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Comrade 12/15/2020 (Tue) 16:02:01 No. 9163
can I make a thread on /tech/ about how to buy drugs online, best opsec methods for doing so, etc
>>9163 (Me) Not directly linking to any drug markets tho. just a link to a repository site containing links to different markets?
>>9166 thank you Master
Have you made the thread?
>>9169 no I'm too high and busy jerking off, will do it later
>>9173 Lmfao. Based. What are you high on?
Where is this thread?
Where is this thread?
(96.19 KB 512x371 1607939433563.jpg)
>>9165 Drugs are bad for you. This dude took drugs everyday of his life and it made his chode fall ofg and his eyes explode out of their sockets. Then his anus prolapsed all over itself.
>>9165 While under the influence of drugs he also attempted to rape Rebby but she sliced his chode off and shoved it down his throat. Then when he was inebriated she shoved the chode uo his prolapsed anus while he vomited blood all over his flesh woundds.
>>9328 >>9329 not sure, looks like some retarded janny deleted it, he also deleted my reply in this thread linking to the drugs thread. If whoever deleted this is reading then I hope you choke on bleach nigger


no cookies?