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(217.08 KB 1887x897 Ro0slfR.png)
ISO 8601 Comrade 10/06/2020 (Tue) 18:57:30 No. 7550
Hi. I see dates on here are shitty yankee dates, not ISO dates like the rest of the world uses. Any chance of fixing this? <2020-06-10 <-- like this >10/06/2020 <-- dear god no please make it stop
It would be preferable (and should be done too imo) but americunts can't let go any of their retarded shit in service of literally the entire rest of the world for their life. And no idgaf if they're the majority of the userbase here.
>>7551 Let's just see what the admins say first, even though they're most likely burgers who like sticking with Freedom Dates
You can turn on relative dates at least. Usually I just want to know how old a post is, not the specific date/time.
>>7553 Fugg I didn't even notice that. Relative times helps at least. Thanks anon.


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