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/k/ - Guns in general Anonymous Comrade 02/03/2020 (Mon) 11:24:19 No. 5906
Just don't talk about gun control
>>14253 tery to use what the cops and military are using, easier supply chain
>>15402 oh god oh fuck
>>15610 enough to arm the homies and make a last stand against the boogbois
>>16491 >nor do they fit into most common gear >laughs in ex Warsaw Pact country you can literally get an AK mag pouch and a a Y strap rig for peanuts
>>16628 i heard the CZ-75 is pretty neat
>>18095 yes, read Luty
>>18109 no, dual wielding ANYTHING is bullshit
>>18115 i tried hip-shooting with an AEG and it kinda works
>>19082 Ruger GP100 or SW 686 if you just need an affordable wheelgun. Are you going to conceal this? In that case, I recommend the SW 66 Combat Magnum with a shrouded hammer.
>>19109 woops, I mean the 442 shrouded - the 66 does not have that option. regardless, the 66 Combat Magnum is a sweet gun and an exposed hammer can be worked around.
>>19084 >>19086 >>19087 >>19088 >>19089 >>19090 >>19091 >>19092 >>19094 >>19095 >>19096 >>19097 >>19098 >>19099 >>19100 >>19101 Nigger, if you're gonna respond to months/year old posts at least do it in one post.
>>19171 fuck off
>>19183 Chill out m8, I'm just giving you some advice. What you did just floods the thread with spam and needlessly brings it closer to the bumplimit, it's just better etiquette to reply to multiple posts in one post.
>>19245 explain why ronald reagan banned carrying guns in california
>>19281 Difference is we don't consider liberals to be leftists around here. Hell i don't even consider myself a leftist but look at my flag. Anyway Ronnie Reagan WAS an antigun faggot. Propertarians are only progun insofar as the blacks and commies don't have them. Well too late for that one chief. Although i personally find much of the questions in this thread to be embarrassing. Nonetheless it warms my heart to know that people I've never met will better defend themselves against you and your wannabe buddies.
>>19326 >>19327 What is it you are trying prove? That i must be antigun now because of the legislation of governments? I have to give up on my personal convictions because of what exactly? Laughable for you to really think this was a "gotcha" moment. You should understand that most of the capitalist world has similarly unjust gun laws. Hell most of the world is antigun where there's a government with the power to enforce such measures. If you think i am here to argue for or against government decisions then you're on the wrong board. Especially decisions that happened before i was born in places I've never been. Y'know it's almost as if all of the countries mentioned had bloody civil wars, revolutions and hardships to overcome. The last thing they wanted to worry about was well armed reactionary insurrection. Especially when the capitalist governments were against them from the get go. Fact of the matter, nothing else to really say further.
>>19326 Here: >All our people are armed in the full meaning of the word. Every Albanian city-dweller or villager, has his weapon at home. Our army itself, the army of a soldier people, is ready at any moment to strike at any enemy or coalition of enemies. The youth, too, have risen to their feet. Combat readiness does not in any way interfere with our work of socialist construction. On the contrary, it has given a greater boost to the development of the economy and culture in our country. https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/hoxha/works/1968/10/21.htm
>>19327 >>19326 >>19281 >>19245 The OP explicitly states "Just don't talk about gun control" Stop baiting and make your own thread for this. Moreover, this debate has already been had on this thread and was deleted. The conclusions were simple, the USSR and most historical socialist countries did not restrict guns any more than most other countries, and that using insane US gun policies and their "gunsies for funsies" libertarianism is a terrible metric to measure gun freedom. Your plebbit links are meaningless and cherrypicked articles from Marxist sites are not helpful either, especially when it's a fairly agreed upon point, gun control =/= gun ban and that gun control under capitalism =/= gun control under socialism, as the material and social conditions are utterly different. Now fuck off with this bad faith debate.
>>19369 >My point is that Marxist regimes were very anti-gun. Stop pretending that Marxists support gun rights when they don't. Because they pretty much all came orignated as semi-feudal shitholes that didn't even have gun rights in the first place. If there was ever a revolution in Burgerland or any other developed country with loose gun laws, the right to bear arms would most likely be preserved. Most leftists would be perfectly fine with maintaining the freedom to bear arms, just former Socialist states had stringent gun laws doesn't mean it's a de facto necessity of socialism you fucking ape. >Pathetic whataboutism. I never said most countries had permissive gun laws. My point is that every Marxist regime had draconian gun laws and claiming that Marxism is pro-gun is wrong Again, Marxist states in a world where almost all countries have restrictive gun laws does not prove that Marxism is inherently anti-gun or whatever bullshit you're peddling, Marxists of all tendencies disagree with many aspects of actually existing Socialist states, and gun laws is among them. >the USSR banned everything except double-barreled shotguns for citizens. <source: my gaping, dilated asshole. >Why did the Nazis massively loosen gun laws for its citizenry? <only source is wikipedia Every time kek. >Every fucking time. Why can't the left stop gun-grabbing? <he thinks social democrat parties are "left wing" Kill yourself you politically illiterate mongoloid.
>>19369 >Pathetic whataboutism. You're not even using the word correctly you fucking dullar >Marxist regimes were very anti-gun Your point is a flaccid mess because not being an autistic faggot about guns =/= hating guns. The East and most of Europe treat guns with respect; weapons for shooting and killing or destroying. They aren't toys to be played with for to be used "just for fun" They are tools, you may enjoy using them but cannot forget that fact. >Wikipedia <muh nazi loose control This meme is such bullshit that you're a fucking retard for not reading into it at all. Jews were banned from owning guns and had them confiscated. Ordinary proles could "legally" buy guns but given that wages dropped in nazi Germany, very few could afford to. You see how convenient that is? >Swiss gun control <ignores the Swiss living quite fucking well <ignores that unlike 'Murica the Swiss don't resort to violence at the drop of a hat. Like I said, all this garbage has already been covered. FUCK OFF. >Albanian gun laws today You mean modern CAPITALIST Albania? Where guns are strictly monitored? LOL
(173.04 KB 1023x665 1424307965077.jpg)
Hello again, I can't be bothered to look through and see who is in the right and who is in the wrong, but just stop the gun control discussion, you can have that on /leftypol/ or /b/ (depending on how shitty it is). Anyone who posts after this about it I'll just remove it/possibly ban.
Dropping some armourer's manuals for the AR-15/M-16 and Glock platforms. Gunsmithing for the AR-15 Vol. 1 and 2 are also decent, if you want to know more about modern parts and tinkering (check book.os)
>>18713 depends on where you live atm, if you live in the western hemisphere then its obvious USA/CAN but if you live in Europe you may have to go through gun clubs
guys what should i attempt to build? an ar15 or an ar10? i like the bigger bullet, is it as viable as 556?
>>19538 >build AR-10 really bad idea for a beginner due to the potential difficulty in parts compatibility and reliability. if you insist on a .308 AR as your first build, make sure do your research and buy only brand name parts. frankly, I would skip this route altogether and just save up for either an LMT MWS, SR-25, JP-10 or GAP-10 in order of personal preference. .308 rifles are going to be slower in every possible way due to greater recoil or weight. you should have a really good reason for it (e.g., hunting regulations) to pick .308 over 5.56. this is probably the most unbiased explanation of the pros/cons: https://www.arbuildjunkie.com/5-56-vs-7-62-chuck-pressburg/
>>19555 greater recoil and weight*
>>19555 >frankly, I would skip this route altogether and just save up for either an LMT MWS, SR-25, JP-10 or GAP-10 This is a terrible idea, you can build AR10s that outperform all these rifles for much less, not to mention that you can do a budget build that will do anything you need to, even if it's not top of the line. >you should have a really good reason for it (e.g., hunting regulations) to pick .308 over 5.56. not necessarily true. The effectiveness of 5.56 relies on its ability to yaw and fragment went it hits a target: if it doesn't do either of those, it won't cause very much damage. The unfortunate truth is that 5.56 has a long history of unreliability when it comes to this--especially out of carbine-length barrels where it loses much of its velocity--leading to horror stories of enemies soaking up 5-8 rounds before going down in Afghanistan and Iraq. But, IMO the biggest strike against 5.56 is that it has trouble maintaining terminal effectiveness when going up against the modern body armor- indeed, it is for this very reason that the US military has started development on a new 6.8 cartridge to replace it. Meanwhile, pretty much anyone you hit with 7.62 is going to die, regardless of what armor they're wearing. Not to mention that an AR10 is a do-it-all gun: it's good for hunting, self-defense, pretty much anything you can think of.
>>19580 I know everything you said and it's an endless debate I've had with myself. first, I would encourage you to watch the full video - on the ground experience is going to more valuable than pontificating in this context, I think. > you can build AR10s that outperform all these rifles for much less if you can provide a build sheet, it would be appreciated. I admit, I spoke a bit from personal frustration with the experience and I might be out of date with current parts offerings. I really want to cozy up to doing basement builds for .308 like I do for 5.56, but horrible first impressions are hard to get over.
>>19564 I am not from America, so excuse me if I overlooked any of your state laws. >upper and lower receivers smart shopping. rock the proletariat pony. to account for the the off-chance something is drilled or milled out of spec, make sure you are guaranteed good customer support after purchase. I haven't communicated with Anderson at all, but I imagine their warranty is decent, being a sizable company with very high volume production. >gas tube g2g stainless is fine - get the most affordable tube and never pay extra for nitriding unless you like black. tubes made of superalloys are an even greater waste of money >PSA BCG should be fine - all the usual points are addressed. I think with the expanse of internet reports and the fact that Battlefield Las Vegas uses them a lot inspires confidence. I like BCM or Colt BCGs for that ultimate piece of mind, but I admit it's just a spook I can't get over. >charging handle oh god no - I own of these and I can't even sell it to anyone out of principle. that latchless design WILL eventually fail and you will be bonked in the nose. just get a USGI charging handle, or one of the Gen1 BCM medium latch charging handles if you want comfy >LPK should be fine, same "concerns" as I have for the BCG. remember to coat everything in a thin film of lube before installing >barrel I am really unsure what you are trying to do with this - a 24" stainless steel bull barrel is kind of the opposite of handy and practical. If you really want that rifle length gas system, go for an 18" or 20" barrel. I really do not recommend stainless steel unless you have plans on making this a precision rig. I like Green Mountain Barrels if I want a quality, very affordable milspec barrel. BCM and Daniel Defense are g2g as usual. There's so many barrel makers with varying quality that it's hard for me to give a pinpoint answer here. I can definitely talk more about match grade stainless steel barrels if that is indeed what you wanted (just buy Krieger). >strike handguard frankly I don't trust it and a quality rail is not too much nowadays. BCM MCMR is my go-to because I hate "clamp-on" systems and it's fairly affordable. Any variant of the Zev Wedgelock rail is also great and offers a more secure lock-up with the barrel nut, but it is more money. I am not familiar with the dirty bird receiver set, but it seems to check all the boxes. the clamp-on system can be overlooked at that price. let me know if you have any questions, or need help with your optics selection. I probably know more about that than anything AR.
>>19599 >opposite of handy and practical. my bad, what i mean by practical is something easily maintained and easy to find ammo for. I had a heavier AR in mind, thats why i mentioned i was thinking about an AR10, but according to the article 308 isnt as viable as 556. Also the long and heavier barrel was intended, i just know a longer barrel means better velocity, i know that between 20 and 24 it seems kinda negligible, but im not sure if it is actually, would i be better off with a 20? weight isnt much concern, i cant carry it anywhere and i cant afford to go to the range often, this is gonna be more like a hunkerdown rifle in my mind i guess, plus i can switch it out relatively easily right?. As for the stainless steel part, honestly i had no idea there was a difference i just liked the cool fluting and it was the length i wanted >BCM MCMR can you explain to me what a clamp on hand guard is? i feel like google is giving me weird words. Also how long should my hand guard be (this is assuming i stick with the 24 barrel)? is this good replacement? >USGI charging handle https://mi-tac.net/sionics-usgi-ar-15-charging-handle/ thank you so much for your help! also something i heard about is that 556 is gonna be obsolete soon, replaced by a new 6.8 cartridge the us army is planning to switch to, should i just wait until that cartridge drops and becomes mainstream?
How did I do on my first gun? Dropped $1400 on a used sam-7 after lurking local gun market for about a month. Decided to go with the ak because 7.62 is much cheaper and ironically, easier to get ahold of than 5.56 nowadays. Last year I could have sworn the wasrs were sub $600. Now they go for $1000. Decided to get myself a higher end rifle that’s less inflated than the lower end ones. I’m now gathering parts required to mount a 1p78 Kashtan that I just bought. Any recommendations for chest rigs? Should I go for type 81 chicom? What are some cheap options >>19601 >also something i heard about is that 556 is gonna be obsolete soon, replaced by a new 6.8 cartridge the us army is planning to switch to, should i just wait until that cartridge drops and becomes mainstream? Not op but no, you’ll have to wait 15+ years even if that were to happen.
>>19812 If you're going to spend so much on an ak, why not go for the vastly superiour 5.45x39 which is also cheap? How much was the optic? Depending on the price, it might have been preferable to buy one of Primary Arms' prism scopes.
>>19836 Hard to find a decent imported ak74 that doesn’t cost a fortune and 7.62 will always cost less. I feel like $1400 isn’t too much considering an average ak(wasr, zpap) costs about a $1000 now. I was originally going to mount a Romeo 5 but it turns out I have astigmatism, so I sold it and bought this for $350, which is roughly similar to the primary arms 3x and 1-6x24 acss. I did a lot of research and I think I did pretty gud.
i am looking to buy a shotgun, they are legal in my country , any suggestions
>>19853 Just get a Mossberg 500; they're cheap, reliable, good quality and will do pretty much anything you'll ever need a shotgun for.
>>19836 >If you're going to spend so much on an ak, why not go for the vastly superiour 5.45x39 which is also cheap? The "superiority" of 5.45 is really only reelvant for military applications: for a civilian gun owner, you will probably never have to engage a target at long range, which is where the 5.45 has an advantage over 7.62x39. For close/medium range (10-200 meters), 7.62 will do the job just fine.
(74.63 KB 1280x800 bcm clamp.jpg)
(232.97 KB 800x600 clamp1.jpg)
(126.39 KB 1024x768 traditional clamp.jpg)
>>19601 sorry for the late reply. I read too much Nick Land as a meme and had a mental breakdown this week - I'm better now. >can you explain to me what a clamp on hand guard is yes, sorry - I tend to use terms like everyone else already knows what I'm talking about. when you look at some handguards, you can see that they are actually "split" or "separated" at the junction with the barrel nut. thus, you will usually end up using a series of screws to apply enough clamping force. this kind of set-up has been known to shift under extreme heat, temperature fluctuations, and just mechanical stress over time. does this make the handguard useless? absolutely not, but I would be incredibly cognizant of the rail shifting/flexing one way or another, which will affect the zero of your front iron sight and any laser modules. it's just kind of a handicap you have to work around, which is a pain under stress of someone shooting at you. (picrel)
>>19881 (me) and yes, anything from sionics is automatically good (no joke). you actually stumbled upon a fairly small, boutique shop for those with exquisite patrician taste. they sell much fancier stuff too, if you ever want to upgrade. and no, just forget 6.8 you are not army you are not uncle sam you are just man
>>19881 >>19882 >yes okay i think i got it now, so what length do you think? since i do want a longer barrel i imagine id need a longer handguard, but would 15 inches be okay? >and no, just forget 6.8 i was thinking more like if the army switches itll flood the market because of the chuds who pretend to be military and the rounds will become cheaper as a result, but yeah itll take a while for any switch to happen, ill just make or buy a new rifle then again thank you so much
bruh how am i supposed to get fire arms training when everyone at classes looks like the type of person to celebrate US war crimes and sympathize with fascists like bruh this is literally in Bay Area CA too, I wouldn't want to be/couldn't stand being around these people for more than a few minutes because of how absolutely detestable I find them
Shot my buddy's mosin a good number of times now and am considering buying it off of him or getting one myself. Worth it or is it LARP and meme-tier? I have a semi-auto rifle already and a handgun, but something about bolt actions just make me coom.
>>20044 Basically it's the cheapest good rifle you can get. It's no winchester or mauser, but frankly as Voroshilov said; a good marksman is defined by his skill, not his gun.
>>20044 The 91/30s are good for what they are. Unfortunately what they're going for nowadays you'd be better off getting a M44 carbine or the Chinese Type 53. That is unless you could get a deal for the one from your friend. My personal rule of thumb is no milsurp bolt action worth more than $500 in use value. If a Mosin is more than $450 without the bayonet and cleaning kit you'd be better off getting lower priced Mauser or something.
>>20044 As far as bolt guns go, Mosins are perfectly fine. Just don't expect to use it as a legitimate defensive weapon, you'll be seriously outgunned.
>In 1953, the Chinese sought military help from their newfound ally, the Soviet Union. Both of the countries' militaries believed in the "human wave" tactic; a classic bayonet charge with voices raised and an unending onslaught of bayonets heading right towards their enemy. https://guns.fandom.com/wiki/Type_53_carbine
>>20072 >muh human wave >fandom Yeah that's a totally trustworther and rigorously verified source of information, lmao.
>>20073 *trustworthy
>>20073 im just surprised theyre still believing this shit


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