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(137.61 KB 1125x1711 lol.jpg)
Jannies should ban radlibs from the board Anonymous 07/21/2020 (Tue) 19:46:04 No. 5460
Lately in these days I've seen some radlib here and there shitting up the board. I would ask the radlib if it possible to extend our policy against incels to radlibs and assorted liberals as a whole.
>>5460 I'd like to suggest performing a handful of public bans, anchoring the low-effort bait-threads, and moving this thread to >>>/gulag/ Then all that remains is for us to make better threads
Jannies should centre POC in their decision making process
>>5461 nah this thread is correct The problem is that jannies are themselves radlibs
>>5460 How do we define radlib?
Anyone I Don't Like Is A Radical Liberal
>>5464 People who talk shit about class politics. People who use shitty words like "centering" "bipoc" "bodies" "decolonizing" (without providing context) or that write shit with "KKK" in the middle. These are just some of the radlib main traits.
>>5466 Is this rampant on the board? Which thread is it in?
>>5464 >>5465 >can we really say that things have definitions? XD discourses such as -post-colonial theory -race-central discource (race is as important/more important than class) -discussing "patriarchy" -queer theory -gender theory -reactionary noble-savage ethnonationalism (give stolen land back to the natives!)
>>5466 Forgot to add "Yikes" and "problematic"
>>5467 It's not rampant fortunately but even ONE poster like this can shit a good thread
>>5470 Oh is this about the retard that derailed the Epstein thread lol Tbh this board is so hungry for bait they even reply to jokes seriously. They love it.
Uuuhhh muuuj radlibs uuuuuh you sound upset bro take a rest
(350.51 KB 680x1280 (you).png)
>>5470 learn to deal with criticism uighur
>>5468 So literally anything that isn’t about class? Why shouldn’t threads about nature, biology, mental health, etc. all also be banned then?
>>5468 how much of that actually goes on? on twitter/reddit maybe but i hardly see shit like that here
(67.74 KB 556x500 radlib.jpg)
>>5473 >Being retarded >Criticism >>5474 Depends on what lens they adopt: if they see stuff through a scientific/materialist lens they areok, as soon as they descend into shit they should be cleansed with fire
Based and redpilled.
>>5476 ok radlib
>>5474 nope. Got any harder ones?
>>5475 its half of anarkiddie discourse
>>5466 >or that write shit with "KKK" in the middle I will never stop referring to the enemy as the United $nakkke$ of Amerikkka
The DSA also stands for Death Strikes Amerikkka. They're a Maoist Third-Worldist organization. Many people don't know this.
>>5476 >What does /leftypol/ think of *controversial group*? >Why don't we discuss *settled question*? I dunno, threads seem to have gotten much shittier lately.
>>5481 again, not that many anarchists here and the ones that are, usually just say read bookchin or kropotkin or whatever, not spam generic le problematic tumblerina from 2015 shit
I really don't see any radlibs shitting things up. Its a problem we have basically never had here. Sure there are some posters with more radlibby positions, but a true radlib straight up would not post here because of all the slurs. I've tried to get many radlibs to come here from chapo and so on, and this is exactly what they say "ew slurs" Its a phantom. We don't even have that many /polyps/ anymore. The boards major problem is a small minority of its own users.
>>5485 >generic le problematic tumblerina from 2015 shit This is the ruling neoliberal ideology now, bro. It isn't some obscure internet anachronism
>>5463 Just because it is correct doesn't mean it's not meta discussion of board-wide bullshit, which belongs in the mod thread or in >>>/gulag/ >>5487 Defeatist cuck, all I heard was vague demands about awareness of spooks and that can't rule shit.
>>5487 >This is the ruling neoliberal ideology now, bro. It isn't some obscure internet anachronism And that's a good thing!
>>5460 The jannies are the radlibs. >inb4 user was banned for this post
>>5460 There were radlibs unironically shilling the DSA here a few days ago. This board is a fucking joke
Talking about how porkies divide and conquer workers is liberalism. A true marxist knows everyone is on the same team already.
>>5492 No we aren't faggot. I will never leave my armchair
>>5486 >The boards major problem is a small minority of its own users Basically. That and a handful of crazy spammers and the fact people can't stop replying to them.
>>5466 Wew lad, maybe you should unpack your invisible knapsack. The fact is that leftypol is simply too centered on white males. To the extend that bipoc trans queer womyn like myself don't feel comfortable. *sigh* /Leftypol/ is in need of de-colonization. And this thread shows.
Agreed. And also nationalists and conservative "leftists".
(48.70 KB 576x768 1591594215720.jpg)
(3.34 MB 2100x2100 postonref.png)
Agree, now post on /ref/
(64.13 KB 285x350 1432650239658587.png)
>>5464 People who do the following things Lenin talked about: >Bernstein has surrounded this political demand with a whole battery of well-attuned “new” arguments and reasonings. Denied was the possibility of putting socialism on a scientific basis and of demonstrating its necessity and inevitability from the point of view of the materialist conception of history. Denied was the fact of growing impoverishment, the process of proletarisation, and the intensification of capitalist contradictions; the very concept, “ultimate aim”, was declared to be unsound, and the idea of the dictatorship of the proletariat was completely rejected. Denied was the antithesis in principle between liberalism and socialism. Denied was the theory of the class struggle, on the alleged grounds that it could not be applied to a strictly democratic society governed according to the will of the majority, etc.
>>5497 Radlib spotted. Just because Uncle Joe makes your panties twist doesn't mean shit. >>5496 I know this is probably mean to be satire, but honestly that's unironically what radlibs believe. >>5476 >Cult like deference Deference to whom or what you brainlet? >pedo 8chan 1) outdated as fuck 2) leftypol has always been anti-pedo, and pedo/lolicon shills are banned to /GET/ and /ded/ Radlibs are easy to spot given that they A) can't stop bitching about Muh conservatives B) thinks that debunking myths about the American South or modern feminism is reactionary C) thinks that "uthority is evul" and insult Castro & the USSR as horrible >>5471 >derailed the Epstein thread Wait what? Who? You mean that faggot defending Pinker?
>>5474 >nature, biology, mental health Because those are not tied directly to politics... regardless those threads more often than not belong on >>>/hobby/ >>5475 A lot recently. The Russian thread had some guy shitting themselves over a Russian leftist movie reviewer because they have VK posts detailing a debunk of myths on General Lee and the American South, that points out the hypocrisy and embellishments of liberal shit-talking.
>>5460 Why would radlibs ban radlibs?


no cookies?