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Can we just start banning accelerationists? Comrade 06/23/2020 (Tue) 04:09:52 No. 5024
you can literally get away with shilling ANY reactionary policy you want on /leftypol/ as long as it's not blatantly racist and you do it under the guise of "accelerationism". there's definitely been an increase in this style of posting ever since the riots so the Feds are most likely involved with it no doubt. <Vote republican! <fuck succdems, unions, and co-ops! the workers need to be in bondage and constant surveillance in order to feel oppressed! <only third world agrarians who don't even have the industry to manufacture weapons can hold a revolution! it's cointelpro shit and what's worse is that I'm pretty sure all the non-fed special snowflake MLs are completely eating this shit up. these disabled retards need to be saved from themselves, you'd be doing them a service really, by at least banning the obvious feds.
>>5024 what if the feds are also the ones calling for other left wing sects to be banned ?
>>5024 Accelerationism as a political strategy is stupid, but I don't understand why you would ban over it.
>>5024 Third worldism is the exact opposite of accelerationism because those tards think revolution cause only come from unga bunga lands where they still cut off people's feet as capital punishment. They don't want society to collapse because you can't funnel money to the third world if there's no first world money. And by third world I mean drug dealers and scam artists in a Mao cap
look at the most recent Gaddadi thread. another perfect example of accelerationists causing a shitshow with their cointelpro spam >>671114 >>671114 >>671114 mods, pls
>>5192 Woops >>>/leftypol/671114 I don’t know how people don’t see this is the highest form of glowposting. /leftypol/ wasn’t like this before the riots
>definitely been an increase in this style of posting ever since the riots Not really, accelerationists have always been a small thing on /leftypol/ and they have always been absolutely retarded, always posting the same stale two meme pics with Nick Land. Nick Land isn't just misunderstood by these idiots, he's a retarded pseud himself who did drugs once to be cool or whatever and now is basically a cringe boomer (he got super-buttflustered and panicky over some BLM protests). MLs got nothing to do with that. >>5192 Radlibs gonna radlib. That's not accelerationist.
>>5024 There is no need to ban people for retard opinions you redditfag
>>5195 >Radlibs gonna radlib. That's not accelerationist. literally the whole thread is people arguing gaddafi bad because socdem > There is no need to ban people for retard opinions you redditfag it’s not “just an opinion” it’s bad faith spam that isn’t conducive to any kind of productive conversation. saying “socdem bad” any time real politicians are brought up is as intellectually dishonest as attacking them for any other identity. and that idpol shit gets cracked down on all the time so why do reactionary neoliberals get a pass? because they masquerade it in Marxist jargon and Marxist prejoratives? it’s glow to the extreme.
>>5202 meant in part for >>5201
>>5202 >literally the whole thread is people arguing gaddafi bad because socdem That's not accelerationist. Accelerationism means accelerating trends within capitalism to push it into a catastrophe. What you are talking about is ultra-left or liberals hiding behind ultra-left posturing that they know won't amount to any real-world actions (being radlibs).
>>5204 ultraleft is just an example of accelerationism tbqhwyf
anotha one >>684394
>>5024 <ban people for having opinions I don't like If their opinions are bad, make yourself useful and argue a counterposition in the thread. Don't just go whining to the jannies like a retarded child because your delicate fee-fees got hurt.
>>5326 it’s not about fee-fees dumbass teenager. it’s about having a sincere conversation without dealing with tactical nihilists spamming with their edgy “arguments”
>>5193 How is this fucking glowposting? It's absolutely correct. Libya was never socialist despite its social welfare and certain socialist tendencies.
>>5202 >gaddagi bad because socdem Well that's the poster's problem, not the OP
Cope, seethe, dilate and have sex, faggot.


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