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(518.15 KB 596x327 SettlersGame.PNG)
This Land Is My Land Anonymous Comrade 12/03/2019 (Tue) 06:55:20 No. 3122 [Reply]
Settlers: The Game
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I had my eyes on it. I'm surprised it's still in early access, I feel like I watched the trailer for this game like a year ago.
It looks cool, but I'm not touching it until it's out of early access.
every game nowadays looks the same and plays the same
Decided to give this game a go since it's rated quite highly on steam.
Do not touch this steaming dogshit until it's out of early access.

Fucking horrifyingly bad framerate even on lowest settings. The popup is so bad as well, boulders will literally appear and disappear right in front of you.

Dogshit early 2000s AI, literally everything just walks straight forward into walls and rocks.

Fucking dropped squads of soldiers on horseback directly onto my spawnpoint and I got spawnkilled half a dozen times

Melee is the most impotent shit, I've never seen a game like this with such an impotent melee weapon. You will stab somebody 20 times and they will still be alive.

This game doesn't feel like it should even be in early access, it's so fucking unfinished and jank. The entire game feels so fucking incredibly jank it's kind of amazing.
That's sad to hear. It looks like they've made other games so they should know better than to release something unfinished. I wish developers had a more realistic scope for producing polished games.
(850.77 KB 722x738 spacebase.png)
>Do not touch this steaming dogshit until it's out of early access.

You should never buy or play anything that's on early access to begin with, it's a complete scam

(45.14 KB 1280x720 opm.jpg)
bill burr on OPM Anonymous Comrade 11/25/2019 (Mon) 00:06:50 No. 2964 [Reply]

what does /hobby/ think of comedian Bill Burr's interpretation of "One Punch Man"?
Damn that was nice, was not expecting such a nice anti corporate analysis. I was probably the guy who just got fucking high and watched this bald headed dude punch half a crab in the face and watched it explode.
Bill Burr is basically stereotypical working class burger masculinity. His success in comedy and podcasting has given him some more bourgeois values, but for the most part he does a good job of maintaining a sense of what it's like to be a regular guy, and he's sharp enough to do inject social commentary. Some of his bits are simplistic "wew look at these triggered libs" but that's mostly bait to get drones to watch him when he makes more complicated points.
Wow, I didn't even consider his analysis of the crab or the mosquito lady and I've gone through the show and manga 4 or 5 times. In the case of the blood sucking whore it is pretty obvious in hindsight.

(14.13 KB 220x220 220px-Woman_Worldwide.jpg)
Justice Anonymous Comrade 11/23/2019 (Sat) 20:46:29 No. 2910 [Reply]
If you like electronic music and haven't heard Justice's "Woman Worldwide" you owe it to yourself to give it a listen.

FULL ALBUM LINK: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH3lfNtPhUxjYAuUU7fX-USuWI1WkgzAF

it sounds a bit like a modern DAFT PUNK. Won some music awards as well. i give it a 9/10
p. sweet
i cant stress enough how you should listen to the whole album in order, its a bit like a live mix/remix you would hear at a music event than an album with discrete songs.

Each song blends into each other. There are some epic drops that sound even better when they are heard in the context of the greater song and album
>i cant stress enough how you should listen to the whole album in order
Next thing you'll tell me I should unmute the sound so I can hear it, or something crazy like that. :p

I have listened to music before. :)
some people only listen to an individual song
I figured he put the full album playlist link for a reason. But anyway, I like the album. Bought a Franz Ferdinand Justice remix on vinyl the other day.

(3.08 KB 526x300 nwordback.png)
Anonymous Comrade 11/24/2019 (Sun) 21:39:48 No. 2956 [Reply]

post braintraining shit
I just started, apparently doing a session of this a day can help you quit drinking. its like a miracle. The way you play is you push the button when the sequence repeats however many times back. So it starts with 1 back, which is easy, you just gotta remember the very last position and letter. Then it goes to 2 back and its a lot harder on your attention span.

post scores
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I said there are potential uses for it, but the commerical shit is a meme. It's much easier to make games that feel like they're training you than to make games that might actually help (especially if you want people to buy your product). It's a very easy scam to do, and there's a bunch of people doing it. The stuff that would actually work isn't generally commercially viable, so it's restricted to the occasional experimental stuff. Someone might figure out a way to make games they can sell (like Brain Age) but it's a market that's full of grifters. And video games aren't particularly good at preventing senility. Reading books, doing a hobby, exercising, etc - basically anything that stimulates you regularly will help you in that regard. "Brain training" is definitely a meme used to scam people.
Total waste of time. Go learn new languages or something.



https://rockalingua.com/games (espaƱol)



https://www.leetfree.com (select all questions, sort from easiest difficult, solve all in all major languages such as C, C++, Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, SQL)

Master electronics repair so you can never be cucked those fucking kikes who on purpose put the absolute shittiest capacitors possible in every electronic sold today (computer parts, monitors, microwave ovens, etc.) so their products last no longer than 3 years, and charge $500 for video cards that cost $200 in 2015:
Electronics, soldering etc.:
What are VOLTs, OHMs & AMPs?
A simple guide to electronic components.
Electronic structure of atoms
https://www.khanacademy.org/science/physics (just 3 sections Electric charge, Circuits, Magnetic forces)
How Diodes Work - The Learning Circuit
How Transistors Work - The Learning Circuit
MOSFETs and How to Use Them | AddOhms #11
How to Test Capacitors with and without using Multimeter
Easy way How to test Capacitors, Diodes, Rectifiers on Powersupply using Multimeter
Desoldering and soldering SMD components with a minimum of equipment.
Professional SMT Soldering: Hand Soldering Techniques - Surface Mount
How To Solder SMD Using Solder Paste at the Bench. Solder Like a Pro.
learning a language would be nice, but i think id require someone else who knew the language to be effective at learning it and then having some use for it. It'd be nice to be able to read some theory in its original german but I don't know if the investment is worth it.

Similarly with electronic repair, how do I ever gain those skills without having something to practice on. Which starts to get expensive. I think electronics are cheap enough today that its more expensive to buy those repair tools rather than just throwing it out and buying another microwave.

If I had money for a hobby, I would for sure be getting into stuff like drones though. Not trying to be a negative nancy, but I think we're talking two separate things. The attractiveness of brain training is that it's easy and free, at least the one i posted. You can come home, crash on the couch, and do it from your phone, 20 minutes a day and supposedly see results.
>The attractiveness of brain training is that it's easy and free, at least the one i posted. You can come home, crash on the couch, and do it from your phone, 20 minutes a day and supposedly see results.
still, he's right : if this is just memorizing random shit, might as well learn vocabulary in a new language.
We already have a thread for general advice for language learning: >>187

(30.64 KB 316x316 matriarch veil of maya.jpg)
What are you listening to atm, /hobby/? Anonymous Comrade 10/23/2019 (Wed) 20:25:59 No. 1180 [Reply]
Currently listening to the album Matriarch by Veil of Maya. It's one of those albums thats shit on the first couple of listens but then it starts to grow on you and all of a sudden you're headbanging to the breakdowns.
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to THIS:
Egor Letov & GrOb albums I got from rutracker:
literal Nazbol music but it appeals to my aesthetic sensibilities. Mix of Russian folk and punk, low-fi, psychedelic elements, some outstandingly angry vocals at times...
Letov is great.

Also the entire East Euro prog/post-punk scene is worth checking out
Lately it's been all prog rock, industrial and black metal lately for me

(9.60 KB 225x225 download (3).png)
Anons, help us make something great. Anonymous Comrade 11/24/2019 (Sun) 17:43:42 No. 2942 [Reply]

Bunker Media is a project to make a blog and a small podcast/radio show with a background playlist of laborwave and fan-made music based on a Wordpress-based website. We need writers, musicians, editors, translators, programmers, and listeners. We're planning on reporting on news, theory, practice, book discussion, and maybe other stuff besides.

>inb4 complaining about bunker media using discord
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glow harder, nigger
Hey, Discord wasn't my idea to use.
Was it the idea of your handler? Fuck off with your surveillance network.
10 bucks say you use Windows.
Do you have cash?

Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 19:11:35 No. 1101 [Reply]
What do you think about ZeroNet?
It's basically P2P web. Have great potential, also there is an imageboard there:
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inb4 /pol/ anons start panicking over ZeroNet "leaking their IP addresses" like they did with Tox
which is an idea for a raid
It would be trivial to scare all of the boomers who don't understand p2p off of zeronet and its ilk entirely. Alas that might require setting up zeronet, which was a piece of crap two years ago and doesn't seem to have changed a whole lot since.
Zeronet is fucking garbage.

Just use tor or i2p

(782.55 KB 500x794 28.png)
Bunkerchan Movie Night n1x ##WQj+IL 05/17/2016 (Tue) 04:50:35 No. 42 [Reply]
So now that we finally have a general entertainment board...

People have expressed interest before in doing a Bunkerchan movie night. This is a thread to discuss that and to post any planned streams (Hoxha might want to sticky this).

So first of all: I'm not going to stream shit unless people show up. That being said, I can't stream every week at a time that works for everyone even if I wanted to, so if anyone other than me is able to stream and willing to, you should post here.

I'm also wondering what sorts of things people would want to watch. People have in the past talked about doing lefty themed movies and documentaries, but I think that'd be kind of limiting if it was all we streamed.
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I'm all for this, but we really need to figure out what types of movies we're going to watch.
The Korean movie Parasite fucking sucked and it was so obvious the director was middle class
I don't think we should watch anything too heavy, some light and fun stuff, maybe leftism related ofc
finally someone agrees. I had to turn it off when the family of genius conmen went full retard and hung around in the house while the family was on vacation. too fucking stupid... everyone in it acted like a cartoon.
There's a Bunker Media project going on RN, maybe we could show the movies there.
Link: https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/133678.html

(2.89 MB lubeman.webm)
Anonymous Comrade 11/15/2019 (Fri) 20:31:44 No. 2744 [Reply]
anyone want to talk about the new Watchmen? I've been pleasantly surprised so far by lindelof. The recurring motifs are translated well into a series, its already a better adaptation of the original work than snyders.
No, it's radical-liberal idpol garbage of the worst kind.
I'm super triggered about what these butchers are gonna do to sandman

(138.06 KB 748x582 onizukaaa.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 11/15/2019 (Fri) 18:12:38 No. 2734 [Reply]
Does anyone have any e-reader recommendations? I don't want my eyes to blow up while reading.
Kobo Aura H20 hands down. Easy to hack, lasts years, feature complete, supports all common formats.
(4.87 MB 2160x2700 4ta7em2glnw31.png)
Thanks comrade!


no cookies?