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This board would unironically be better without moderation Anonymous 09/28/2020 (Mon) 20:40:02 No. 7165
I fucking hate the jannies here.
>>7165 No actually, they actually seem to be able to their jobs. And without them, this place would probably be raided to shit in minutes
>noooo my quality whinnie the pooh thread was deleted this is epic failerinooooo!!!
Based. Join the protracted war on the jammies. Btw they will either remove this entirely or remove it to gulag
>>7166 >>7167 You are the same as cop lovers. Back the blue trash
>>7165 What is your precise gripe with jannies? i dont see that much unreasonable stuff.
you go to >>>/gulag/
>>7169 >not harassing the resident sameheads and the jannies
>>7165 >>7169 You are welcome to go start your own board and not moderate it, see how long it takes for it to become totally unusable through spam and trolling. There's a reason why every experiment in such things has been a failure (or just devolves into a dumping ground where no reasonable person would ever put more effort into a post than copypastas). t. mod
>>7179 >You are free to make your own board That's literally a liberal talking point. You don't get to eat for three days bitch. Also since we've established you're a liberal, when are you gonna grow hair on your balls and say any website holder is liable for content? Should have more raids and cp than
>>7165 Imagine 10 000 nerds like pic related raiding our board.
It unironically would be Like this shit https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/923561.html Why is the board catered specifically to the polfags that can’t handle a discussion of women or blacks without shitting their pants? Like holy shit maybe this is why everyone on this site has a penis, literally no women browse here
>>7194 they made a new thread about it which hit the bump limit, so i dont see the problem now


no cookies?