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How to grow mushrooms for beginners Anonymous Comrade 10/16/2020 (Fri) 22:45:09 No. 17604 [Reply]
Trying to get the /hobby/ ball rolling I want to grow mushrooms. Does anybody have any tips? Or ways to start without buying a mass-manufactured kit?
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>>17670 Nice work Shaytan
(555.14 KB 1000x1500 poisonous mushrooms.jpg)
(307.20 KB 320x2268 detpsych comb 1.jpg)
(300.76 KB 320x2269 detpsych comb 2.jpg)
>>17671 The trick with mushrooms is understanding exactly why they like growing in the shade, away from the sun. Fungi are people too. They don't need vitamin D constantly like plants do, but instead they need water food and shelter. They get their water from rain dripping down trees, down house rooftops, morning dew from grass, residual moisture underneath dead leaves, and water in the ground. They get their food from decaying plant and animal life, and fertile soil/woodchips/dead leaves or trees is prime growth for them. They get shelter which prevents them from losing moisture - for example, they can't grow in sand, not because of the sunlight, but because it dries out from the sunlight. Sunlight on its own doesn't kill them, but drying them out does. They don't fruit when there's no rain or wind, which is why they grow after storms. Hence, covering them up too much actually stops them from fruiting even though the mycelium will continue to grow if there's nothing killing it. Mushrooms specifically exist to reproduce, so they don't show up unless they have a chance to reproduce - wind carries spores and water nourishes the spores. It's like how you can't get a boner unless there's some pussy or hole presenting itself to you. Unless you're a girl and then you can't really get wet unless you think something's gonna penetrate you. It's the same with shrooms.
(294.27 KB 320x2268 detpsych comb 3.jpg)
(356.03 KB 320x2722 detpsych comb 4.jpg)
(218.87 KB 320x2261 psych comb 1.jpg)
(195.12 KB 320x1790 psych comb 2.jpg)

(189.43 KB 2220x1248 1595557386005.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 07/24/2020 (Fri) 03:40:36 No. 12600 [Reply]
thoughts on Mad Men? It is easily my favorite TV show of all time.
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Poor man The Sopranos
>>13480 It has no similarity to the Sopranos except by aesthetic, the Sopranos are a totally different subject.
>>12600 I felt the writers were a little too in love with Don, he's supposed to be this deeply flawed character living a paper thin life, but just about every episode gives him an opportunity for a grand gesture of forgiveness or charity. I guess his arc lacked weight to me because of how often he's shown to genuinely be the most well adjusted person in the room.
>>13972 Agreed. I like how they did my girl peggy at the end though, when Don let her step forward and take the wheel. Also is Draper wordfiltered here?
>>13972 That's kind of the point, he's a mostly good guy suffering from imposter syndrome, he's not the equivalent of a tony soprano type.

/occult/ Anonymous Comrade 09/09/2020 (Wed) 16:29:15 No. 15967 [Reply] [Last]
Share your knowledge, beliefs and opinions on the occult.
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>>17484 >great for furries because they love dragons Why did you remind me
(29.22 KB 600x600 dragon dildos.jpg)
>>17498 It's part of the mass furry lust energy harvest. That's a joke but I like to tell people tings like that.
>>17484 >Dragon Rouge is great for metalheads who don't care or want to rape babies but sill want to be an edgy person who summons demons. Reminds me of something of a mate of mine told me about a mate of his who was in the same Chinese martial arts group. <He started training with a group in East London who do a lot of demon-summoning rituals. Since then his martial arts ability has really gone down. I suppose it's a trade-off. And if you're a musician playing metal (or anything) you have to have something to be inspired by. As well as be able to play.
(276.83 KB 956x959 HumSq.jpg)
>>17484 >Dragon Rouge is great for metalheads who don't care or want to rape babies but sill want to be an edgy person who summons demons Something you're not going going to get in your local wiccan or Tarot readers group. The irony is, there was a similar Faustian spirit in early religions, like Gilgamesh's struggle with pic related, a kind of proto-Satan, <Enkidu here represents the voice of ordinary common sense, while the real hero has a different set of values, which mark him both for greatness and for tragedy. Foolhardy in the face of his companions' worldly anxieties, open and generous where others are suspicious and vengeful, he is also alert, in a way his companion is not, to larger meanings...At the moment of their crisis, Enkidu acts as the conventional folktale hero, whereas Gilgamesh, seeing more in Huwawa than simply "the adversary", would be merciful, aware of their mysterious kinship. Neil Forsyth, The Old Enemy: Satan & The Combat Myth
>>17575 Yeah there always was, Huwawwa is deep-tier, but obviously there are more famous adversaries like Set, Loki, etc. Set of course is a big deal in ToS, and although he is famous in modern times for being the dude who killed Osiris, he was also the defender of the celestial Barge. Loki was the cause of many of the problems for the Norse pantheon, but also gave them the boons of Sleipnir and helped Thor on his Giant-slaying quests.

(3.04 MB 1514x996 seattle.png)
Anonymous Comrade 04/04/2020 (Sat) 19:25:58 No. 7884 [Reply]
Who else is still raging that Google decided to remove support for the Panoramio layer from Google Earth a few years ago? I used to love browsing Google Earth to find pictures from places without having to travel to them. But then Google decided to delete millions of photos and remove support for them, focusing on only allowing commercial enterprises to curate a limited number of pictures under a new initiative for tourism mostly. I wouldn't need to buy Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 if we still had the old features. You used to be able to find a lot more pictures like this from random photographers. They also removed support for Picasa recently.
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>>7899 Just nationalize Google tbh.
>>7899 There was Mapillary, but then it got bought by Facebook
>>7884 That was such a great feature. I remember fawning at beautiful places like beaches in Jamaica and Cuba.
heh Mapillary is much better for this also better than google street view which has shit-tier representation of real places (photos are heavily processed and normalized, so they all look identical, a photo from spain and from russia looks similar due to this)
I'm still raging that google images forces you to actually visit websites before you can download high quality images, and it doesn't even jump straight to the image on the website, so if you're trying to get a picture from pinterest you have to log into pinterest to get an image.

/tg/ Leftoid edition Anonymous Comrade 10/15/2020 (Thu) 19:00:42 No. 17536 [Reply]
Thread for traditional boardgames and leftist analyses of lore and other bullshit

(296.41 KB 1200x800 roller-coaster.jpeg)
Are amusement parks/theme parks just bourgeoisie decadence? Anonymous Comrade 06/28/2020 (Sun) 15:29:34 No. 10940 [Reply]
I kinda like roller coasters though.
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Just make them free to enter and pay for the maintenance of roller coasters with your taxes boom problem solved
>>15693 But charge tourists money to enter.
>>15713 *to exit
(265.33 KB 1043x1560 Z Mouse snow.jpg)
I'm not into them, I find vidya more thrilling. It's more fun to design coasters in Roller Coaster Tycoon than to ride them and get spine or head damage from the bumping, plus sometimes they fail and people fall out and go splat.

/hobby/ - October SPOOKTACULAR Anonymous Comrade 10/11/2020 (Sun) 13:43:34 No. 17208 [Reply]
This is the thread for spoooooooooky things Anything from horror movies to horror art to religion to nationalism, every spooky thing you can imagine! What, if any, movies are you watching this ==Spook=tober, so far I watched Day of the Dead, Split Second, currently watching Night of the Comet I like 80s horror most because of the women. What have you guys been doing?
>Tfw fucking up Spooktober
>>17208 We already have 2 horror threads, we don't need another

(83.36 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 07/19/2020 (Sun) 07:16:27 No. 12383 [Reply]
Anyone else like ASMR? I have always had trouble falling asleep so I have listened to it every night for the past 3 years. My all time GOAT is Ephemeral Rift (pic related) because his videos are often interesting stories more than just sound trigger videos. Two other good ones are Phoenicean Sailor (also makes fantastic story videos, held back by releasing videos rarely) and Made in France ASMR
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>>12543 How is that weird? It's literally how everything in the world has always worked That's why most zookeepers, veterinarians, the people they put at the front of the restaurant to deal with customers, etc are women ASMR was mainly male back in about 2012 or so. By 2016 the transition to waifu was complete.
>>12534 what's a good asmr for pretending like my dad is talking to me?
>>14757 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbWdVy36PD8[Embed] love this girl and want to marry her She looks like a cuter ted cruz
This is ASMR for cooks. This guy is a master of capturing the fun and comfort of baking on video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDUwALH-H84&t=126s
I love asmr and have been listening to it for the last 3-4 years. It's comfy as fuck and falling asleep to it reminds me of the feeling of falling asleep watching TV as a kid. I especially like the Japanese (RJ136105 is one of my favourites) and Japanese style ones, can't quite put my finger on why exactly but they are different from the more general stuff, maybe more affectionate? I also find lewd stuff anoying, I want to sleep, not to coom.

(700.24 KB 1419x2048 1599561833244.jpg)
(104.73 KB 650x1000 1517955218019.jpg)
TENET Anonymous Comrade 09/21/2020 (Mon) 12:45:34 No. 16442 [Reply]
Spoilers obviously Was this Nolan's most reactionary film yet? The message of the film appears to be that future generations are all entitled brats who want to destroy the world to save themselves. The past should be preserved quite literally in this case at the expense of the future, who are all going to die of global warming. I think the future generations are right in this case. Fuck the boomers, global warming was their fault, and they would not hesitate to kill everyone before to save themselves so why should they? Seemed like some references to the whole 'confederate statue' thing as well. This is the same guy who defended torture and mass surveillance. Elizabeth Debicki was hot as always though. Worth watching the movie just for her. That whole subplot was weird though, she didn't want to leave her abusive husband because he'd report her for art forgery? The level of threat there was not believable enough. The movie as a movie is entertaining enough to watch at least once. The gimmick is enough to hold it up. I think everyone complaining that the sound mixing was too shit to hear anything is too focused on trying to understand something that's mostly an excuse for neat visual set pieces. That said, the climax of the film in that final battle was also the weakest part of the movie. It was difficult to tell who was shooting who and it looked like a scene out of inception. Speaking of which I have trouble ranking this above or below inception. Inception had a stronger emotional core, Cobb was more of a character than "The Protagonist" but on the flipside(hah), Inception was still suffering from some halfway bullshit in terms of pacing. Rewatching that movie, it can drag heavily when they do exposition for an entire scene. In Tenet, Nolan and his editors seem to have perfected a style where every scene doesn't drag even though it can be exposition heavy. This can be to a fault – the already mentioned plot point that future generations are going to invert the entire flow of time in a last ditch attempt to escape the end of the world due to climate change – is something that in any other movie would be treated as a major revelation. You'd have a scene of the main characters reacting to the news and thinking through the implications. The pacing in this movie is so scene-to-scene though that it's only explored once at the very end by the antagonist. Nolan leaves a lot of meat on the bone. Which again, is why everyone trying to nitpick about the details of the inverted time mechanics, or complaining about the sound mixing, is missing the point. It's mostly an excuse for a cinematic ride, turn your brain off. When the movie's over and you turn it back on, you'll realize the zoomers did nothing wrong. If the boomer conception of the past and traditions have to be destroyed to ensure the future, so be it.
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I watched it and I barely remember what happened.
>>16470 >Literally the only good thing about Interstellar was the time-dilation plot-point So...half the movie?
>>17106 1) if only 1/2 the movie was any good, that makes it still pretty shit 2) I said the plot point was good, meaning that the science was technically correct... that doesn't make it any less boring or pretentious
>>16442 >That whole subplot was weird though, she didn't want to leave her abusive husband because he'd report her for art forgery? The level of threat there was not believable enough. It was mainly because he would take her child away.

(32.40 KB 753x663 g8.png)
The SCP Foundation Anonymous Comrade 05/27/2020 (Wed) 20:49:58 No. 9984 [Reply]
Hey all, I was curious at to what you guys think about the SCP Foundation shared universe.
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It's interesting that SCP threads just about died on 4chan soon after this thread was posted.
(697.02 KB 1992x2216 malocoom.jpg)
(693.41 KB 1992x2216 malocom.jpg)
(713.11 KB 1992x2216 maloc00m.jpg)
>>9984 ——— Story section ——— >A PING to remember https://pastebin.com/8yzzR50R By FuggerNugget >incident 682/D https://pastebin.com/pde0u45g By Baseline >segador https://pastebin.com/kjTb8xqq By Hammered Anon >Z0RR.a https://pastebin.com/AmrTS3bA By Nohbdi >More 'quality' fiction: - https://pastebin.com/7JkAWhrf - https://pastebin.com/e3xGpS1b - https://pastebin.com/fy1vDMJL ——— Archive and Booru section ——— - The Thread That Started It All: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/6583255/

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>17065 >spoilers failed for pic 2 and 3. Fuck
>>12486 Are you using an alternate /x/ or something? The one I have access too is a right-wing shithole with no new stories.
>>17126 I mean at the moment I haven't been on /x/ in 6 months so shit might have gone downhill by now. But last time I was there I had fun.


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