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(31.60 KB 300x235 absolute despair.png)
Comrade 07/01/2020 (Wed) 21:01:27 No. 5076
On what basis should I even believe that this website is not one immense false flag / controlled opposition operation by /pol/-tier reactionaries? The board administration is almost completely stocked with reactionaries, their behavior is precisely what one would expect from reactionaries seeking to sow unrest (random and indefensible bans, inconsistent Tor access, lack of rule enforcement, unreliable board moderation, etc.), and the IRC is literally full of ultratraditionalists and fascists who think homosexuals are working with trans people in Soros-funded campaigns to enforce mass abortion and funnel children into the arms of pedophile rings, being "moderated" by someone who explicitly states as much and who was appointed by space_ himself! And as we all know, space_ has been a reactionary since the very beginning. I am convinced that this entire board is a setup for harvesting radical leftist time and data either for mass surveillance or to allow reactionaries to control the discourse. It's no wonder this website uses CloudFlare and is trying to ban Tor usage: it wants the IPs and post histories of everyone who had leftist sentiments. If it isn't, then prove it.
There is a reason none of the moderators use the IRC None of the active irc moderators are moderators on this website.
>>5100 Then why is it still linked and advertised as if it has any official standing anymore? Just because that scumlord space_ and his crew once upon a time dwelled there and marked their presence? There is a reason why the IRC is not even bridged to the Matrix room and it's not for security reasons. The IRC needs to be no longer advertised as part of this website entirely and be completely dissociated from this project if it is already abandoned to neoreactionaries and ultraditionalists. Or better yet, if someone with some semblance of leftist commitment (i.e. not space_) still has channel power there, take out the trash and ban the reactionaries and take it back for the site. The fact that the IRC channel is still being advertised alone shows that this board is trying to lead leftists astray at every turn.
>>5102 I disagree with your other points and overall hysterical tone but for what its worth I agree about the IRC, I've put forward a motion to have it removed.
>>5108 I posted this after it seemed everything fell into place for a moment, after having way too many experiences with this board and the actions of its moderators over the years and seeing the current state of the IRC. Maybe it was just a flash of paranoia, but I have a longstanding feud with space_ for being a reactionary and consider him to be an active danger who should be removed from this administration, too, so the fact that space_ is still running this site makes me deeply worried that this site is being run by reactionaries. Given that space_ has appointed precisely them multiple times, like bkey in IRC (the one I was talking about in the OP), I think my view is justified and not hysterical, though I admit that maybe it is not generalizable to the entire administration because many may be genuine leftists who don't know or were duped by whatever reactionary cabal might be behind this. Maybe you're one of the few good vols, I don't know. Or maybe there is no cabal, but the fact that things have gotten so bad here that I am actually entertaining the thought is itself a sign that major changes need to happen here.
>>5076 Nah, the situation is worse. This site is run by people who have been running chans. This is a commie themed one that happened to get popular. "Welcome to Albania!" bunkers, Hoxha, communism. It's an aesthetic/joke. There's 7chan, spacechan, etc. The admins/mods aren't even communist. Maybe one is. They're all just your average socdem and liberal with a passing interest in "leftism" who find commie jokes and memes funny. Who aren't like other socdems/liberals in that they don't hate communists. The real motivation behind running this website is the popularity. Look how carefully they weigh creating new boards, because "too many boards kills chans". They, like every other internet mod before them, enjoy power. The more people to lord over, the better. They hold voting and make decisions "democratically". The vote counts are usually in the vicinity of 5 to 8, and they have two dozen mods. It's all about being part of an elite. That's why they allow nazis and reactionaries to post as much as they want, but curate by anchoring and deleting leftist content, because they're worried about "quality" (read: popularity). Threads they don't think have bait/flame potential they'll anchor, nazi threads they'll allow to go into 300+ posts before doing something. It's a ploy to attract /pol/yps to come here and argue with leftists, driving numbers up because /pol/ has a board on every chan. Nobody buys the "/pol/ will get enlightened on this board and see the error of their ways". And even if that did work, so what? This isn't an educational place for racists, bigots, fascists, nazis, etc. If this site was run by actual communists, or anarchists for that matter, all the scum would have been purged from this website long time ago. Tor was banned, so you can ban every IP (hash) that is an obvious anti-communist/leftist, fascists, etc. Yes, at first maybe numbers would drop. But at least we'd have an honest to god board where leftists can engage in conversation. I keep telling you over and over: You have an opportunity and you're fucking blowing it.
>>5117 >I keep telling you over and over this is the only thing here that is not a lie >two dozen mods haha funny guy where do you get this shit from
>>5118 >haha funny guy where do you get this shit from That's what coma said. Except he said 21 back then. But now there was a round of recruitments so I assumed it went up to 24. But if that's not true, how many mods are there? Why don't we have a list of mods? That's the minimum transparency the site could have. When's the last time a mod was removed (other than pyongyang)?
>>5117 Who aren't like other socdems/liberals in that they don't hate communists. …So in other words, it's OK that they are running this?
>>5119 there are lists of mods one in the mod thread that is very outdated actually I think it would be better if you believe we have an unending supply of mods. So carry on, I guess. Just say we have between 50 and 100.
>>5120 not hating is not the same as supporting >>5122 >there are lists of mods <one that is very outdated so in other words there isn't a mod list. >actually I think it would be better if you believe we have an unending supply of mods. So carry on, I guess. Just say we have between 50 and 100. Weasel. You admit there isn't a list, then still find a way to feel smug and superior. Pretty sad tbh.
>>5124 high turnover There is a list in the mod thread it is outdated. You know you could go through the logs noting down every name you find in a certain timeframe, this would give you a better idea of actually active vols than any list of mod accounts.
(37.92 KB 474x466 mengf.jpg)
>>5076 this site is completely irrelevant, useless, stupid and very highly cucked to be even considered "opposition" glowniggers don't care about you
>>5117 this post was made by a reddit user
>>5117 it never occured to you that mods are users who want to make this site better because they use it? I feel one of these guys is pissed off because I banned him for a couple of hours for a terrible post about not liking Rashid because he was lumpen. The post was borderline fascist. >it's gotten so bad this just seems like pure hysteria. >space is reactionary i honestly don't know, but he isn't actively moderating the site. >tor we've been having CP problems. We are looking into reestablishing tor access.
>>5129 Not me (OP).
(32.64 KB 302x445 ajinomoto.jpg)
>>5076 poltards should be physically removed from earth transpeople are mentally ill (but I wish the best for them)


no cookies?