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(47.33 KB 1100x720 5d9b9acc49e03f38f4481121.jpeg.jpg)
I'm not doing "ban evasion" you twits Comrade 04/01/2020 (Wed) 11:05:50 No. 4560
Haven't you idiots yet realized not everyone is a 300lb gorilla glued to a chair staring at a monitor? Some people have, idk, phones and iPads? Some people have to, idk, make threads only on their phones because whatever fucking idiot designed this website made it impossible to post files on iPads (and I don't browse on my phone). Idc if you ban both IPs for a week, but till May is stupid as fuck Putting this here because the stupid ass auto appeal message only shows up once and basically without warning
Gonna reply to this thread so the jannies know which the two IPs are Like I said I don’t care if I get banned for a week or something for rule breaking but a month is pretty damned crazy And it wasn’t active ban evasion, I legit just have two devices and the original ban was on a device I only actually use for thread creation or when I’m not at home
Shut up. Mods are awesome.
You have to actually explain your situation to us before we can attempt to help you.
>>4563 Basically, got banned for a week on my phone IP because I made a dumb incel rant in /IG/ thread (fair, admittedly), then got banned on my iPad IP for a month for ban evasion. Thing is, it wasn’t intentional, I wasn’t using a VPN or anything, I just mostly use bunkerchan on my iPad. If you wanna ban this one from leftypol for a week like my phone that’s fine, I’d jus rather not be banned for an entire month because I wasn’t really evading a ban or anything.
>>4564 I mean, a ban is a ban is a ban and that incel faggotry can get out of hand at times. I am sympathetic to your ban evasion. I will bring this thread up to the other mods and see what everyone has to say about it. I'm curious as to how you were even caught ban evading in the first place.
>>4565 I just mentioned in one of the thread I made that I was the OP I guess But it wasn’t an incel thread, like, I just celposted once in one thread when people were already talking about feminism and shit
>>4566 I'm sorry, but, I am going to say that that seems like a legitimate case of ban evasion. I brought it up to everyone else though.
>>4567 Is it really tho? Like I said, I have an iPad I use, it’s not like I changed my IP or used a VPN
>>4568 What you are asking the other mods to do is infer your intentions not what you actually did.
>>4560 Can I have your ipad for free?
Hey So why am I banned for one comment but a hardcore literal nazi using shit-tier arguments to push volkish bs is perfectly fine?
>>4578 You're just imagining things anon. >>410861 >>410847
>>4578 we must appeal to fascists because they are true revolutionaries and just disenfrenchised real workers that are confused, all we have to do is give them a little credit and open a front with them you may not have noticed but this is not opportunism or anything but the newest trend of leftypol, and it works great, we are attracting more and more /pol/acks and they feel very comfortable now
>>4578 The mods and anons here are all former Nazis. They see themselves in those Nazis. You, no so much.
>>4582 *not so much.
>>4582 I'm a former socdem, I was never a Nazi. But yes Nazis and other reactionaries are given a certain amount of latitude in the hope they might learn something, and that even applies to incels, but at a certain point it's too much and people get banned. It's a give and take, I can't say anything more than that.
>>4584 >Wanna exterminate whole races of people, live in a society of nonstop warfare, and devour the lives of proles in non-stop slave driven factory production? A-Okay! <Lonely and bitter cuz want gf? BANNABLE OFFENSE, NO WARNINGS, STRAIGHT BAN Based pro-Nazi jannies You jackasses are worse than the SPD
>>4584 Reminder that to the leftypol Not!Fascist jannies, genocidal nutcase with a conspiracy about “Da Joos” are redeemable, lonely dudes that can’t get laid however are not to the point that talking about it once in a thread when people are already discussing feminism leads to a ban.
(499.19 KB 570x642 1479434634459.png)
>>4588 Yes.
>>4587 Fuck nazis AND incels. Why do they have to cater to either? Ban them all I say!, haven't had a good wank in weeks.
>>4594 Because this isn't twitter. No one is catering to them. Let the retards speak and let the retards get their asses handed too them. Maybe they will learn something. Overt moderation on imageboards does more harm than good.
>>4595 True.
>>4595 This is hypocritical as fucking FUCK considering Incels get an autoban while Nazis get a fucking hugbox
Mods seem to be deeply pro-Nazis, wonder what Stalin would do about the situation
>>4597 Being disrutive is not the same thing as position a position for debate. This is what is known as a false equivalency. The incel poster was not banned for being an incel he was banned for being a disruptive twat.
>>4598 If you want a place where discussion is totally shut down feel free to depart to reddit.
>>4602 >”Discussion totally banned” <Literally gets banned instantly for “incel idpol” after a single comment Fuck off The only discussion you want is from literal Nazis because half if not most of this board are only one degree of separation from the /pol/ posting Nazis they used to be
(49.75 KB 500x377 rt435tr34t534.jpeg)
>>4604 >Murdering jews in gas trucks = okay <Whining about chicks once in a relevant discussion = not okay Fag
>>4605 Did the last 8 months since we got here not happen to you? Incels have shit up every thread where someone mentioned anything that triggered them. Which is basically everything.
>>4606 Projection
(39.44 KB 360x480 1442953326990.jpg)
>>4605 Yes. >>4608 >Projection nice projection idpolers
>>4608 I just want to talk about politics on a socialist politics board without someone dragging their pathetic personal issues all over the place. Apparently that is too much to ask. Kindly off yourself.


no cookies?