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Comrade 01/14/2021 (Thu) 07:11:45 No. 9336
Why did you delete a perfectly fine thread from /dead/ of all places?
>>9336 That was a mistake, my apologies.
>>9337 >username bexgia >writes bexgina >accidentally deletes a whole thread so these are the nu-mods?
>>9337 >mistake So can we have the real reason? There are dozens of threads on /dead/ (hidden board) and you just happen to delete the one talking about migration? Was it reported?
>>9348 It was a genuine mistake, I used the "delete by IP" feature for an anon without checking the post history. It won't happen again.
>>9337 >>9349 show your mod tag
>>9350 I don't know how to do that.
>>9349 Checked the other board logs. There was no activity from you around that time except on /dead/ So either you're not Bexgia or you're lying
>>9351 ok then, delete this post and ban me, now
>>9352 I'm Bexgina, I assumed it was me. I'll ask the other jannies if they did it.
>>9351 #rs into the name field
>>9355 are you telling me there's another mod called bexgia? Is this a joke?
(1.52 MB 224x224 1590623606724.gif)
i think yall got trolled epic style
>>9358 Thanks
>>9350 Okay
(484.17 KB 381x600 1607778546626.png)
(223.15 KB 605x863 1607596772736.jpg)
>>9364 He should consider himself trolled & Pwned


no cookies?