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/gradschool/ Anonymous Comrade 11/10/2019 (Sun) 01:58:20 No. 2606
Are there any grad student anons? If so, are you currently working on research? Do you enjoy grad school?
(276.31 KB 680x703 cubiclecuck.png)
I'm a masters student in STEM. School is stressful but I like it better than working (just got out of a job). Not currently researching because it's a taught masters, no thesis/research required. Basically just more classes. The classes are pretty hard tho

After this I have to decide on a Phd or going into industry. Industry makes more money but TBH i hate being a wagie, even a high paid one so im not sure. Thinking about doing the whole phd-> tenured academic thing, that way i can research marxist economics like cockshott
OP here, also an MS student in STEM. Specifically, I'm working on AI and robotics research. I might go into industry for a bit afterwards and return to do a PhD and become an academic.
>AI and Robotics research
Hello fellow comrade! I hope you enjoy your future contract work building the next generation of drones to keep your fellow Americans safe!
Graduated recently. The upside is that I've got more than enough material to debunk 'race scientists' and evopsych fetishists, as well as the reassurance that literally no one in the scientific community takes them seriously. The downside is that the experience made me completely depressed and now I wouldn't touch a fucking paper if you paid me to, let alone for free just to debate some maga chud. Also the world of science is a shitshow and everyone is underpaid.
But b-ut /pol/ told me college is costlier cause those pesky Jew scientists are paid through the roof.
I don't live in Burgerstan, didn't pay for college. Afaik grad students there are also underpaid though so idk
become a youtuber that debunks alt right bio theories, and ask the breadtube crowd for patreon bux
Shaun already does that I think. I'm also paranoid about my privacy and the last thing I want is the scrutiny of a thousand incel chuds with too much time on their hands trying to dox me/smear me. No, I'm perfectly content being depressed and terrified about the future while doing nothing.
What did you study?
Isn't it obvious? He studied genetics.
Health administration, a US masters pre-professional program explaining in great detail how fucked up the American Healthcare system is. We don’t have any socialized medicine in the US, but hopefully I can work for an organization that isn’t completely evil.


no cookies?