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(64.56 KB 364x485 maupin.jpg)
Give us a /ck/ board. Comrade 09/16/2020 (Wed) 07:14:21 No. 7055
Give us a /ck/ board. There are several anons who cook. See for example the crisis thread on leftypol where tomatoes and eggplants are regularly discussed. Give us a /ck/ board. protip: you can
all vegan threads could be moved there
>>7055 How about instead of just cooking, maybe a diet and exercise combo? Call it /lifestylist/
>>7057 No. Fu/ck/ you. Cooking is not a fu/ck/ing lifestyle. It's praxis.
>>7057 That is absurd
Call it /health/
(457.11 KB 779x708 1600253780422.png)
where will I discuss all the food related topics like picrel if we have no /ck/? >>7061 >>7057 we already have a lifestyle improvement / advice board and it's /dead/
>>7055 isn't cuisine painfully bourgeoise?
>>7064 >eating is bourgeois
>>7055 This is actually a good idea for a change, it'd help anons save money on their food bill, improve the quality of their nutrition and even get some ideas for very quick meals. Good cooking skills are essential for any revolutionary movement as revolutionaries need quality fuel regardless if they're burning that fuel thinking of complex theories to sway the masses or marching and fighting to release the land from the grip of reactionaries. Which is precisely why it won't be created on this site.
It'd do better as a thread on the main board


no cookies?