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Proxy and VPN blocked Comrade 09/04/2020 (Fri) 23:57:51 No. 6838
Every day more proxy and VPN IP are blocked with this message: >Your IP was recognized as a known spammer Please fix this. I found one working proxy to post after two hours trying many proxies. Yesterday three proxies I used still worked, now give this error. Are the IP blocked by this site or the host? Hope it is possible to fix even if it is the host. Some people live in countries where political activism is more dangerous. Proxy and VPN are necessary but somewhere free list proxies and free VPN are the only safe way to post because government knows who pays for VPN or private proxies. Pic unrelated but it is happy unity. Sorry for my non native English.
>>6838 I think this is a cloudfare issue rather than a lynxchan one.
cant even post using tor fuck these faggots they keep banning the ips and you can't even files anymore >flood detected >flood detected >flood detected >flood detected >flood detected >flood detected >flood detected >flood detected >flood detected >flood detected >flood detected >flood detected >flood detected fuck you
>>6840 No, there are a hell of a lot of rangebans also. >>7150 I know that feel. Wait 1min and the flood block is gone. "Bunkerchan", more like shift+ctrl+l chan...
>>6840 It may be a Cloudflare issue, but why is it necessary to have those tight Cloudflare anti-spam blocks in the first place? It's nearly impossible for people to post freely using any kind of anonymisation, which, like the OP said, is pretty fucked up especially on a site where leftist politics are discussed. I personally am lucky that I don't need a proxy or VPN or Tor or whatever, but everyone should have the ability to use them... and maybe I'm imagining it, but I've noticed at least /GET/ and /ref/ seem a bit less active recently and I wouldn't be one bit surprised if it had to do with this shit. Consider how 8kun literally has no "protection" whatsoever, yet it remains up and running. If a far-right looney site can afford to not have tight spam protection, why can't a left-wing non-looney site? The "solution" can't be "use Tor until it works" because this is at the end of the day an imageboard and you can't post pics with Tor... and if Torposting was allowed in full (as in you could post pics and there were no bans), there'd be literally no reason not to allow proxyposting and VPNposting as well. There factually is no reason other than paranoia. Sure, there may be occasional raids, and during those raids such blocks do make sense, but not when there isn't an ongoing raid (or its immediate aftermath). I understand there's probably no chance of these anti-spam measures being loosened no matter how many people complain, but seriously, it just sucks that this site is semi-actively pushing users away... possibly in an incidentally discriminatory way those who'd need a site like this the most. I don't know what country the OP for example is from, but I do know it should be irrelevant when it comes to who can post. If they can't post without a proxy or VPN, then isn't it literally discrimination to prevent them from posting at all? Maybe that's a "liberal idpol" argument, I don't know, but I'd assume countries where people need a proxy or VPN to post on a leftist site are not any kind of leftist countries. As for Torposting, again, what's the big deal about Tor users posting pics? Some might spam CP or whatever, but how likely is that actually as a regular enough occurrence that it'd warrant such measures? I understand that this is a small site that can't have hypervigilant 24/7 moderation so it wouldn't be possible to delete it within seconds, and that nobody wants to see that shit even just to delete it... but if there's a CP spam wave, why not briefly block pics from Torposters then for a variable period of time so that the spammer can't predict when it ends? Or, since there at least supposedly is a "block bypass", why not make it actually functional in all cases? I mean, what's the point if it doesn't even work how it's supposed to? Sorry for the rant, I guess, but please understand our collective frustration.
>>7155 Only the server owner can fix the cloudfare issue. They refuse to give access to anyone else. Try asking him nicely on twitter to do it.
>>7163 Why the fuck isn't mr server owner (Space_) on the website? This is fucking ridiculous.
>>7163 Why don't you ask him? I imagine he might take it more seriously if it was brought to his attention by someone "higher up the food chain" than regular users. >>7164 Also this...
>>6838 use softether vpn anon, it even works in 4chan
>>7175 He takes regular users more seriously than the staff t. Regular user who has gotten him to do stuff
>>7185 Well how about you share with the class how to get space away from low-class hookers for half an hour?
So now even Cloudflare's "DDOS protection" has been added and you have to do a captcha with every post, and the problem with proxies and VPN's hasn't been fixed? What the actual fuck?


no cookies?