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(936.57 KB 960x627 1613079829580.png)
Comrade 02/14/2021 (Sun) 00:41:36 No. 9850
This is in reply to a post by a janny in the "why are nazbols tolerated here" thread: >>8805 I feel it deserves its own thread 1. My first question is about idpol. what does "idpol" have to do with something like, white veganism? 2. >rejection of liberal tactics to mitigate the problems of racism: inclusion of minorities in leadership for the sake of their identity, reparations, acceptance of racial guilt, affirmative action are you saying you reject affirmative action, and reparations? because ngl thats a pretty damn suspicious look. >rejection of liberal tactics to mitigate the problems of racism is also a particularly concerning way of framing it; coupled alongside the list you gave i'm almost positive you're a reactionary beating around the bush to avoid saying explicit dog-whistles
>>9850 The fact that jannies are writing paragraphs to obfuscate racism is absurd.
>>9851 ngl dat's a pretty dayymn sus look. nazbol imageboard
>>8805 >The idea is that once everybody is working and living together as a class-conscious proletariat, notions of racism will simply wither away. We are materialists, we believe that the material world, our experiences of the physical reality, shape our ideas, and not the other way around. The way to make people not racist is not to convince them with some dank arguments, but to convince them with experience. Most racists rarely interact with the races they hate, except in passing or as participants in a market exchange, but never as people. Racists and the people they hate have more in common than not, and that's a fact. You can show people all the graphs you want, but until they actually engage with the others, no progress can be made. >This means that no progress towards anti-racism can be made anywhere where only ideas are exchanged, like an imageboard. Discussion of the topic only lends importance to it and amplifies liberal and racist voices, while muting leftist voices, because both liberals and racists are against leftists. Having idpol discussion on bunkerchan would turn this place into a battleground between two sides we don't like. It makes no sense. >As an aside, liberals and anti-racists have adopted the same categories racists use, but they try to use them "in a good way". Shit tactic because if you're trying to argue against someone's position, don't accept their wrong premises and then argue against the conclusion. The premises were literally designed to support their racist conclusion. It's a losing battle. Im very confused as to what this post means by "liberals and anti-racists have adopted the same categories racists use, but they try to use them "in a good way"? Do you think that calls for affirmative action are based on the idea of an inherent superiority of minority groups? That is the "premise" of racists, and I don't see how arguing in favor or affirmative action is in any way connected to this? Like, calls for reparations and affirmative action are based on the concrete fact that the status quo is structurally organised against marginalized and racialized populations, and as such, these groups need to be emphasised in the early periods of socialist construction, which has nothing to do with anything concerning the "premises" of racists? If by "adopting the same categories racists use" you mean like, acknowledging that race matters, I dont know what to say. Just because something is a social construct (and, may I remind you, class is a "social construct" as well) doesnt mean that it doesn't have material and lives effects, or that it doesn't provide a basis for solidarity through shared struggle Ironically, in claiming that racism is just because "people dont understand each other"/the solution to racism is just "convincing people that they are similar to those they hate" or whatever, you are disregarding materialist analysis of the actual basis of race and racism, as a superstructural element of colonial oppression >liberals and anti-racists have adopted the same categories racists use >anti racism is the real racism I just cant even,
(7.13 KB 332x117 cuckedjannies.png)
I really want to know their explanation.
(28.10 KB 600x600 brainlet.jpeg)
>>9853 >class is a "social construct"
go be a lib somewhere else if u don't like it here
Nazbols and other flavors of fascism aren't allowed. Although it can be difficult to tell when someone is being ironic.
>>9859 He means that racism is a socially derived, much like private property. Both private property and structural racism are backed by state violence.
>>9859 practically everything that uses words to describe things are a social construct. Useless term.
(53.58 KB 750x920 7767.jpg)
>>9862 >nazbol is fascism
>>9862 >it can be difficult to tell when someone is being ironic of course it is for dead retards like you
keep cryin angloids
>Infrared fans are fash Nazbols. Can't say I'm surprised.
>>9878 If it isnt fascism, it is even closer to anarchism than to socialism. Well in fact it is just national-socialdemocratic, just check their founds ideals. Anyways nazbolism is not the same as national-communism
>>9878 nazbols being the morons they are. will the same fate as strasserites and i wouldn't feel bad. just to re-iterate, night of long knives, death, etc. aligning with fascists won't help bring you in a socialist state as they're funded by the ruling class to keep socialism at bay and the collaboration they share with each other.


no cookies?