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(53.21 KB 720x960 EcsGpUaXsAAt03p.jpeg)
/leftypol/ Mod feedback thread Mod feeback thread 07/13/2020 (Mon) 17:33:32 No. 5320
If you want to appeal a ban, don't forget to post your Ban ID here along with your appeal. Without it, it's really difficult for us to find your ban. Thanks. You can reach the leftypol team through the matrix chat (find it in the FAQ thread in leftypol), or through here. /leftypol/ Mod feedback thread Mod logs: https://bunkerchan.xyz/logs.js?boardUri=leftypol Substitute leftypol with whatever board you want to check. Questions about why you were banned. Appeals. General inquiries. Complaints.
Edited last time by d011ars on 01/29/2021 (Fri) 18:54:28.
>>9453 lol when I was there a day or so ago they had spam replies of random letters, funny how everyone who noticed it managed to visit the site right in that 10 minute window, it's a miracle but hey, spam raises pph too
can i be unbanned pls
CATALOGS ARE STILL UNUSABLE I'd like to reemphasize my complaint from >>9210 here Especially on slower boards, the catalog is literally unusable for navigation. In lieu of a scraperbot filling in all the images soonest, can we PLEASE insert a clickable link in catalog cells?
I can't report posts. It always says "wrong answer or expired captcha", but my answers were correct and the captcha didn't expire.
>>5320 Can I pls be unbanned?
>>9515 post your ban ID and tell us why you should not be banned
(114.53 KB 702x1024 1604522454934m.jpg)
>>9485 Yeah, report still doesn't work for me either, and THERE IS PIZZA IN THE CATALOG of /leftypol/!
So this is the kinda shit the jannies want on leftypol, huh? Fucking disgraceful, can’t believe you people are actually making me miss the .ogre fags
Can you start banning posters of idpol threads outright for now? They gunk up the board and it becomes difficult to find something that's actually worthwhile.
>>>/leftypol/1303500 why lock this thread? what is there to lose by allowing free discussion?
Can we start pinning News Anon posts at the top of the board when a new one comes out? I find myself coming to the board mainly for the News Anon updates and most of the time I have to scroll way down or the update from the previous day is above the latest one. Can't just be me who wants this right?
>>>/leftypol/1305045 Why lock this thread when discussion was ongoing? As has already been asked: What is there to lose?
>>9581 I'll start doing this in the future, thank you for the suggestion.
>>9564 What post was that?
Who is going on banning spree? That thread about radlibs is full of them and poltards but there is no banning of actual radlibs, who is responsible for this?
>>9564 Have you tried changing this guy's mind instead of being a redditor and bitching about it? At least infuriate him enough that he shits himself and leaves, take an actual fucking effort faggot
Not just the CAPTCHA for reporting is broken, even the CAPTCHA for posting is broken.
>>9630 Huh, weird. On closer inspection, it only happens (faulty "wrong or expired CAPTCHA" message) when I try to post in the /usapol/ thread. Loading it in a new tab doesn't change anything, posting in any other thread on /leftypol/ doesn't even cause a CAPTCHA request.
>>9630 >>9633 Sounds like a chaching issue
I keep getting banned because I found out that a janitor here is a scab from ogre, either purge him or risk getting nuked again These people are worst than herpes
>orangetext works again Excellent, keep up the good work. >>9637 I guess so, linking the thread from a Startpage proxy finally fixed it.
(58.96 KB 200x207 lobster.gif)
>>9575 >>9612 why are these posts being ignored
>>9684 there is nothing to discuss. ogreniggers can liquidate their board and post here as regular users if they care about muh split so much
>>9685 why is it for you to decide what there is or is not for the userbase to discuss? if there's truly nothing to discuss the threads will fall off the board with no replies.
>>9685 Why are ogreniggers part of the current volunteer team? Why does the current volunteer teams colludes with ogreniggers then?
(841.45 KB 2036x1350 dollars wtf.png)
>>9706 cry harder
(1.23 MB 1598x1745 "anti-idpol" left.png)
holy shit pls unban me jannies, I promise I won't ever post this pic again or talk shit about the board. I've been banned for like a month and t's simply a massive pain in the ass going on tor, solving the hard as fuck cloudfare captcha only to say that tor posters are blocked 99% of the tries. I learned my lesson I won't ever be mean again
>>9715 post ur ban id retard
>>9724 >>9715 5ffd392a87c8b80780dbd802
we're being raided
Can someone pin News anons new thread? The old one still up
How the fuck is asking idpol retards not to pollute the board makes me a """""nazbol"""""? Fucking useless cunt in the mod team
Why did you guys get rid of the Fat thread? Are you guys just fat Feds?
Why did the OC thread disappear? Can someone restore it?
>Banned for known spamner >Never post spam Jewush Mods as cowardly as ever
Some faggot janutor banned me for being /pol/ after using the word kike Remove this faggot radlib from the team, being anti-religion has always been a core pillar of leftypol
fuck off i'm not a known spammer
stop banning forever you idiot
(103.29 KB 828x1024 1614465840002m.jpg)
When are you going to purge the radlibs from the volunteer team? There is a reason why users keep leaving
>>9894 they don't ever bother to reply
>>7640 You may make a trans question thread but if it loaded with /pol/ bait our assumptions it will be banned.
(135.80 KB 1057x1531 what has poe's law come to.jpeg)
(32.75 KB 813x198 ban log.png)
(10.94 KB 434x159 ban message.png)
>implying you can falseflag with a shitposting flag >implying anyone with a functioning brain could take that at all seriously Okay, so maybe one poster in that thread might have been taking it seriously, though I doubt even that, and the other replies appeared self aware and lighthearted. Does that mean we have to tone down our jokes to keep room temp IQ stormbabies in mind at all times? What is the lower limit on sarcasm here now? Alternately, if we're trying to raise quality or whatever, and my shitposting felt too generic to you, was I really lame enough to be banworthy? Got this ban a few hours ago, appeal wasn't even reviewed.
There's a legit autistic retard in the team that needs to be removed. Fucking hell.


no cookies?