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Do you guys like Futebol Anonymous Comrade 08/01/2020 (Sat) 15:46:59 No. 13779
Well do you? What team do you support?
>>13779 I don’t but my friend does and the only names I remember from him are Beckham/ Ronaldino. How much of their success is due to their looks vs actual skill? I’m pretty sure there are other soccer players that are more skilled but get half the attention because they don’t have faces like them
>>13782 Woops i meant christiano ronaldo. I think he mentioned ronaldino so I’m guess that dude has actual skills
(177.00 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>13782 Ronaldino was ugly as fuck (and he was refused by many teams because of it) but probably was the most purley technically skilled player there is. Beckham was good too, paradoxically his success because of his looks made him mediocre. Cristiano ronaldo was good as fuck too and looked like shit. Probably it's true that many players (more nowdays tho) got ignored because they weren't marketable enough. Sadly there's a lot of money involved in this sport that ruins everything.
I enjoy watching it if I am at a stadium or a busy pub. I cannot stand it when sat at home nor do I follow it.
(1.06 MB 1015x997 1581278734527.jpg)
>>13779 Inter
(116.26 KB 640x928 FB-IMG-1595873372728.jpg)
>>13813 But I have to admire the fact that you really really are everywhere
>>13817 You guys are everywhere too, except in Turin :^)
>>13779 Proletarian sport, co-opted by the bourgeoisie in alliance with fascists. I watch the world cup for the fun and camaraderie, but other than that I don't follow the sport at all.
>>13779 I watch it from time to time. International leagues are fun. Domestic football is fucking boring though, completely dominated by big monopolist donors that control multiple regional teams at once. The recent event is a fucking joke where 10 teams are under the same backer.
(131.35 KB 976x549 R O N A L D O.jpg)
What makes football the best sport in the world its his unpredictability.
>>13782 Tf? Bro, football fans couldn't give less of a shit whether or not the people they stan are goodlooking or not. Ronaldinho was and is ugly af, but people loved him for how amazing he was and obviously they still do cause he has become an idol by now.
(129.48 KB 700x525 goku rivarola.jpg)
>What team do you support? Al mas grande obviamente https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13lw5TFBp4g
>What team do you support? Juventus which is literally a old money old school porky run club and if you think about it too hard it is hard to justify, but old school school italian communist party bosses were also fans of juventus, even when they ordered strike against the agnelli family´s factories and if they could live with that contradiction so can i,
(107.26 KB 358x339 togliattiagnelli.png)
>>14247 Based and redpilled fratello gobbo.
I wish more people replied to this post tbh, I get why Americans would ignore it but I'd love to know which clubs European and Latin American anons support
>>14700 I half support my local big team: newcastle united but I'm not really an avid supporter so I don't feel like I truly fit in when discussing football.
(53.30 KB 499x674 received_235913837603424.jpeg)
I'm a Mourinho fan and that is it
>>15314 He's based af
I was never into football but I like to pretend to support Barça when it plays against Madrid to piss people off.
Do you niggas think anyone else will win the Champions League, Copa Libertadores, and World Cup again, or will Ronaldinho go down as the only footballer in history to achieve this?
>>15485 Seeing the current state of sudata football? Yes.
>>15561 Sudata? wut, I actually looked to see if you meant to say sudaca but the t and c aren't even close
(162.75 KB 1080x1080 Adriano-favela.jpg)
>>15565 I meant sudaca but i was drunk posting
It has too much of a psychological effect on me ,i was basing most of my personality around if that fucking team would win or lose when i was younger that i prefer to keep my distance now ,it's just another opium for the masses
>>13779 Not really. A slow game and all the primadonnas faking it makes me want to watch it only when extremely drunk. I prefer icehockey.
>>18548 Ice hockey players fake their beef and tough/manic guy persona too. Two sides of the same coin
>>18547 You can be a fan and a lover of the sport without being addicted crazy fuck like you fam.
(132.08 KB 1080x813 Elfj1XRXYAAEsPU.jpeg)
I don't give a shit about it unless my country is on the World Cup's semi-finals or something. It's a big part of the modern bread and circus apparatus, and during stupid twitter debates, I've noticed a lot of football fans tend to defend the status quo for some reason, they lazily regurgitate basic porky propaganda. That said, I recognize Zidane and Pelé were incredibly skilled players, and there is a pretty interesting strategic component to football too. I also love the band The Fall, and the singer Mark E. Smith was a huge footy fan (supported Manchester City), and he made me realize there wasn't so much money poured into football 50 years ago. I think it was much more genuinely working-class back then.
>>18589 I don't love the sport ,i don't care who wins ch.l. i just want my team to win even if it is 1-0 ,if it doesn't it just ruins my mood for the week
anyone who doesnt like the father of all sports should be permabanned Go manchester united, go watford go go
>>18755 Based
>>18749 based hooligan pilled
>>13850 P O R Z I N G I S
It's a game too cruel for me.
(399.46 KB 676x424 1607549505604.png)
I always wanted to play as a kid, but I was really shit at it and all the kids on the teams I was playing with/against had all been playing since they were fucking 3 years old. I had no chance of catching up, so I just quit and did cross country instead, which I was actually good at.


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