype that atheism is for angry men over thirty).[7][8] She talks about all of these topics on her YouTube channel, and runs the Boston Skeptics in the Pub[9]. >skepchick <https://skepchick.org/2020/11/my-election-results-wine-pairing/ Wow, it looks like you have completely destroyed my argument by linking to a made-up fallacy by a radlib. This was me >>8285, and now that I have ascended I have to use my tag in /gulag/. >>2614 >>8303 Agreed. Which is why you will see me use a name and tag when I post here or when I moderate a thread.
>>8453 She cute tho
It's attention whoring pseudo-nonymous faggotry and always has been.
It's because of the huge overlap with twitter/reddit/facebook.
>>8466 Not really
tripflagging is in a very special place tbh. it allows the maintenance of a consistent identity without actually breaking anonymity. it's very good for playing a character or building context for a given post without becoming an outright avatarfag. specifically, avatar and to a lesser extent name use invites a "how was your day?" kind of discussion and a coherent identity, which leads to these circlejerky little social groups. tripflagging remains topic-prominent, you think "ah, i remember this angry cat poster from the thread on public transport" or whatever, but it's far less likely to invite "ah, angry cat - how are you? and your ailing mother?" type circlejerks. you will grow to know more and more of angry cat's political opinions, but always remain ignorant of their personality. there's also always the possibility it's just someone else with the same ideology or flag choice. you know you're dealing with a leninhat, but is it that leninhat? in that ambiguity lies the key that retains an "anonymous" style of discussion around events and ideas rather than around people. in the tedious desperation to import 4chan derived culture (it's just attention whoring! it's reddit! disapprove!) lies ignorance of the ways in which /leftypol/ can-and-has evolved imageboard based discussion. a voluntary flag is less anonymous than nothing, but more anonymous than a name or avatar. it signifies something, but not much. though 4chan /pol/ has flags, it never evolved to use them in the way that 8/leftypol/ did, and it's a shame they're less common now.
>>8843 It's the influx of reddit MLs who can't stand seeing an ancom flag. On r/communism they will ban you on sight of you had ever posted in one of the anarchist subreddits. They bring the same attitude when they come here.
>>8846 >muh influx of redditors Sounds like you're an asshurt anarkiddie who's tired of being made fun of for your retarded beliefs.


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