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BANNERS Comrade 07/11/2020 (Sat) 03:16:00 No. 5268
Can we make pic related a banner Also general banner thread Space has upped the banners limit to 50 per boards. Post here banners you would like to see added. Size requirement : 300x100
Edited last time by krates on 10/18/2020 (Sun) 03:54:51.
>>5268 That pic is too big. I forget the exact size banners are supposed to be though. Also you wouldn't even be able to read it, ayyeee.
>>5271 300x100
Space has upped the banners limit to 50 per boards. Post here banners you would like to see added.
(11.84 KB 300x100 leftypol marx banner.jpg)
>>7642 Do gifs work now?
>>7828 They should work. Is this your OC? This is nicely done.
(291.21 KB 1099x1461 IMG_0977.JPG)
there are banners in the archives for /edu/, /games/ and /tech/
Libya three pope's thread?
(8.04 KB 300x100 gulag banner libety.jpg)
(210.42 KB 1500x500 Make Russia Red Again (2).jpg)
Banner for all boards us these
>>7893 SO link or post them here
Pic 3 would be a good one for /gulag/
(7.61 KB 300x100 leftypol.svg.png)
(9.15 KB 300x100 leftypol2.svg.png)
The mug is taken from the film poster for Reefer Madness.
(59.09 KB 300x100 1.png)
(26.56 KB 300x100 2.png)
(56.05 KB 300x100 3.png)
(58.21 KB 300x100 7.png)
(62.42 KB 300x100 8.png)
(64.45 KB 300x100 4.png)
(61.27 KB 300x100 6.png)
(10.17 KB 300x100 games banner chun.gif)
>>7954 Can we get some banners for /b/?
(4.94 KB 300x100 leftybanner2.png)
(13.09 KB 300x100 b saddam banner.jpg)
(63.34 KB 300x100 1565001508352.png)
>>7919 >plant husbandry AND plant 'husbandry' Perfect
(26.83 KB 300x100 randomBanner.js.png)
>>8952 >masked LARP terrible.
(22.66 KB 300x100 jroppenheimer.png)
Think this would make a good banner? Maybe for >>>/b/ if not for the main board?
>>7828 I fucking LOVE this one.
>>7902 kek
>>7942 skeli banner good
>>9021 "/b/" should be added to it then.
(48.66 KB 300x100 biden.png)
>>9101 Good try, V*ush.
make this a banner


no cookies?