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Important question about Marxist Theory and Moderation on Bunkerchan Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 23:02:12 No. 7780
Go ahead and ban me mods, won't try to ban evade. I'm here to help you guys Should Marxist spaces not be arranged and moderated according to Marxian principles? Considering how this vital thread: >>>/gulag/7719 Was yeeted from this board where the masses could participate and willfully moved to a place where as few people could participate in the organizational principles of Bunkerchan, is that not then a breach in the principles of democracy and the mass-line? What theorectical principles or theory would justify having as few people as possible participate in the conversation? Is that a theoretical framewaork you agree with? If not, can we say that the praxis of the bunkerchan moderation team is currently not conforming to best marxist practices and must be criticized on their theoretical foundation?
jesus christ fuck off
>>7780 Kys
>>7791 Where's the argument? Is this why we pull all feedback to this dumbass dead board, so you can ban all dissent, even if its a discussion on theory, and then spam "kys" so that noone sees it? Are mod powers the only things that will get you hard or something?
Imagine you are writing for ASS Daily and suddenly start putting out articles about the social history of the Bretagne. This would greatly anger and confuse your readers. Writing for ASS Daily there is an expectation that your output has a connection to ASS.
The thread was pinned, people discussed, discussion dropped and the thred unpinned. Done. People don't like the idea of leftyb or removing hobby, anime etc. It's not fair to the collectively +36 thousand posts made on those boards already, most of which are actually worth a damn. Stop making half-a-dozen threads whining about boards you don't like, MFW.


no cookies?