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(290.05 KB 491x491 cockshott.png)
bunkerchan moderation Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 00:05:55 No. 5863
>inb4 move this to /gulag/ this has been a long time coming Mods, please unban the wojak script. I know it can be annoying but with the addition of the porky images to the wojak script its a great way to reply to pol/yps etc. I don't understand what the rationale is for banning the wojak script on bunkerchan, users should be free to post what they want unless its fashspam. TBH i've been very unsatisfied with the way bunkerchan is run. The users are what make it what it is, but every decision on moderation is made in some smoke filled room on irc/riot where the userbase is not consulted or even polled using strawpoll or whatever. The recent banning of the wojakscript, in addition to some of the overzealous anchoring of threads which discourages shitposting and memery. While Old BO is long gone, the impetus behind her moderation style is still there which is to ban anything that smells like fun and/or shitposting, every thread has to be some revleft-style serious theory thread or at least a prompt on current events. The decline of leftypol and leftypol's influence on the broader online left since 2018 is a direct result of this culture, as it disincentivizes shitposting, since 2018 leftypol has hardly created any memes at all, with the possible exception of a few cybercom memes. The meme culture is even more derivative of nu/pol/ than before. You can say this is partly the result of the userbase getting older but still. Leftypol is a very unique space on the online left since every other place is a reddit/twitter idpozzed hugbox where no fun is allowed. I like imageboards and the memes they produce and I also like having a place to discuss left wing politics which is not filled with radlibs and doesn't require me to make an account. It's unfortunate that bunkerchan doesn't really have an alternative that users can go, since leftypol.org is now merged in and GETchan is not widely used. Additionally there are the longstanding technical problems with scaling and the lynxchan board software which prevents the site's userbase from growing much faster and the incredibly slow progress on gochan. I'm sure every From a technical perspective the gochan codebase is frankly a mess, and it's pretty difficult to even get running if you download the source code. IMO the thing is a flaming shitpile and aside from certain things (like the ERD/database schema) that should be kept, it should probably be rewritten, possibly even in another framework or even other language. It's unclear that golang is the best language to write an imageboard in, but i digress. Again, these are all problems that have been widely known but although 75%+ of people here complain about it no one really cares enough to do anything else, as seen by the failure of leftypol.org (when it was an imageboard) which just became filled with incels and other schizos that got banned. Since no real alternative can be made the best that can be done is to beg the jannies to do their jobs and actually make leftypol a better place /rant
Who knew the Wojak-posters were the Wojaks?
>>5901 You should know trying to reason with sage is like trying to reason with a brick wall.
I don't get it, the soy wojak is just a funny meme. It doesn't distract from discussion of leftist politics, you can just ignore them. Just scroll down a bit or press the little hide button. I find it hilarious how so many people get butthurt about this great little script.
spam is spam. Delete a post if it has no content.
>>6054 i have a feeling a jannie got annoyed at one of the wojakposters using the meme to mock them
>>5863 how do you do the wojak script
>>6054 The issue is that wide usage would make the ratio of signal to noise even more unfavorable.
(32.79 KB 600x350 well.jpg)
>>6021 It’s sad as fuck tbh. We are no different from Reddit. We have a pack of theorylet radlib mods who have never organised so much as a birthday party never mind workers, who have appointed themselves lifetime party leaders and will now dictate lines. Even though it would appear mods are basically the most retarded of posters, far from the best posters. All the good posters hate them and only simp cucks who are happy people won’t be able call them out on their retardation any more. A once great place now utterly cuccked, as with everything else on the left, by stuck up middle class brats who are here for their own amusement rather than working class revolution. >>6024 I’ve suggested many reasonable solutions to all these issues. The mods have been like “we blanket ban all idpol and also you can’t complain about it anywhere anybody will see, also you can’t communicate off board, because we are afraid that might lead to an erosion of our control, also, if you make memes about us we will ban your scripts... it’s totally about “board quality” and good ideology, not just some hot pocket retard being personal offended by some anonymous comments... yeh I’m the unreasonable one lol. >>6054 The only thing to get is touchy mods absolutely hate fun. They hate humour, they don’t want this place to be a fun hang out, they want a super serious Trotskyist student study group. >>6058 The have literally said this is the case. They don’t see the problem. Brick wall. Oh and one final thing, the mods will never answer. Do ANY Of YOU. ANY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, have any experience organising workers, at all? No. You fucking don’t. You have ZERO qualifications. Literally nothing qualifies you for this job but your own pig headed arrogance. Disgusting, the exact problem with the left, people like the mods are why Mark Fisher killed himself
>>6074 Why are you pretending to be retarded? There are at least two idpol threads on /leftypol/ right now. Including a settlers thread. What is it that you're being barred from speaking about exactly?
>>6074 seethe id/pol/ack
>wojak posters still seething Lmao
>>6077 >mods are retarded <um actually sweetie there is proof of mods not even being able to enforce there rules so take that! what did he mean by this
(632.83 KB 220x227 911.gif)
>>5977 thats racist you nigger
I just noticed the thread I amde on this board about why /gulag/ should be deleted just got deleted fucking joke moderation team
>>5937 It's been three days, where is it lmao. ALL wojak shitters can do is CRY AND SEETHE lmao, absolutely castrated
nobody cards about your shitty wofag script
>>5937 based autist
>>6074 >by stuck up middle class brats who are here for their own amusement rather than working class revolution. Lol nice projection fag, anyone even remotely in-tune with reality knows that no proletarian revolution is ever gonna begin with an obscure Albanian bike repair forum. Oh and then you go on to say this: > they don’t want this place to be a fun hang out, they want a super serious Trotskyist student study group. So which is it retard? Is this a fun place to hang out and be entertained, or a super serious revolutionary movement? You can't seem to decide which one it is.
>>5867 And what quality. With high iq threads like slavery was whitey fault, delete steven pinker, unfunny memes, and x is bad the discussion quality is so high. Meanwhile if you try to open a thread which is not stem shit it where people participate it"s considered idpol. Can't even shitpost.
>>6125 >t. butthurt because his racebait thread got deleted
>>6126 >racebait What was racebait about that thread is beyond me. If you belive there shouldn't be any serious discussion about the thought process of nazi and liberals just say so. Don't call it idpol or racebait tho. Both liberals and nazi have a fetishism (both in sexual and non sexual way) for skin colour, and this is obvious after spending one minute on the internet. Thread could have been the same if i posted 50 shades of gray, I was interested in an analysis of ideology through pornography
>>6077 The mods complete failure to stick to the things they even say is completely retarded. In this instance, a good thing, but hardly a structure to rely on. >>6079 >>6102 >>6106 Mod simps, mods and people who got wojacked on so hard they burst into tears and needed it gone. >>6109 >everybody who knows anything None of you mods know anything. You have zero qualifications. Old BO admitted to getting shit off twitter and you are his dregs. None of you do anything in real life either. I’ve asked this question of you multiple times, the fact is you do nothing and have nothing but memes. You don’t know what effective organisation is. >which is it I have never said it needs to be one or the other. I have said it should be a fun place to hang out in order to attract people to have fun in a constructive way through doing propoganda. The organisation of which yes, should be done seriously.
Wojak shitters STILL seething lmao
>>6136 Cope
>>6136 mod simps still simping. Pathetic. i mean it would be if it wasn't just mods simping themselves. Which makes it ultrapathetic
>>6149 Holy seething
(209.44 KB 454x716 (you).png)
>>6159 samefagging bitch
>>5889 >A literal script that automates responses is not the fresh and new OC that is gonna draw people to the site. If you actually make some funny and interesting OC then by all means it won't be deleted. There are many problems with this statement. First of all, you responded to criticism with criticism rather than answering the critique on your moderation policies on OC and memes. Second of all, your statement about how >If you actually make some funny and interesting OC then by all means it won't be deleted. This is provably false, as you can see in this post the banning of the wojak script isn't the first time you have stopped people from posting memes and OC. >>4376 Third of all, you have not shown any evidence of the wojak script being used as spam so unless you show evidence that the majority of people use the wojak script for spam then you have no right to say that the wojak script is being used for spam.
(168.39 KB 828x1027 biz.jpg)
if /biz/ can still allow pink wojaks on their site despite the bitcoin crash then you mods can probably handle a few soybois
>>6159 >seething mods self simping
>>5937 Its been like a week, where is it huh? Wojak shitters absolutely CASTRATED lmao, impotent, seething and crying.
>>6260 Tranny janny
>>6238 The wojak ban doesn't really make sense given that nobody spammed or mass raided the boards with it. It's just some banter between leftists that a janny apparently can't cope with.
>>6273 Holy seething lmao, crying so damn hard because you can't spam the board anymore lmao
>>6285 Those wojak memes really hit a nerve, huh?
I can't understand for the life of me why soyjaks trigger you people so much, it's just banter, jeez
Unban the wojak script please
whats the fucking point of banning the wojak script when people post wojaks without it anyway?
>>6542 answer this, why can people post wojaks without the script when it makes no difference at all?
>>6542 A mod is gonna give you a smug answer and call you a retard. Whatever you thought is complete retarded bullshit, and after they explain it to you, you will see that their decision was perfect and infallible. You will feel like a right fool after that happens. Don't say I didn't warn you.
>>5863 >great way to reply to pol/yps etc. >unless its fashspam. do fascist make it here often? how do they come across it?
(460.08 KB 1024x1211 (you).png)
>>5893 see this is it, you fags squirm around, and then at the end of it we find you are just making excuses from some petty bullshit about your personal tastes (which are shit tastes, BECAUSE YOU ARE A FUCKING IMAGE BOARD JANNY, YOU CLEAN UP AUTISTIC MESS ALL DAY, AND YOU DON'T EVEN GET PAID. YOU DO IT JUST FOR THE MEAGRE POWER. MY GOD.
>>5937 Do it my man
>>6506 >>6542 >>6547 >>6724 the answer is because the mods are stupid bunch of cucks
>>/leftypol/531727 USApol getting spammed by redditards.


no cookies?