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Thread for recording Vol misbehavior Comrade 07/12/2020 (Sun) 01:10:45 No. 5288
>>683925 Anchoring this thread claiming it's idpol which it is ckearly not Then anchoring >>683902 even though it was edited to avoid triggering their liberal sensitivites
>>5288 *clearly not
this is a based thread. The people must patrol against the pigs. Sorry pigs, but its for your own good as much as it is our. Just doing our job as vigilant posters
>>5291 Archive of first thread https://archive.is/1l0sM Second thread https://archive.is/1XsBu
>>5288 You can't win with the mods friend, wait a week or so.
>>5295 They're not too bad as far as jannies go ngl comrade First thread is now unbumplocked for example AJAB :)
>>5303 >/leftcel/ that's just flat-out sad, dude
>>5303 go back, retard
Vols deleted my post about the /fur/ board on 8kun... which is retarded since there's no point in a fed baiting communists when the appeal is for FURRY shit, not communist shit. The board is slow and unused, and if you're paranoid Tor has always been available for use so I don't see why people are this paranoid. FFS we have an entire THREAD dedicated to all the different chans that exist on the internet, and plenty of anons go on 4chan which has confirmed Fed-bait. So what gives?
(90.64 KB 2709x640 GETchan is now r-socialism.png)
Got banned for saying idpol is bad LOL. Apparently we're r/socialism now. Even if you think the liberal idea of "social justice" is a good one and I disagreed, that's not even a remotely good reason to ban someone. People do remember we're on a COMMUNIST site right? Like this is a place where we objectively put down any racial or sex divisions as being partisan bullshit?
>>5318 what the fuck do you think leftism is, if not social justice, you absolute retarded mongrel.
>>5318 Looks like /leftypol/ is going down the idpol shitter. I thought this place was safe from retarded radlibs but nah they're on the modteam instead. Fucking jannies. >>5319 Leftism is about building working class power, liberating all proles from the clutches of bourgeoise exploitation. This includes people of all identities and all comrades are welcome regardless of their skin color/sexual preference etc. Social justice is achieved by creating an egalitarian society. Social justice as banned anon is hitting on is mostly preached by radlibs today, who are economically right wing. They don't care about the exploitation of the proletariat as long as the exploiters are diverse. If you are the type of person who celebrates BLACK BUSINESS OWNERS or GAY EXEC BOARD MEMBERS, you're a radlib, not a leftist. Porky is fine with us discussing race, gender, and sexual divides. Porky is not fine with us discussing class divides. Discuss class divides.
>>5330 I reposted it idiot.
>>5324 Fair enough. Social justice is synonymous with leftism for me ("social justice implies economic justice" and we fight for economic justice because it leads to social justice), but I can see how that term has been recuperated by radlibs. I concede to making an error.
(1.22 MB 1280x693 Thats right stalin.png)
>>5332 The anonymous people forgive your youthful error. and hope you do not repeat such again.
>>5295 >>5297 Nevermind I spoke too soon it's been bumplocked again supposedly for being filled with 'nazbol' shit
>>5337 https://archive.is/NWjcJ Archive of it in current state
>>5337 <mods falling for the nazbol meme All Jannies Are Retarded Bastards
mods have banned me for a whole week with no warning for posting a link to a discord
>>5347 Eh banning for discord links is an old tradition dating back to the earliest days of the board From my experience with the jannies they'll unban you if you say you'll stop posting discord links and use riot.fm instead on their thread >>5320
>>5348 it does not date back to the earliest days of the board. bunkerchan maybe /leftypol/ no. That was only brought in post old BO fit
Being a jannie is idpol
>Everything I don't like is a /pol/ trolling Shut the fuck up and grow up janny.
>>5387 Correct
>>5288 This board is run by radlibs. We need a new place to migr8 to


no cookies?