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Storytime - Superman Red Son Anonymous Comrade 12/16/2019 (Mon) 21:57:12 No. 3352 [Reply] [Last]
What if instead of landing in the burger heartland, Kal-El landed in the middle of the Soviet Union? What if instead of Ma and Pa Kent, the man of steel was raised by the other man of steel?

In light of this thread >>>/leftypol/164364 I think it's time to storytime Superman Red Son. It's about 150 pages total, over 3 parts.
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>>19144 It's not really funny, it's horrifying and pitiful.
>>19145 do they keep that horrible ending with the soviet union collapsing and luthor creating krypton?
>>19149 No, Superman pretends to die while sending Braniac's ship into orbit and detonating it, while Luthor and Lois retire, leaving Jimmy Olson to be president and Superman hiding among the population of America.
>>19151 sounds like the soviet union still collapses. mad cringe, and he lives in america? quad cringe!
>>19141 It’s a problem with modern, early-2000 writers like Millar. They’re big fans of the type of assholes with guns rather than supes so they’ll wank those guys to oblivion while nerfing people like Superman. Only Morrison do it right.

(179.96 KB 1400x932 south park.jpg)
South Park Anonymous Comrade 11/16/2020 (Mon) 19:05:20 No. 18974 [Reply]
Did South Park really have as huge of a negative cultural impact people claim it did?
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>>18974 it did lead to a degeneration of society ,developing adults who are fanatically opposed of choosing a side
It all wwent downhill when it was becoming popular and journalists praised it for "being political".
>>18979 >N-no you hav to choose a side on something that almost always has a grey middleground
(10.89 MB 480x360 MTV-Downtown-BigCopy.webm)
>>18978 Its contemporaries early on were simply better at being mature with South Park relying more on shock humour.
>>18974 no and no

Martial arts thread Anonymous Comrade 06/05/2020 (Fri) 22:46:18 No. 10243 [Reply] [Last]
Comrades let's have a thread for martial arts, combat sports and self defense. Striking, grappling, all styles welcome (except fake ass shit). Let's talk about training, techniques, fights, fighters, etc. Here's a fun fact: One of the many achievements of the soviets was founding their own combat system, sambo, which proved to be extremely effective and is still widely practiced today. Also, Judo orange belt here (AMA if you want)
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>>18997 The original anon asked about spin kicks being useful and you were trying to argue that they were and now in your response you’re implying front kicks are effective and you struggle with kickboxers. That was the whole point, it’s better for conditioning than training. Front kicks are not unique to Tkd and Muay Thai technique is better. > 1) No-one says TKD would be picked up in a year, however I can definitely say that my flexibility, strength and balance improved within the first year I STARTED. See above >This is what training is supposed to be for, to practice and improve abilities until they are applicable IRL. There’s an element you can’t train in a street fight, tkd just makes certain crucial mistakes more likely to happen. Why train against overextension when you can just do some low kicks or something else in the first place. I can throw high kicks very easily and very fast to the face, I still wouldn’t risk it in a street fight unless I saw the opponent was weak/slow. > Also on the topic of looking behind and wasting time. You do that with the momentum of the kick.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>19053 I've tried to use ankle weights during martial arts routines before and it doesn't turn out like you'd think it might. They either shuffle around too much to be useful or you tighten them so hard they become painful and cut off your circulation.
>>19058 >avoid pain >martial arts Srsly though if those don’t work there are other things you can do like focus mitt drills, or you can try ankle straps with resistance bands. Though resistance bands are kind of annoying. Target practice, speed practice switching around targets really fast develops reflexes. Also if you’re like me and want to be a weirdo, try doing more household tasks with your legs and feet only like those cripplefags.
>>18882 And your point is? Nothing you said contradicts what i said.
>>19058 >it doesn't turn out like you'd think it might This sounds like a you problem

milsurp collecting, re-enactment your mum 11/19/2020 (Thu) 10:10:56 No. 19085 [Reply]
any other milsurp and historical re-enactment enthusiasts here?
We have a /k/ thread and a fashion/clothing thread so you don't need a separate thread for this.
>>19104 i didn't see it, i'll go look for it

(37.53 KB 371x500 enter-the-kettlebell-cover.jpg)
I wrote an over-the-top russian character straight edge petty officer 11/18/2020 (Wed) 22:32:52 No. 19056 [Reply]
I just want to tell you sirs,that in one (satirical)story I wrote,on character is a bearded siberian farmer,he hunts bears with a giant kettlebel and has tattoos of both stalin and the tsar on his chest. he drinks vodka like it's water. other characters include a man who eats plutonium tablets for calories and a rikishi with a belly so bloated he has a huge tattto in it.
Nice, but, us the writing thread >>8063 >inb4 fanfic It's actually a writing general but OP couldn't edit the OP afterwards.

(107.13 KB 1900x1000 The REAL Enemy All Along! us3.png)
(8.20 KB 138x319 Symbol of the Four Pillars.png)
(46.11 KB 468x541 adler.png)
Graphic Design, Flags, Logos, Posters Anonymous Comrade 06/09/2020 (Tue) 01:14:35 No. 10337 [Reply]
First thread I've ever made here. I'm really interested in graphic design and I make shitty flags all the time. Therefore: Post your flags, your logos, your posters, your whatever. Or you can post cool shit you found - point is, post some based shit. >Lefty shit is best, but if you think it's cool, post.
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Salvaged from bunkierchania thread. This is in my opinion only flag that looked half decent and not either tacky or like another country. What's your take?
(24.97 KB 504x475 Socialistsymbol.png)
Made this a while back for a chapter of a local socialist party. Anyone got suggestions for edits?
(24.97 KB 504x475 Socialistsymbol.png)
Made this a while back for a chapter of a local socialist party. Anyone got suggestions for edits?
>>19044 I don't know what the purpose is in shaving off two of the spokes but the cut could be a bit more parallel to where the red meets the blue. Also the hammer can be a bit more perpendicular and central
>>19045 heh looks like we got the same idea >>18944. If you use inkscape you will end up with a more precise product. I believe the blue and hammer should be angled 72° and -72°

BUDENOVKA Anonymous 11/08/2020 (Sun) 00:04:34 No. 18608 [Reply] [Last]
Lets have a thread dedicated to the most ridiculous and most intimidating piece of headwear ever conceptualised
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(296.35 KB 500x417 cat reading lenin.png)
Reading Anonymous Comrade 11/16/2020 (Mon) 13:09:25 No. 18969 [Reply]
How much do you guys read a day (time, pages)? What do you consider ideal? Do you devote markedly more time/note-taking to theory/philosophy per page than other non-fiction or they pretty much the same? Reading for the first time in years, I'm not really sure what I should be aiming for as a baseline, especially since my schedule is pretty open. I'm reading a rather long history book at the moment at the rate of about 20-50 pages a day, yet it takes me hours to get through due to extensive note-taking and writing down words I want to commit to memory. I enjoy it and it seems to pay off, but I can't deny it's almost prohibitively meticulous. There's so much I want to read between now and this time next year that I'll never get to if I keep this pace. Just wanna get a ballpark from you guys. Also discuss whatever you're reading now, plan to read, other questions you have about reading, note-taking, and so on that isn't fit for /edu/. OP is just a springboard.
>>18969 I dont track pages really. I just spend a good 3-4 hours everyday reading/notetaking/journaling off of whatever nonfiction I’m reading. I’m slow as fuck however so a rough estimate would probably be 30-40 pages in that time. However I do have more spare time then most so it’s not a good benchmark. If you go to a big library you’ll realize that even if you read your whole life and did nothing else you probably wouldn’t even cover 1% of the books out there. Knowing this it’s important to keep in mind reading is ultimately to develop your own thinking/creativity so you can write your own books/theory later. It also helps put into perspective you should only really read what you like/what is suited to your personality and attitudes. There has to be a certain point you stop reading and start writing instead otherwise you’ll just end up reading your life away. Also if you read uncritically without taking notes/ adding your own thoughts and thought process you wont get much out of it- you’ll only remember vague details. So nowadays I use books to trigger my own thoughts on topics to jot down really.
I could recommend the doomsday machine by Daniel Ellsberg, man who leaked the pentagon papers. It covers the history of US nuclear strategy and has plenty of funny anecdotes in it.
>>19002 the guide first, choose a nonfiction book you’d like to read and set aside an hour or so. I recommend something that feels like reading it would be nice, but which you do not feel a lot of pressure to read. second, read the title page and scan the preface. at this point, try to set aside your impressions and see what the author thinks the book is actually about. the title and subtitle might actually be a better guide to this than anything you’ve heard about the book. third, using the table of contents as a guide, take a few chapters (the first, the last, and any which seem particularly vital or pivotal to the book), and sort of x-ray them. read the first and last few paragraphs; read the section titles if it has any, read the first and last paragraph or two of each section. you don’t need to be strict about this, the point is to get a sense of the contents of these chapters and their relationship to the book as a whole. fourth, examine the remaining chapters in the same manner. any order will be fine. just adjust as necessary if you find you’re losing sight of the whole work or of the parts of the chapter at hand. again, you should spend no more than an hour on these four steps. you want to get a feel for the contents of the whole, and for the contents of each chapter that comprises the whole. this sounds like a difficult task, but it’s actually fairly straightforward. you just take an hour or so and apply these steps. when you’re ready, you can now read the book in full. you will have the bones, and much of the meat, in your head already. the book should be far less intimidating, and your comprehension should be far higher. but there’s no reason you need to do this any time soon. hopefully, with some books, you will feel compelled to give a more thorough reading right away. if you don’t, that’s fine and now you know. move on to another book. an optional step after the fourth step, there’s one more thing you can do to flesh out this big picture, even and maybe especially if you’re not going to do a close reading now or ever. it’s this: read the whole book from cover to cover in one sitting. don’t pause to look anything up or to contemplate the contents. this isn’t about close reading, it’s about broad reading. give yourself permission to read this way. this step may be more of a time investment, but you can actually kind of merge it with your pre-reading after enough practice.
30-100, sometimes more.

(400.07 KB 2048x1070 fiction.jpg)
Fiction Reading Anonymous Comrade 11/15/2020 (Sun) 04:43:59 No. 18927 [Reply]
Hello everyone, I want to make a topic about books, but, ones that are too trashy for /edu/. Talk about books, request books, et cetera. Well, I'll start off the thread by asking for recommendations for 'optimistic sci-fi' where humans and aliens get along (relatively speaking) and accomplish things. Bonus points if there's first contact involved, extra bonus points if there's interspecies romance. Mee-yow. I've already read a lot of books like this but I can't get enough. Thanks everyone.

(29.36 KB 250x377 v for vendetta.jpg)
V for Vendetta Anonymous Comrade 11/11/2020 (Wed) 22:11:37 No. 18810 [Reply]
Was he /ourguy/? Did he do anything wrong? What should we make of the story (movie or comic book)?
1 post omitted.
>>18819 This sounds about right. The whole great man angle is excessively liberal, and it confused the shit outta me why V only has one protege instead of as many as possible. It's not a good demonstration of actual revolution or even anarchy specifically, so meh, but even understanding the radlib context it's really bizarre for the revolution to hinge on one (wo)man and a student. It makes some sense character-wise for V to be like that but why write the character that way? Especially since V is thematically supposed to represent the resistance that's inherently produced by tyranny. This lends itself to a group dynamic, but that's only referenced in the movie with everyone wearing the masks at the end.
>>18819 If you think this comic represents Moore's politics you're dumb.
(107.84 KB 768x1024 alanmoore.jpg)
(916.75 KB 2543x3271 broughttolight.jpg)
>>18842 Correct, if you want a better representation of his politics you should read Brought to Light.
>>18839 The movie actually have a better and realistic depiction of a mass movement against fascism than the comic. Because even libs are still more successful in that than anarchists especially the pre-20th century ones that Moore tried to emulate. >>18842 True that. All you need to know about how much of a fake anarchist Moore was at the time is his pitch for DC’s Twilight of the Superheroes. Which can be found here: https://ia801906.us.archive.org/28/items/TwilightOfTheSuperheroes/TwilightOfTheSuperheroes.pdf He might be much better now, but back then he was Stan Lee level of scumbagery. Which hilariously enough the same thing that made Moore hate his biggest fanboy Grant Morrison. He did became a much better person after getting fucked over by corporate but that’s decades later.
Propaganda of the Deed: The Comic


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