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Where is the Mod feedback thread? Anonymous 10/09/2020 (Fri) 16:12:46 No. 7596
Serious talk lads. Where is the fucking Mod feedback thread? Last time I was here it was right fucking there at the top where everyone could see it where it should be. I look around and what I do you think I see? It is in the fucking GULAG, the shithole of the internets where no living soul dwells. This can't do lads. Collective judgement should be held in the open, not swept under the carpet.
>>7596 If you are too lazy to click a link, your opinions are probably worthless.
>>7597 it has nothing to do with laziness you idiot and it has everything to do with transparency
>>7596 >what do you mean I have to walk through a door to get to the meeting? >We're socialists, we should conduct all our business in the street!
>>7598 >transparency >on an open board. I rest my case
>>7600 >>7598 OK, I'll explain SLOWLY specifically for retards who can't read. Gulag = no people no people = no popular pressure no popular pressure = no accountability no accountability = MODS go on a power trip
also HOLY FUCK this site is dying WTF are you doing space fix your fucking lynxchan piece of spaghetti code
AAAND we're gulag now just fucking great great job mods, authoritarian pieces of shit always were, always be AAAAAND I'm out~~
>>7601 >>7603 LMAO faggot, mods = gods
>>7601 >/gulag/ = no people If you're such a newfag that you can't figure out to click on a board or ask about the moderation and where it is located, your opinions are likely shite.
>>7605 Virtual bootlicker cuck.
>>7605 t. tranny janny
>>7609 >>7622 You're such rebels so brave! :^)
>>7596 It's here for the same reason your boss talks to his employees one on one. They want to isolate anyone with a problem with the mods so that others with the same problem can't join in solidarity with them.
>>7597 If you need to hide mod complaints because your too much of a pussy to defend your actions, just stop being a mod.
>>7600 Barely anyone comes to this board, you're obfuscating mod complaints. Hey let me ask you this, would more or less people see the mod feedback if it were stickied to the top of /leftypol/?
>>7607 Damn, you are just deepthoarting that mod dick aren't cha? No one sees the mod feeback thread while it's on gulag. Even the name gulag makes it unclear what the board is for. Why not call it /complaints/ or /contact-us/ or /feedback/
>>7665 >hurr ad hom >nobody sees mod feedback!!!! Stay mad newfaggot.
>>7667 >nobody sees mod feedback!!!! That's right, and until the mods are fully transparent, anons will always bring this up. >Stay mad newfaggot. Hehe okay janny simp.
>>7669 >muh transparency mods=gods liberal filth
>>7669 >that's right The board is in the top bar, if you're so lazy that you can't be bothered to click and post here, then it clearly doesn't matter to these people >fully transparent and how would you enforce this? >janny simp Ok idealist
>>7677 >The board is in the top bar, Yes, along with all the other boards that are never visited. >if you're so lazy that you can't be bothered to click and post here, It’s not even clear what /gulag/ is by the name. Regardless, you’re hiding this thread because you don’t want other anons to see what people are complaining about. >and how would you enforce this? Pin the feedback thread to the top of leftypol. >Ok idealist Wow you’re so ass mad that imshit in your manny waifu that you couldn’t even make sense.
>>7678 >never visited The number of posts in all of them say otherwise >not even clear what /gulag/ <complaining about chan culture Ok reddit >hiding this thread I'm not a mod > don’t want other anons to see what people are complaining about It is extremely simple to link this thread in leftypol and mention it to people. >Pin the feedback thread to the top of leftypol There is already a pinned thread that has a full FAQ and people complain to the mods all the time there you dolt >so ass mad projecting much? >couldn't make sense your sentence is half gibberish to me, so unironically 'no u'
>>7597 >>7599 >>7605 >>7607 >>7623 >>7667 >>7676 Mods should be required to post with their tag on in /gulag/, because this shit is annoying. >mods=gods >newfaggot <when you learn about chan culture from 2005 4chan screenshots
>>7687 >post with their tag They do. I'm not a mod on this site.
>>7691 only when they want to, but on the /meta/ board it should be a requirement. Cause often mods will post as users to defend their actions to make it seem like there's popular support. Us, users, can never know if we're talking to a mod or not
>>7694 That's fair enough. I agree with this.


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