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(107.13 KB 1900x1000 The REAL Enemy All Along! us3.png)
(8.20 KB 138x319 Symbol of the Four Pillars.png)
(46.11 KB 468x541 adler.png)
Graphic Design, Flags, Logos, Posters Anonymous Comrade 06/09/2020 (Tue) 01:14:35 No. 10337
First thread I've ever made here. I'm really interested in graphic design and I make shitty flags all the time. Therefore: Post your flags, your logos, your posters, your whatever. Or you can post cool shit you found - point is, post some based shit. >Lefty shit is best, but if you think it's cool, post.
(21.53 KB 1000x600 CRDC Flag 4.png)
(31.05 KB 1200x600 magnolia.png)
(22.30 KB 938x547 nightfall.jpg)
here's more
>>10337 I have Inkscape installed, but I've never really touched it. Is it easy to get started with? Because I do have some flag ideas.
>>10339 Inkscape is actually pretty easy but you have to understand a few concepts as it's fundamentally different from photoshop but way better as well.
>>10340 For instance, I've made all of the things I just posted above in inkscape, and yet I still haven't taken advantage of even most of the features. The most important features to use in my opinion are the alignment tool, layers, and object menu stuff.
>>10341 Alright; thanks for the advice.
(342.53 KB 1200x932 Y Ddraig Goch.png)
Anyone got a commie version of y Dcraig Goch?
(46.66 KB 967x504 Neva flag.jpg)
Reposting here
(1.44 MB 3051x6720 Oregon.png)
Reposting Making the Oregon flag m8s, rate them/critique:
>>11953 Pretty cool man do the wagon wheel on the green-orange one.
>>11953 B is good. The beaver reverse but on both sides would also look nice.
(5.91 KB 1000x600 communistspainflag.png)
(3.03 KB 1000x600 communistspainflagalt.png)
Communist Spain
Yeah, stick a Red Rose there as we are all English bootlickers any way.
>>11644 Bootlicker comment was meant for you
(7.14 KB 1065x525 psf.png)
I tried making a persian socialist falg, looks like shit, how the hell do you make these perfect complex shapes?
(5.20 MB 4000x2125 Tas Social Alt..png)
I just can't into design
(4.59 KB 2000x1200 socialistillinoisflag.png)
Illinois Red for "you-know-what" Vertical Blue for the Mississippi River Horizontal Blue for the Illinois River Yellow for Khrushchev's fetish Corn, an agricultural staple of the state White star for peace above all
(124.52 KB 2800x1700 Arditi del Popolo.png)
What programs do you guys use? I've always been into flags but I don't really know how to get started. I have GIMP but I'm unsure where to go from there or if I need a better program (that's free of course). Anyway here's the Flag of the Arditi del Popolo group which I think is pretty neat.
(517.85 KB 12500x6250 7vuwito9dcq51.png)
>>16865 Anyway, since I have no where else to post them, here are some cool flags I found on reddit
>>16866 >reddit /r/leftistvexillology sucks so much, man
>>16871 let's just say there was lots to sort through
(27.78 KB 1024x512 australiancommunistflag.png)
(14.05 KB 1024x512 australiancommunistflag1.png)
Tired making Australian communist flags. Idk how I could get the symbols cleaner on GIMP when I scale them, you'd think that shrinking them would make them less blurry.
>>18678 You're using raster images when you should be using vector images. Raster images depend on your resolution and are made up of pixels, while vector images use paths that can be scaled to any resolution without losing "crispness", to put it simply. How to do it in GIMP: https://docs.gimp.org/2.10/en/gimp-using-paths-and-svg.html https://www.useragentman.com/blog/2013/04/26/how-to-create-svg-paths-easily-using-the-gimp/ Free vector graphics drawing software: https://inkscape.org/
(353.75 KB 3000x3000 USU-DSA_Icon.png)
>>10337 just finished this reworked logo for my ydsa chapter.
Salvaged from bunkierchania thread. This is in my opinion only flag that looked half decent and not either tacky or like another country. What's your take?
(24.97 KB 504x475 Socialistsymbol.png)
Made this a while back for a chapter of a local socialist party. Anyone got suggestions for edits?
(24.97 KB 504x475 Socialistsymbol.png)
Made this a while back for a chapter of a local socialist party. Anyone got suggestions for edits?
>>19044 I don't know what the purpose is in shaving off two of the spokes but the cut could be a bit more parallel to where the red meets the blue. Also the hammer can be a bit more perpendicular and central
>>19045 heh looks like we got the same idea >>18944. If you use inkscape you will end up with a more precise product. I believe the blue and hammer should be angled 72° and -72°


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