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(23.02 KB 310x760 happening hasn't begun.gif)
(349.44 KB 921x1055 lain happening.png)
Comrade 08/12/2020 (Wed) 23:17:07 No. 6324
>uncycling /B√úRGERKRIEG/ general For what purpose? The inevitable "not guilty" verdict for George Floyd's killers and the mass evictions haven't even happened yet. It literally hasn't even begun.
it should be folded into the usapol at this point
>>6335 >AirForce helicopter just recently shot at in Virginia, with several wounded >nothing to see here guize, the Happenings are over, just fold it into usapol!
(106.15 KB 680x680 pepe cry rage.jpg)
MODS, the U.S. national-security state/MIC is dismantling the postal system as we speak to rig the elections The US navy has seized Iranian tankers The upcoming Happenings are too fucking Big to contain in just one thread (/USApol/) Re-cycle and un-anchor the fucking /BURGERKRIEG/ general right fucking NOWW! ! !
>>6356 You do now you have the ability to create a new thread about those issues, right?
>>6358 You do know we already have a perfectly set up thread for the Riot Happenings right? It's called /BURGERKRIEG/, one of the longest continuously running, legendary breads in the /leftypol/ catalog We can't let it die
>>6359 I suppose we can always just do what the non-cyclic generals do and just make a new bread.
Re-cycle and un-anchor right fucking now!! Kenosha Riot HAPPENING https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/541168.html
Don't really want to make a new thread for this but can we do something to reduce the cancer in the burgerkrieg thread?
(92.40 KB 4167x2500 burgerkrieg.png)
>>6324 was nice to see my flag design in the op for a couple months
>>6359 I personally detest BurgerKreig and all of its riot-fapping BUT I also prefer it's existence to having a dozen different riot threads on the board. so I support the revival of Burgerkreig, if for different reasons
>>6324 status update?
>>8868 Fizzled and dead


no cookies?