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Anonymous 10/02/2020 (Fri) 02:43:04 No. 7295
>cloudflare DDOS protection >need to enable 3rd party cookies to access the site now alright board is officially dead
I think its because we are being bot raided right now. Wait a week or so.
>>7295 Chill, it'll be reverted sometime probably, there are too many bots right now
>>7297 the bots are still getting through
(120.34 KB 1144x800 1.jpg)
Now captchas too, they're hitting us with heavy artillery. Truly the Operation Barbarossa of bunkerchan
>>7297 >bots How do you know they're bots, on a technical level? Genuinely interested in how this works.
yes board is much more usable when it was getting DDOSed and overrun by bot spam by chuds, captcha should be mandatory for all posts from now on imo
I'll get space to turn off cloudflair in the morning. But the captchas on the site have made an observable difference.
>>7316 If you stick to this, then please, please, allow us to post with proxies and VPN's instead of having the "your IP was recognized as a known spammer" block!
>>7316 Dude there's a spam bot replying to every thread here
>try to report CP spam on /GET/ >nothing happens when clicking "OK" until captcha runs out, then says captcha expired Hmm.
>>7314 >botspam chuds You mean like right now? If anything I don't recall ANY en masse botspam outside of the Wojack script, and that was locally made.
dumbfuck reddit jannies and their culture war destroyed the board old BO was too right
>>7345 You have to click it once and wait for a minute or so. It loads slowly and if you double click it cancels out the first request. Think of it like old computer systems


no cookies?