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(92.85 KB 719x459 IMG_20201001_234652.jpg)
Revive left unity thread Comrade 10/10/2020 (Sat) 06:38:02 No. 7611
So mod I need your help to revive left unity thread. Cuz apparently that thread have valuable memes & left unity pics. Can you please revive or give me archive.is link for our endeavor? Here's the link of the thread: https://www.bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/885226.html And I'm sure that the pic thread is about a maoist & antifa protect each other.
Sorry, we aren't really in the business of archiving.
>>7611 So far as I'm aware, only stuff that we manually select is archived, there's no automatic archiving sadly. I would say to maybe check if anyone has it saved in their cache or something. You can always use the leftybooru and the leftypedia to archive content that you want to save, the board is temporal by nature.
You have to do some advanced web wizardry to archive a thread. File > Save As...
>>7618 Looks like new firefox changed it, so it's just in the hamburger drop down menu on the right, "Save Page As..." or ctrl+s


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