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(137.88 KB 640x640 critrole.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 02/21/2020 (Fri) 03:59:08 No. 6332 [Reply]
How would you play a DnD campaign where you're in lenin's revolutionary party?
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>>6332 I've got to say, more DnD games with socialist themes really would get my wheel of ideas spinning.
(366.82 KB 1000x1000 fantaso-capitalism.png)
Would wizards be more likely to be comrades who want to progress historical materialism or just leeches living off the peasants?
>>11719 Depends on whether someone views them like Harry Potter wizards or not.
feel like FATE would be more fun than dnd for this kind of game
>2 DnD threads <both are quiet AF

Soviet art thread Anonymous 10/05/2020 (Mon) 12:49:15 No. 16955 [Reply]
Post Soviet era paintings and propoganda posters
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>>16979 probably rasputin's grandfather
>go on leftypol >they think a valid criticism of NatSoc is "muh aesthetics" >At the end of the day they're still children swept away by appearance and form like anyone else You try to maintain a constant smug and condescending tone and then slip up all the time with your bullshit.
you can go on pastvu.com and pick paintings layer instead of photos there are many
Spengler. He thought that you could see the difference between civilizations in their art and mathematics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Decline_of_the_West < Apollonian Civilization is focused around Ancient Greece and Rome. Spengler saw its world view as being characterized by appreciation for the beauty of the human body, and a preference for the local and the present moment. < Magian Civilization includes the Jews from about 400BC, early Christians and various Arabian religions up to and including Islam. Its world feeling revolved around the concept of world as cavern, epitomized by the domed Mosque, and a preoccupation with essence. Spengler saw the development of this civilization as being distorted by too influential presence of older cultures, the initial vigorous expansionary impulses of Islam being in part a reaction against this. < Faustian Civilization began in Western Europe around the 10th century and according to Spengler such has been its expansionary power that by the 20th century it was covering the entire earth, with only a few Regions where Islam provides an alternative world view. The world feeling of Faustian civilization is inspired by the concept of infinitely wide and profound space, the yearning towards distance and infinity. A gothic cathedral that strives for height can be seen as Faustian. And a Greek sculpture that focuses on the body and can be seen from multiple angles can be seen as apollonian. Greek mathematics was this closed Euclidian space, whereas contemporary mathematics is boundless. But at a cursory glance, there are some discrepancies. For instance, the Khmer probably invented the zero. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22313665-finding-zero And the Hindu mathematics and religion is all about this really huge and really small numbers. For instance, the Kali Yuga (the shortest and the worst of them) is supposed to last 432000 years. So in comparison to Spengler's idea that a civilization last for 1000 years, he's peanuts. So Spengler basically says that the reason civilization X didn't do Y wasn't the lack of knowledge nor agency, but that they rather didn't want to
>>18726 >>18725 >>18724 I love constructivism. Any more?

(72.14 KB 800x400 42-Office-politics.jpg)
/officepolitics/ Be the Boss Edition Anonymous Comrade 10/22/2020 (Thu) 21:05:53 No. 17882 [Reply]
ITT we navigate office politics and put all the Karens and Jim's in their place where they belong.
How do I get more money by working less?
>>17131 use catalog

(208.03 KB 960x960 RWBYVolume8.jpg)
RWBY Anonymous Comrade 11/10/2020 (Tue) 12:55:26 No. 18731 [Reply]
Considering that Volume 8 just dropped what was your opinion on the first episode? Who is your waifu? Mine is Nora
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>>18874 He's the villain of a badly written cartoon show. They made him a sadist because it's the only way for the writers to show he's the villain since everyone who watched the show came to realize White Fangs are in the right (did they seriously expect people to sympathize with a corporation that uses slave labor just because the heir of said corporation is one of the main characters?) But then Edgy Sadist Adam only made him cooler, so the writers to decide to make him even more obsessed with Blake. I'd have preferred a more level-headed villain, but heh, it's still a lib show that makes a horrible job in portraying minorities. I'm more surprised there aren't any money obsessed not-jews in Remnant.
I love pyrrha
I think its pretty obvious from the opening that the final boss fight of the season is going to be Robot Gurl being hacked by Ernest Khalimov and turning against the cast and absolutely fucking wrecking them with god powers. I assume that either Ren or Nora is getting murked and / or turning on everyone else. The opening also leads me to assume this is probably the penultimate chapter of the story / the "all is lost" section of the hero's journey. with the next season probably being the final. An actual subversion of expectations would just be killing the entire main cast and then centring on a group of heroes like 50 years in the future whose names also start with R W B and Y. would be funny
>>18883 >>18874 >>18850 Yeah making Adam a sadist is a bit of a libtard thing if you know a lot about the liberal mindset. Liberals dont think that people who hold beliefs outside "Muh window" are acting rationally or in good faith and are just acting out their personal problems on society as a whole. Obviously this actually does apply to some people (/pol/yp's) but not pro-civil rights revolutionaries. Also making Adams ideology that he wants to murder all humans indiscriminately makes him more like Idi Amin then say mandela, Malcolm or king
My opinion >>10111

(93.93 KB 400x342 b3b2_1.jpg)
/black metal/ Anonymous Comrade 02/20/2020 (Thu) 17:09:27 No. 6325 [Reply]
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>>18911 There aren't really Burzum fans, just people who support Varg Vikernes because they're nazis. There are people who like Burzum purely from a musically standpoint, mine included, and that's perfectly fine.
>>18912 Nazbols also like varg Because varg unironically thinks that (((capitalism))) Idk why nazbols still like varg Look at his twitter Its all idpol garbage
(24.90 KB 554x554 images (45).jpeg)
Good album
>>18922 10/10 album
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj_HrUZpDgY>>18503 >>18503 that does not look like a black metal album

Alcohol Anonymous Comrade 08/23/2020 (Sun) 14:08:29 No. 15222 [Reply]
Why does it make evreything feel fine?
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Few months to go till I'm the age what stuff should I get?
>>19188 Mad Dog 20/20 or Four Loko, so the first hangover you get is as awful as possible
>>19188 >>19204 he should just begin making his own alcohol so its ready to drink when hes of age. that way he will get an even worse hangover
>>19207 Prison wine gang
>>19188 Broncleer

Judge Dredd Anonymous Comrade 11/15/2020 (Sun) 05:54:44 No. 18928 [Reply]
This comic is straight up unironic fascist propaganda and yet I love it. What are you guy's thoughts?
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>>19138 More like mild toast liberals, even the infamous radlib Alan shat on them for being such.
>>18928 imagine being so retarded you can't tell its satire
>It's satire bruh unlike something like WH40KI never felt the "sike we're just joking around m8" with Judge Dredd. The writing seems to imply that the turbo authoritarian literal police state is not only a necessity but better than how things are nowadays safe for the random joke about 80% unemployment
>>19208 It was definitely satire at the beginning at least, I haven't paid attention to recent volumes.

WRITING A HISTORICAL MATERIALIST FANTASY STORY Anonymous Comrade 11/23/2020 (Mon) 23:10:48 No. 19209 [Reply]
I am thinking of writing a historical materialist fantasy story set in a early 20th Century fantasy world. The only “race” are people and the continents are aligned differently. I’ve a lot of ideas, I want to hear what the denizens of the Bunker think.
>>19209 Good on you for doing something productive, but m8, there is writing thread and a fantasy thread dedicated to these topics. Please post there
>>19209 the most important part is obviously the world building. How do people create the things they need to how does this shape their society. What culture do they have in what kind of buildings do they live (which architectic style do they have) what music do they have etc etc
>>19209 I'm intrigued, please keep us updated. Looking forward to reading more info about your world.
>>19212 >the most important part is obviously the world building. NO. This is how every loser who ends up never writing anything thinks.
- Choose or create a basic setting; medieval, futuristic, science-fantasy, science-fiction, whimsical, modern, realistic etc. - Create a character and determine his flaws, abilities, motivations and fears - Determine a goal and conflicts -Proceed to actually write out the story outline -???? -Profit Now take this to the writing thread/fantasy thread you twit.

(456.30 KB 1279x1967 1 - hXvd53A.jpg)
(312.33 KB 1279x1967 2 - 99rJC6m.jpg)
(458.43 KB 1279x1967 3 - hRE5bAU.jpg)
Storytime - Superman Red Son Anonymous Comrade 12/16/2019 (Mon) 21:57:12 No. 3352 [Reply] [Last]
What if instead of landing in the burger heartland, Kal-El landed in the middle of the Soviet Union? What if instead of Ma and Pa Kent, the man of steel was raised by the other man of steel?

In light of this thread >>>/leftypol/164364 I think it's time to storytime Superman Red Son. It's about 150 pages total, over 3 parts.
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>>19144 It's not really funny, it's horrifying and pitiful.
>>19145 do they keep that horrible ending with the soviet union collapsing and luthor creating krypton?
>>19149 No, Superman pretends to die while sending Braniac's ship into orbit and detonating it, while Luthor and Lois retire, leaving Jimmy Olson to be president and Superman hiding among the population of America.
>>19151 sounds like the soviet union still collapses. mad cringe, and he lives in america? quad cringe!
>>19141 It’s a problem with modern, early-2000 writers like Millar. They’re big fans of the type of assholes with guns rather than supes so they’ll wank those guys to oblivion while nerfing people like Superman. Only Morrison do it right.

(179.96 KB 1400x932 south park.jpg)
South Park Anonymous Comrade 11/16/2020 (Mon) 19:05:20 No. 18974 [Reply]
Did South Park really have as huge of a negative cultural impact people claim it did?
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>>18974 it did lead to a degeneration of society ,developing adults who are fanatically opposed of choosing a side
It all wwent downhill when it was becoming popular and journalists praised it for "being political".
>>18979 >N-no you hav to choose a side on something that almost always has a grey middleground
(10.89 MB 480x360 MTV-Downtown-BigCopy.webm)
>>18978 Its contemporaries early on were simply better at being mature with South Park relying more on shock humour.
>>18974 no and no


no cookies?