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Anonymous Comrade 08/31/2020 (Mon) 21:12:38 No. 15542
Just got forklift certified. 😎 AMA.
>>15542 Are you going to wear a cringy t-shirt so everyone knows about it, or are you just going to limit it to posting here? Just joshin', though. Good job. Hope you're getting compensated better than before.
Can you do any cool tricks yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uXq8VouAcs
>>15544 Hey pal 90% of the reason people pay union dues is so they can wear XXL shirts with their local number and a pitbull on the back to suburban barbecues
>>15542 How long did certification take?
>>15549 Legit, one day. They just went over the basics with me. Had me take a test. Then they taught me the basic functionality of the forklife and just let me dick around all day, lol. It was easy. The hardest part is getting used to 2-3 tons of product hanging 30-40 feet over your head.
>>15544 Lmao, no, I am not that much of a faggot, though, I am proud to have a card that says I am certified, yes. Thanks, anon. However, if I joined a union I would, deff, do what >>15548 said, lol. I ordered a bunch of IWW gear that i'm gonna be flaunting anyways.
>>15547 No, lol. I take the safety pretty seriously. I have seen some bad wrecks and people getting mangled really bad by forklifts.
>>15550 >Then they taught me the basic functionality of the forklife Did you choose the forklife, or did the forklife choose you?
(35.19 KB 500x434 germany forklift.jpg)
>>15557 OP is German clearly


no cookies?