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(661.57 KB 1862x2560 91d0GXi8lEL.jpg)
What is a Marxist analysis of it? Anonymous 10/05/2020 (Mon) 12:16:14 No. 16875 [Reply]
This video has some interesting takes https://youtu.be/B3PewHEltpA
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>>16875 its actually not that bad from a marxist perspective, its almost like a childrens book made under socialist realism (except the "muh both sides" ending). Certainly better than harry potter. Basically the capitol is an imperialist power subjugating its colonies by creating economic monocultures in the districts. It has a sophisticated culture industry that reinforces the subjugation of the districts.
>>16875 >A thread died for this And it's libshit by the way
(25.29 KB 259x383 Divergent.jpg)
>>16875 Shitty shit lib shit. Liberal entertainment is garbage for smooth brain corporatists.
(926.89 KB 1920x2560 91mPBc21TcL._RI_.jpg)
>>16879 It has good concepts, but it fails pretty badly in execution. You could actually improve the movie and actually make it pretty damn interesting. But truly, it's really just corporate trying to skimp out on costs by watering down their swill and then hoping to sell the consumers cheap hooch without them noticing it's crap.

(418.24 KB 1500x1000 abc.jpg)
fashion shows Anonymous Comrade 10/02/2020 (Fri) 18:14:18 No. 16751 [Reply]
are fashion shows too bourgeois?
short answer: yes
>>16751 I don't like fashion shows, the fashion they sho isn't really appealing
(60.08 KB 424x475 constructivism.jpg)
>>16751 Yes, but you should still get into Liubov Popova and Varvara Stepanova anyway.
>>16751 We already have /leftyfashion/ post this there

(30.76 KB 314x445 das leben der anderen.jpg)
Das Leben Der Anderen - historically accurate or Porky propaganda? Anonymous Comrade 10/02/2020 (Fri) 21:11:13 No. 16754 [Reply]
>>16754 Put this in the movie thread please, I highly doubt it will garner significant thread discussion here on its own.
It's a propaganda movie, pure and simple, made by a Prussian nobleman who later failed in Hollywood.

(74.15 KB 828x947 EX13t6-XgAEqIOn (1).jpg)
Consumer Goods in Socialist states Anonymous Comrade 06/11/2020 (Thu) 02:17:25 No. 10420 [Reply]
I'm interested in what sort of consumer goods were there in the USSR, Maoist China, etc. Like what kind of toys, games, books, snacks, clothes, drinks, etc. they had?
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(44.97 KB 1500x1500 revisionist detected.jpg)
>>16686 I still remember fruit kefir that my mom bought me when i was a kid. The taste was just the best, nothing that sells now can beat it.
(314.95 KB 650x472 soviet guitar.jpg)
USSR couldn't build instruments worth shit. Look at this unholy abomination. Thinking about adjusting intonation on that bridge makes me wince.
>>16715 Looks normal to me.
>>15699 That wolf looks fashionable as fuck

(1.00 MB 175x175 super_cool_com_badge.gif)
(125.93 KB 256x256 Hammer&Sickle.gif)
Animation/Modeling thread Anonymous Comrade 04/13/2020 (Mon) 21:51:43 No. 8275 [Reply]
Any of you like modeling in blender? I'm really amateurish at it but I recently made these two and felt like sharing them somewhere. and what better place to share than on lefty pol.
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>>8379 the models look great, but I'm not a big fan of this textureless, flat shaded artstyle.
>>8343 the model itself seems fine, i've never worked with blender so i'm not exactly sure how cycles works but you definitely need to introduce surface imperfections and at least a bump map. it looks too smooth right now.
>>16625 there's supposed to be normal maps and roughness maps on it but clearly it barely makes any difference. >introduce surface imperfections. If you have any that aren't going over the top, share, them please, I still want the thing to look shiny and clean.
(1.83 MB 258x258 cool_comstar_cylces.gif)
(3.02 MB 512x512 cool_comstar_evee.gif)
two more renders, got rid of the roughness map and decreased the roughness untill it shined properly
(2.92 MB 512x512 super_cool_badge-1.png)
>animation thread >still using decrepit inefficient GIFs Anon, I...

(97.42 KB 640x640 czechoslovak tram.jpg)
Rail Appreciation Thread Anonymous Board owner 08/15/2019 (Thu) 22:33:23 No. 11238 [Reply] [Last]
It's that time again. Post trams and trains and other rail vehicles. Both vehicles from AES and c*pitalist countries welcome.

I am looking for this one very aesthetic picture of a tram going down a grassy incline. I think it was from Czechoslovakia but not sure.
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>>16405 That image was already part of the mistake. Letting road vehicles clutter up the streets and compete with light rail was how they argued to get rid of the light rail.
>>16406 Letting private business own public transport was the first and biggest mistake.
>>16407 I work with the municipal government and the idiots cannot fathom the idea of a carless society, despite the fact that most people have to use the dreaded and super expensive private collective transport (and most have to walk at least an hour a day on top). During the day, there are more cars in the city than there are people who live there by like 2x. It's pathological at this point, nobody gives a fuck it seems. There's no such thing as bus lanes and busses are so slow, inaccessible, and expensive, you are better off buying a cheap car. We also lead the country in bike deaths and car crashes. We're not even the largest city. The government workers are so fucking dense, I told them they should ban private use cars, one of them asked, "but if I need to go to the hospital, how would I get there?". Like nigga, ask half the people you represent which don't own cars.
(173.46 KB 600x997 medicine.jpg)

(76.70 KB 658x358 wrath_of_monkey.jpg)
(36.66 KB 500x568 really_now.jpg)
Film Thread Anonymous Comrade 01/11/2020 (Sat) 23:06:57 No. 5191 [Reply] [Last]
Alright filmfags, show me what you've got. <S Tier - Timeless >Tarkovsky: Stalker, Andrei Rublev, Solaris >Klimov: Come and See >Bela Tarr: Turin Horse, Werckmeister Harmonies, Satantango (all very demanding) >Bergman: Persona, Seventh Seal >Herzog: Aguirre (I love them all but this one stands apart) >Kubrick: 2001 <A Tier - Food for the soul >Visconti: The Leopard, Rocco and his Brothers >Fellini: La Dolce Vita, Amarcord >De Sica: Bicycle Thieves, Umberto D. >Pontecorvo: Battle of Algiers >Cocteau: Orpheus, Blood of a Poet >Godard: Breathless, Band of Outsiders, The Little Soldier

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(73.73 KB 720x720 cultural marxism.jpg)
>how do you even measure the intellectual level of movies or do you just 'feel' like they are? You measure by how they treat the viewer. As an example, in Captain Marvel there is a scene where she's breaking out of her chains. If the writer thinks the viewer is a retard, they'll add a shot of a side character going "She's breaking out!", which is exactly what they did. For a movie that expects its viewer to be moderately intelligent they'll assume the viewer can pick up on visual clues, like in Alita: Battle Angel (which doesn't require you to be a genius but you'll miss some stuff if you're not paying attention). This has to do with the changing nature of the film business because of competition from streaming. The number of films released by major studios is down, as are the prospects of mid-budget films https://www.the-numbers.com/market/ https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2019/05/is-the-mid-budget-movie-an-endangered-species The studios are competing by betting on epic big budget films, much as they did in the sixties in their first battle with television. They also have the advantage of playing about as well everywhere in the world. So, when you're spending 200 million on a single film, your focus is going to be on making sure the investment pays off, not innovation or art. That's why nearly all big movies are adaptations, reboots or sequels and why they're all so samey. The Marvel films in particular have hit upon a very efficient formula. Modern information technology has allowed media companies to narrow down the most safe and profitable content in media produced today. They almost always have generic plots. And the epic ending is usually either battling thousands of faceless drones or fighting a villain who monologues every time the fight is about to transition, the serious hero says something serious, the jokey hero says a quip, then they generically fight some more, then something something sky beam does shit, the villain gets arrogant because the plan is working, then the hero says the final quip and the villain makes an “oh shit” face then dies. Avengers, Age of Ultron, Infinity War, Thor Ragnarok, both Guardian of the Galaxy movies, Endgame and Black Panther to name just a few marvel movies all do this. The reason this slides and is liked is because they don't know nor understand alternatives of the past or future. People have no hope so they look up to mythological tales set in modern era and the destruction takes place which one might enjoy in a nihilistic way. It very much reflects many more simple hero-stories of Greek Mythology, however lacking the counterbalances in the form of tales of Oedipus, Orpheus and Phersephone, the Illiad and Hercules' labours. These criticized many aspects of over-powered Greek heroes like Theseus, who just win at everything and are smarter and stronger than anyone they meet. This reflects Adorno's laments on cultural decay and machinization, in his theory of social spectacle and the resulting industry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-m_7G31yh4

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>>16527 there is nothing wrong with pouring beer on your tits
>>16528 Ok porky
Has anyone seen Duck you Sucker? What is your opinion on the final message of the film? That revolution is pointless and that the slayer is no better than the dragon?
>>16531 I've seen this, but so long ago that I've forgotten the actual movie. Imma watch later. Maybe respond

(12.53 KB 195x258 images (2).jpg)
(10.52 KB 197x255 images (3).jpg)
(637.46 KB 1811x2048 5c300eaeea36ff91f897d73a3bfcfe49.jpg)
/ARMY GENERAL/ Anonymous Comrade 09/22/2020 (Tue) 07:43:48 No. 16462 [Reply]
Any good military parades,books, Doctrines,weapon designs by any socialist country if its army related post it here
There is already a thread on that go see /leftypol/ if you want quike answers
>>16462 Leftypol's thread is poor and full of "muh military anti-communist" faggotry. Besides its more of hobby topic than a political topic.

(3.68 KB 299x168 m.jpg)
leftist music to listen to Anonymous Comrade 02/29/2020 (Sat) 11:55:47 No. 6497 [Reply]
post your best
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Anyone got anymore chinese stuff? https://youtu.be/iZd_5-RNnDM
Nicolas Jaar - Marks & Angles (full EP) https://youtu.be/IjDSWoQjYfU
>>6497 Try this,it will give you a need to revisit space https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DMoCM_FgLP8

/leftyrapbattles/ - Anons BTFO Anonymous Comrade 09/22/2020 (Tue) 03:22:39 No. 16457 [Reply]
ITT we rap battle each other. I'll start: Bringing the heat to the NEETS at leftypol, Filling up Netanyahu mamas bibihole, Giving these anarkitty hoes the dialectic, Bitches got diamat when they sucked ma dick, Got a million different brands which one are you, I beat your ML ass like you had the China flu, You need to take the tip of the Cockshott, You cybercommies bouta get internet padlocked, Cuz Im Marx's specter Im about to haunt your ass, You a closeted porky about to REE in collapse


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