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(58.85 KB 512x333 unnamed.jpg)
Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 13:00:03 No. 9182
Is this still the main site?
That's the splitters' account.
>>1230924 Can some of you autists explain me what happened here with more than one sentence? Or are you fucking illiterate?
>>9185 >cia.gov/leftypol/ kek
Why do the discussion threads for this keep getting locked?
>>9188 Coz d0llars is mad
>>9186 Some butthurt mod deleted everything because they were salty that nobody posts on their site.
>>1230924 Are you fucking kidding me so the piss mad janny deletes everything and wants to force migration. I told you mother fuckers this was going to happen but no one wanted to listen to me.
>>9190 they weren't from lefty p o l.org stop spreading fake news
>>9192 They admitted it though?
>>9193 He wasn't one of the old mods
>>1230924 Posts on bunkerchan.xyz: Same old leftypol shit, with .orgers trying to find anyone to give a fuck about their edrama Posts on cia.gov: Incessant whining about about bunkerchan. Give it a rest. Go enjoy your .org.
>>9191 Exact same thing happened in the /leftpol/ split of 2017
>>9196 At least with that split the mods didn't fuck the site for who knows how long.
>>9182 Never going to that site Fucking weasels that don't give a shit about users Strong arming us to go to their site
>>9194 I was lol what kind of dumfuck narrative are you pushing?
>>9182 Imagine being such a 70IQ retard to 'celebrate' site splitting, especially when nothing has really changed except PPH being lower on both sites.
>>9193 >Muh /pol/ This argument is such faggotry that I'm glad they left, I just hate that they're trying to sabotage us as they do so. Accelerationists deserve the rope.
(13.88 KB 385x113 unruhe.png)
>>9199 post proofs or it didn't happen
>>9208 There are records of me banning people and doing jannie stuff from before the split.
>>9209 Unironically do a flip from the grand canyon. Your actions are that of a wrecker because people don't want your fed site.
>>9209 jannies posting their L's online


no cookies?