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Comrade 01/09/2021 (Sat) 21:13:05 No. 9214
How can we help the site? It's pretty flanky but I want it to succeed if only to make the other site seethe.
I reluctantly volunteer to clean up gore and scat
Ask space_ for server access to fix the shitty software
>>9214 ban the tr00ns
Recover all images, use web.cache, archive.is and other methods to recover content between December 16 and January 8 and volunteer. Also advertise the site around the net to get new anons to replace the scabs. >>>/leftypol/1231426
(20.77 KB 400x317 ClipboardImage.jpg)
I'm not simping for this commie e-slum like an absolute memoid cuck just to make polfags seethe Something something a fool and his money something something
>>9261 Himiko is so cute
>>9256 Wait so you're talking about the current mod team right? Lets' see: leftypol . org has A cytube instance, a working Onion, a competent mod team and a functioning site that doesn't 500 error every few minutes, kek. This place is a sinking ship.
>>9267 If it's so great why are you shilling your site here always?
>>9281 They're, ironically, cut throat capitalists
>>9282 Capitalism is based.
Kinda hard when I’m pretty sure the remaining mods want this site to fail almost as much as .ogre does
> how can we help the site Ban the nazbols and incels
>>9299 Trannie detected
>>9214 Just try an encourage other anons to stick with bunkerchan while we migrate to a new board and url. Also counter all the spin the .ogres have been attempting to do of their treasonous actions. Here's some of their lies. >Watermelon's nuking of the board's last Friday wasn't our fault. <Fact: They made Watermelon a moderator at leftypol.ogre as a reward for his sabotage of bunckerchan. >We tried to coup Space_ because he wouldn't let us have root access. <Fact: Space_ offered root access to any of their moderators if they showed him their ID. Which any person legally liable for a server's content would demand. >Space_ could have transferred the website to servers owned by us. This is the only thing they say that has any truth to it. Yes, Space_ isn't beyond criticism in this but the fact of the mater is is that the old mods did the following which hurt the community. <Secretly built a alternative site that they planned to force a migration to by deleting all the boards. <Most likely worked with Watermelon to nuke all the boards last Friday, but at the very least rewarded him with a mod position for his sabotage at their site. <Did nothing but shit up every thread they could with FUD about bunkerchan, it's new mods and our future out of bitterness of Space_ exile of them. <Spammed their url and onion link for hours on end yesterday. <Continue to gloat about the technical issues the site suffers because of Watermelon's sabotage. Keeping the record straight with the other anons will help greatly.
>>9315 You forgot <Applying to mod positions so they could endlessly nuke this board until it’s dead I hope the old jannies die, unironically
>>9309 > only trannies hate the cruft stale
These kind of posts should be deleted or even banned: >>9217 >>9309 They don't contribute anything to the discussion and are only posted to derail the threads into idpol.
>>9320 True, but they'ee also just shitposts. If you're retarded enough to reply, then you're retarded enough to be short-banned for doing so.
>>9267 >working Onion heavily debateable given how I haven't been able to open it >competent mods Laughably untrue >doesn't 500 error every few minutes <hurr my 500 meme Not an argument >cytube instance Who even gives a fuck about that? This is like youtubers dickwaving about having a personal discord.
>>9320 I agree. At least warn them and put funny meme red text in them
>>9410 >Laughably untrue well, at least they don't ban you for baneposting >>9382 ><hurr my 500 meme >Not an argument Are you implying that you're fine with the 500 error. personally I find it at least a little annoying >Who even gives a fuck about that? you're right about that one. one thing the other anon didn't mention is that .org has an overcatalog
Is everything getting migrated to the new site? If not, I suggest creating a thread to compile a list of threads that we want to keep for the future site.
>>9320 Y'all post derailing posts and bait all the time. Get over it.
>>9420 >muh baneposting Nice try, not an argument but keep cherrypicking >"muh 500 error" A glitch that didn't even affect the site for an entire day. >overcatalog And?


no cookies?