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(65.32 KB 640x640 EObyZDVWoAAL1iB.jpeg)
Drawing thread Anonymous Comrade 02/05/2020 (Wed) 01:05:52 No. 5948
Post about drawing and painting and related
>>15092 > 3rd worlders do, whether they are pro or not, because they have lower costs of living and don't need to earn as much to survive that's why as a 3rd worlder I exploit rich Americans by charging the same amount in dollars as an American artist of my skill level would. 50 dollars become 1000 pesos. But in all seriousness, >>15085 I think amateur artists actually tend to undervalue their own work. They also generally think that charging less will get them more clients. Realism is, of course, one of the most difficult things to learn when it comes to art. Naturally many non-artists also consider it to be the highest form of art (why? there's cameras and editing software for that), while "serious" artists consider it a skill that proves that you're a "real" artist (so you don't necessarily have to do realism exclusively, but being able to draw it means you're good in their eyes). And to be honest it also influences your understanding of shapes, allowing you to better portray what's in your mind close to how you picture it (obviously most of the time we imagine things based on reality, unless we explicitly try to come up with something that is not, in which case you don't need to understand how to depict the real world), so I'd say there's some validity to that mentality. >>15092 >No, most digital artists work in semi-realism, like Ilya Kuvshinov, Ruan Jia or Sakimichan, because pure realism is not only rarely cute (the most important factor in appealling to wide demographics) but is also very hard to learn and produce. The fact that that's the most popular and profitable type of art doesn't mean that it's what's considered "peak art" by artists. >>15065 >I wish I could afford Spine It's the first time I've read about it. Why is Live2D not good enough for you? There was also E-mote but I think it works different from Live2D, although it has similar results, and everyone seems to have forgotten about it, but I managed to pirate it once.
Not specifically related to this thread but does anyone have any good videos, infographics etc. for potential stencil artists for street praxis?
Not sure if this is the right thread however... I am trying to help supply a local group of street artists who I've convinced to create some agiprop graffiti. But. The condition was I equip them with any gear because they don't want "their prints" on them. I'm aware of fire extinguishers (though water ones are hard to find where I am, and they too big anyway), paint bombs made from light globes, and something called a mop? What else can I give them to aid in the effort? >why aren't you doing it yourself Because I'm in a wheelchair. Kinda makes reaching rooftops a bit hard *comrade*.
>>16839 A mop is like an extra extra large marker. They're insanely fun to use and super easy to conceal; perfect for quick tags on public transit. You can even make one at home; just google "nyc mop" and "mop marker"
>>16842 nice desu thank you
>>16795 I saw a tutorial in the USA riot thread back in June but I'm not sure I saved it. Gotta ask ther
(2.84 MB 732x3224 Stencils.png)
>>16795 Actually I just found it saved in the wrong folder. Sorry for delivering late.
>>5948 Anybody know any good tables or stools for still-life drawing? I don't know wtf to get. Trying to set up something for myself in my own home but I don't know where to start
Sadly, I can only draw sexy Resident Evil monsters.
>>17819 That's not exactly an easy feat TBH
>>17076 Do you have first part?
>>17828 Nope, sorry. I don't even remember if the post had the first part.
(1.15 MB 992x2712 stencils part 1.png)
>>17828 Ok, I found it on the /k/ archive. Here you are, anon
(184.73 KB 1079x1083 20201022_003749.jpg)
(209.49 KB 1653x2048 20201022_003710.jpg)
(450.46 KB 1633x2048 20201022_003844.jpg)
I've been trying to make a career as a freelance artist for almost 6 months now. I quit my soul sucking insurance job to give it a shot. I am trying to draw furry pinups as I heard it's profitable. So far I am poor asf and haven't gotten a single comission. Any tips? I post on reddit, twitter, instagram, sometimes newgrounds. Where else should I post? I try to draw two full renders per week and the rest of the time I do studies.
>>17853 Keep at it fren :) Nice work btw
>>17853 Anon, I'm sorry to say but this is just too mediocre to have a chance at being lucrative. Even in furry you will see hundreds of really competent artists going even for the most vile themes and not always succeeding beyond subsistence on commissions and then burn out because commission work is exhausting.
(449.79 KB 1400x787 YCH prices capitalism.jpg)
>>17853 Not into sexy furries, but nice work but you'll hve to really do some R and D and advertise yourself and a patreon (or something like that). The only thing that you may have to deal with is having to do full out nude pinups or porn if you want to only do these kinds of works, though you can easily hide this with keeping it private and/or on Furaffinity >>17857 Are you kidding? I've seen worse furries who charge (and get) hundreds of dollars for something more mediocre than those, pic related.
>>17853 On reddit you can upvote yourself, just be sure to use proxies for the upvotes and put a bunch on each proxy. You'll get banned doing it on your own IP.
>>17859 Well, I was under the impression that there's thousands upon thousands of people there who draw like that or about like that, and when I visit their pages it's always such a miserly sight. Just look at the frontpage or forums' art sales section. The ones who are worse and make bank are mostly just happened to be there earlier. Picrelated seems to be better at construction and perspective even in this rough tbh. The example of someone to look up to if you want to succeed on fa in 2020 is someone like hriscia or reykat. Or Miles DF if you have lower standards.
How long does it take to leanrn how to draw furry porn, and how much do you make, I'm failing my college clases so I'm thinking about doing it.
>>17853 those pictures look like it's a unique style and very bright, if you can find a niche for bright pictures then you could find a job, try dming your work to ecelebs to try to get exposure
>>17857 Oh I know I'm not as good as other furry artists yet, that is a work in progress. When I started this I had no idea how long it would take for my skills to improve, and it's been a slow process. I watch videos on youtube, skillshare, anatomy books, but I don't think it's quite the same as going to art school. I do want to get better but right now all I can do is post art that is at the skill level I'm at. I have seen other artists on twitter who are selling commissions at the same or slightly better skill level than me. >>17859 I do draw porn actually, I just didn't want to post porn here. There is a certain level of burnout for myself personally drawing copious amounts of porn.
>>17873 Try posting your art of furafinity or inkbunny and offer people "cheep commissions" for a month or so that are cheeper then most commissions to gain a following.
>>17873 Sure, I wish you all the best, just thought it foolhardy to quit a dayjob at this level. Indeed, a proper artschool is a much better boon to your skill if only for the sake of there being people to yell and pressure you into discipline, and a much more structurized education. That said, I suggest checking out content on New Masters Academy, there's some good stuff on CGPeers from there. In particular, "Complete russian academic drawing approach" and "Renaissance figure drawing", I think you could benefit from observing more classical approaches. And also, those artists' relative success has likely little to do with their skill level.
>>17871 And oh god don't actually pester popular artists with advertising requests
>>17878 I can see how you would think that! I should clarify that it wasn't the only reason, I was dealing with a disability as well and mental health problems after my daughter died. Of course now with Covid there isn't much options for supplemental income now.
>>17878 >Indeed, a proper artschool is a much better boon to your skill if only for the sake of there being people to yell and pressure you into discipline, and a much more structurized education. art school is a scam, anything taught their can be found online and without paying forty grand a year
>>17881 I mean a real one, like a russian or a chinese academic school. You won't get to the level of a Repin graduate from fucking proko.
>>17881 >>17884 And also, you can't discard the value of being in a community around people that are interested in the same things as you and are similarly motivated, it's a specific atmosphere that's very conductive.
>>17885 >And also, you can't discard the value of being in a community around people that are interested in the same things as you and are similarly motivated I'm in college rn, it's the lonlyst place on Earth, thinking of dropping out
>>17884 I am trying out The New Masters Academy. Will report back when I get gud.
>>17890 100%
>>17890 Art college?
What they need is not college, or just online communities, but an atelier school. Basically an actual artist's studio that they happen to offer classes periodically out of. Just be prepared for no bullshit and to leave your ego at the door.
Damn this thread is active suddenly. Im just drawing on my own using tutorials and a mature (as in, theres no fucking tumblr tier kiddos, just serious adults ranging from beginners to medium skill), and im enjoying it. I can't afford to do another 4 years of art school / atelier after already having done a degree in a STEM field. Getting a little better every day, but wish i would get better faster.
>>17875 Commisions do not generate a following, following generates commisions. Youre better off making a ton of stuff you want to make to show off your skills and post it, rather than underprice yourself.
>>17898 university
>>17899 This. There's a huge difference between an "art school" an an atelier.
>>18022 >>17899 Art schools in Russia what I spoke of are functionally the same as ateliers, except they have multiple pedagogues with multiple disciplines and a formal curriculum on the side, that's why I brought them up. I'd say they give a more complete artistic education since in the atelier you're left to your own devices mostly.
>>17905 >this thread is active suddenly. No it's pretty active often, it just has fluxes of activity and non-activity, same as most of the bigger threads on this board.
>>17873 >I just didn't want to post porn here Make Furaffinity account and post it here, we don't judge unless you're making some WhiteKitten tier shit.
(24.30 KB 400x400 OxKBh4pr_400x400.jpg)
can someone drw hunter biden fucking fivey fox in the ass
(2.45 MB 4208x2368 IMAG0188.jpg)
>>5948 rate my obsessive autistic doodling. im into the artform normal people would call graffiti
Yo! Does anyone have any resources about anatomy? I really want to get into it
(2.78 MB 1200x9670 1593646633966.jpg)
(160.76 KB 400x560 1593647211858.png)
(500.12 KB 1007x927 body proportion growth.png)
(220.51 KB 850x850 drawing breasts.jpg)
(26.86 KB 480x600 woman man arms.jpg)
>>18569 Well I posted some anatomy guides early up in the thread, here's some more >>18473 Not great art, but nice doodles, keep doing that, you might get good at it and make some comic strips like Existential Comics.
>>18576 >cartoonshit You're a fucking retard have you ever opened an art book? All of the things posted are featured in such books.
>>18569 Just look up medical diagrams of what you want to study break it down, then take tutorials as additional material (proko is pretty good and feee for anatomy) to take whatever works for you to break it down into simple forms, and just find a lot of reference photos and practice reconstructing them, in a different perspective if you can for extra practice.
>>18781 (In the end the best anatomy study is the one you do yourself)
I want to record and post the process of a porn animation I'm doing, which porn site is the least shitty for that sorta stuff? Don't wanna support PornHub in any way, I was thinking of Xvideos maybe since I don't know a lot of sites. I don't like Twitter for porn archiving purposes. Maybe a booru?
(359.08 KB 450x359 1606034818561.gif)


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