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(42.08 KB 551x480 1 dollar state.jpg)
Bad Faith Posting and Derailment Comrade 07/19/2020 (Sun) 16:10:21 No. 5409
>>>703140 There is a poster deliberately derailing this thread and obviously posting in bad faith, throwing around insane accusations and refusing to actually engage at all. They should be sorted out. They destroyed that thread
and that poster is sage just ban the fucker there are at least two people telling you to fuck off in that thread probably more put your name back on lying sack of shit
>>5411 wasn't sage who completely derailed the thread. He posted a thread a about a rioter and you derailed it entirely for no reason
>>5412 >he
>>5413 > I post in good faith >i call the other poster a girls name teehee pick one
>>5414 It is obvious you are him
>>5415 its obvious you are the enraged saltposter
>>5415 and judging by the speed of your reply, a mod
Remove the worthless tripfag he is a habitual samefagger.
>>5409 The thread is dying anyways.
(72.58 KB 513x513 I know you're out there rat.jpg)
Can you ban >>>/hobby/12399, this faggot is derailing the thread AGAIN by posting bai about "muh gun control" Why? A) The argument on gun control has happened and is over, but this same anon keeps posting the same "muh gun control retard" while saging just to bait a reply B) Thread OP specifically didn't want gun control discussion, and shitposts like that are just fucking derailing the thread and thus against site rules So just do us a favor and delete it so that some anon doesn't happen to reply and continue the pointless shitshow and people can continue to talk about guns and not politics.
>>5435 Rodent ignore
>>5435 Good job you got ALL the gun control posts deleted... except a few which now seem completely out of place because they're not replying to anything at all


no cookies?