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Site Progress d011ars Root 01/31/2021 (Sun) 09:03:59 No. 9734
We've come a long way since we moved to the new domain. What we've accomplished so far Back End progress: - Upgraded to lynxchan 2.5, this has facilitated many of the improvements made. Setting up the board software properly, with input from stephen (lynxchan's creator), has made everything run smoother in general. We can now troubleshoot much easier, and running the software as it was intended to run. - Upgraded servers so that we have daily automatic backups created - Upgraded security. By upgrading to lynxchan 2.5 and also upgrading our front end, we know have access to proof of work bypass verification which will eliminate pretty much any spamming threat that can get past cloudflare. - Re-established our Tor Onion Server - Eliminated 500 errors - Set up 2 gb of swap space, which we didn't have on old servers. This effectively gives us more ram to work with when the servers are under stress. - Scalability. Before, the site would sometimes break due to heavy traffic. The spammer has helped us test how the new back end handles this, and even with hundreds of posts a minute and thousands of IPs per hour, the site kept running as normal. Front End Progress: The front end we inherited from Space and ComradeRat was incomplete and glitchy. We created a new fork of lynxchan's default front end (penumbra) to fix these issues. - Fixed watched threads function - Fixed the reporting function - Fixed issues with headers and navbar - Fixed mobile issue of certain elements being too wide due to text not breaking. Now the site should fit on the screen naturally. - Added mod log link to board header - Fixed side catalog links - Filled out our global rules and about pages. - Fixed webm upload issues - Eliminated missing element text from bottom of the page - Fixed orange text - our old add on was outdated and needed to be recreated - Fixed anchoring and pinning - used to cause temporary errors - Mod tools like post history are now integrated into our internal ban log to better review and lift bans. It is my belief that our current lynxchan build and front end is more secure, more reliable, and better looking than the alternatives. Speaking with Fredrick, he made it abundantly clear that vichan based software was not the future - something I take very seriously given his experience with 8chan. Our mod team is also leaner and less personality focused than before, which helps prevent reddit style moderation and drama. There has been lots of /pol/yps and nazbols coming in lately and we're treating the same way we always have - allowing debate while banning nazbols and shitposting/bait. With the report function fixed, it's my hope that moderation of /pol/ shitflinging will also improve. Let this thread serve as a temporary site development feedback thread on /leftypol/ - it'll be transferred to gulag in a few days.
(1.48 MB 540x378 dragonmaidthumbsup.gif)
how about delete all the obvious nazi posters
Is this site dead?
>>9737 "no"
Catalogs are still hobbled due to the issue described in >>>/gulag/9210 This is especially severe in the slow altboards outside /leftypol/ & /b/, so a workaround is urgently needed.
>>9739 You should be able to click on the broken image icon and it'll take you to the thread. Nonetheless I'll attempt to find a more elegant solution.
(342.43 KB 552x1677 no placeholder.png)
>>9740 >broken image icon I don't see anything like that, and hovering my cursor or tabbing along links doesn't reveal any 0-pixel objects either. Does it look like picrel to you? Speaking of placeholders, it's not urgent, but restoring PDF/video thumbnail previews should be on the agenda somewhere.
When are you going to address the fact that ogrefags have infiltrated the volunteer team? Or that current volunteers are told which threads to delete or anchor by the ogrefags?
>>9742 >>9742 Mod in question has proven trustworthy and neutral in the drama
>>9743 No, I'm do11ars
is richard lynx pants on head retarded? why did he break the convention that every other imageboard follows and move and hide the "email" under some bullshit?
>>9744 >>9743 fuck both of you i'm the REAAAAL DOLLARS
>>9745 Email being moved to under the posting form by clicking "more" or "extra" on mobile was done to prevent it being auto-filled by your browser >>9743 Me
>>9747 The mods are being told by the ogrefags which threads to delete and you are okay with it, plus there is a fag who jannies both sites, which seems highly suspicious as he is most likely a fed and you are ok with it? Fuck you faggot
>>9748 I anchored your shitty bait thread and deleted your off topic complaints about this BS. Take your meds schizo.
(38.27 KB 255x224 soy284.png)
>>9749 >I anchored your shitty bait thread and deleted your off topic complaints about this BS. Take your meds schizo.
(29.62 KB 1461x440 PPH.png)
good job d0llars, i'm glad you ended the split :)
(483.28 KB 2048x925 Screenshot_20210201-102103.png)
>>9751 >27 ppl circle jerking endlessly Kek Also, that mobile view is super busted
>>9752 hourly IPs Are you innumerate or illiterate, I was never quite sure.
>>9753 It says "recent ips" not hourly retard
>>9754 You are both then.
(116.44 KB 624x722 1612188238261.jpeg)
>>9752 That's better than 150 people who say nothing.
(33.83 KB 519x436 1612200169444.jpeg)
>>9756 >>9757 You think you can win people over by sabotage and deceit. Nuking boards and conspiring behind people's backs. None of this would have happened if everyone had just been honest from the beginning - and I've always made my position clear. I think you'll find that the contradictions of this origin will come back to bite the .org site - that and building off of vichan. You won't be safe from more drama and plots, nor reddit style cliques, nor /pol/ spam. I know the type of people who pull stuff like this, tried to organize with them, been purged by them. They'll claim victory, and then, over the course of months, years, give up on these little projects. I don't claim victory. I don't give up. Coma, rat, space, che, batko, muke, stalin420, they've all faded away. They didn't have the autism and obsession required. Bunkerchan will remain. /leftypol/ will survive. Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer, We'll keep the red flag flying here.
>>9758 And yet you allow jannies from here to be told by the ogre jannies what threads to anchor or delete, not only that, you allow a literal ogre Jannie to be a Jannie here, giving him the power to nuke this place again.
>>9759 Your threads were anchored and deleted because they were bait and off topic. This decision was made independently by myself, it was the mods that convinced me to unanchor it lol
>>9760 Why was it anchored on the ogre too then? Why did the Jannie from ogre said that you and him agreed to anchor it? Why is a Jannie from ogre a Jannie on here?
>>9761 Don't know what "we" he's referring to - maybe the old mod clique
>>9758 >Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer, >We'll keep the red flag flying here. are we the Labour party now?
d011ars get rid of the fascist in your mod team: >>>/gulag/9709
>>9764 You will never, not even remotely possible that you will ever be a woman.
>>9765 based
>>9743 what's the mods handle?
>Bunkerchan is a far left lynxchan based imageb oard. where users discuss ideologys like maoism, trotskyism, leninism and marxis m. ??? This is what comes up in Google search.
>>9768 Weird way to word it tbh
(16.83 KB 268x200 he's right.jpg)
>>9740 >maoism, trotskyism, leninism >not marxism
(15.43 KB 300x300 haaah.jpg)
>>9764 this is the most based thing i've seen a mod say
(461.36 KB 1063x1363 1610998433256.jpg)
>>9771 than you probably haven't seen pic related yet
>>9772 this post reeks of sexual misery tho
>>1314323 jannies = transhumanists
>>1314323 The only cool trans posts are the ones where they talk about suicide
>>9772 Based
>>9772 proof that being an incel is not exclusive to the right
Could we get a green anarchist flag or a communalist flag put in?
>>9778 Already exists, search for Eco-Anarchism in the flag menu


no cookies?