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(414.92 KB 1350x900 hoxha668a77-imagepng.png)
Idea: /leftyb/ Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 17:12:05 No. 7082
We need another board where people are allowed to shitpost. The mod rules on /leftypol/ are pretty strict and prioritize revleft-style effortposting over shitposts. https://www.strawpoll.me/20963354
(102.16 KB 640x815 soyjak - Copy.jpg)
there's already /GET/ and the left can't meme so you can see how shit it is
All the other added boards here get like 1 post a week can we increase userbase before we start making more?
We should stop compartmentalising things. Are you people really too autistic to have shitposting and good theory threads on the same page? You are literally taking proddy pedagogical approaches. Learning is best interspersed with regular breaks, which allows you to focus better in the work time. Also, adding fun to classroom helps the kids to learn by making it enjoyable. Learning doesn’t have to be this super serial austere guy with a wooden ruler ready to doll out discipline. Also, we are a fucking chan. Stop being so pretentious. You are probably a retard, you have no right to decide what is and is not retarded therefore. Your job is to clean up spam and child porn.
>>7087 you sound like joe biden dude shut up
give me my >>>/ck/
>>7088 Can you repeat that, I couldn't hear you with all that janny cock in your mouth.
Only after deleting /GET/. Shitposting there sucks cock.
>>7088 What kind of a response is that. You can’t even back up your shit decisions it’s so annoying. And here we are relegated where nobody can see because you are afraid what the response is. I ask again, have any of you on the mod team organised anything on the irl left in your lives?
>>7090 It’s a disgusting fetish they have isn’t it, janitor cock. They like getting pegged by the janny broom with a gag in their mouth so they can’t complain it’s all a weird fetishise for them
>>7093 My answer to we need to put everything into one big board!!! stays the same: that is incredibly retarded. /leftypol/ is a politics board. Yes, I do organize. >>7094 bruh...
Why would we want /leftyb/ when we have /GET/? Just post there.
Just use /GET/, end of discussion.


no cookies?