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How to grow mushrooms for beginners Anonymous Comrade 10/16/2020 (Fri) 22:45:09 No. 17604
Trying to get the /hobby/ ball rolling I want to grow mushrooms. Does anybody have any tips? Or ways to start without buying a mass-manufactured kit?
Hallucinogenic mushrooms?
>>17604 A dog once entered a garden and pissed on some bricks and a few weeks later white mushrooms started growing from it So I think you should piss with one leg up on wherever you want to grow your mushrooms anon Be sure to wash it before eating though!
>>17609 choese
I know a guy who started growing all kinds of mushrooms (psilocybin and regular), building pretty much everything himself with mason jars and tubs and shit. I think he mostly used shroomery.org as a resource. I'll ask him to post in this thread but I wouldn't hold my breath
I tried growing mushrooms. You can buy a kit from Midwestgrowkits or something like that. For the spores you can buy pretty much whatever you want online. I would suggest finding a head shop that sells spores of the magic kind there.
>>17670 Nice work Shaytan
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>>17671 The trick with mushrooms is understanding exactly why they like growing in the shade, away from the sun. Fungi are people too. They don't need vitamin D constantly like plants do, but instead they need water food and shelter. They get their water from rain dripping down trees, down house rooftops, morning dew from grass, residual moisture underneath dead leaves, and water in the ground. They get their food from decaying plant and animal life, and fertile soil/woodchips/dead leaves or trees is prime growth for them. They get shelter which prevents them from losing moisture - for example, they can't grow in sand, not because of the sunlight, but because it dries out from the sunlight. Sunlight on its own doesn't kill them, but drying them out does. They don't fruit when there's no rain or wind, which is why they grow after storms. Hence, covering them up too much actually stops them from fruiting even though the mycelium will continue to grow if there's nothing killing it. Mushrooms specifically exist to reproduce, so they don't show up unless they have a chance to reproduce - wind carries spores and water nourishes the spores. It's like how you can't get a boner unless there's some pussy or hole presenting itself to you. Unless you're a girl and then you can't really get wet unless you think something's gonna penetrate you. It's the same with shrooms.
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no cookies?