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(279.76 KB 572x900 imcomingforyourmeans.jpg)
/leftyfashion/ Anonymous Comrade 02/15/2020 (Sat) 22:49:47 No. 6211
How do you dress? What are you wearing today? How should you dress, as a Marxist? Which trends are proletarian and which are bourgeois? Discuss.
>>6674 i wear a red scarf in the winter with a white coat solid red constrasts spectacularly with solid white
(95.83 KB 316x514 prc-1949.jpg)
What's this type of jacket called?
>>13213 Deep fomo, does anybody know chinese know what's going on here? Why isn't this shit auto-translated by youtube, fascist fucks!
>>13438 Pretty sure that’s just a Zhongshan/Mao suit.
I hear historical ball gowns (victorian era mainly) were pretty comfortable and accomadated many body types, as opposed to the mermaid gown stuff today, might look bourgious, but it also looks nice and is out of fashion, assuming you can find a non-exploitative way to make one, go for it, the world's burning anyways, just don't wear the gown for practical occasions and you'll be fine, also any clothing is unisex iffin you aren't a pussy about it
>>6211 When I dress up for a night out or date? Menswear. I can rock it. When I'm going around not at work? 5.11 tuxedo. Kill me. I dress like trash, and I'm not even 30 yet.
Literally suit and tie everyday and i'm jobless.
>>13800 Wtf why
>>13800 Do you review fast food by any chance?
>>6211 don't want to sound like an idolfag but what was the style of marx's beard? it looked almost like an elongated jaw
(19.68 KB 554x554 images.jpeg-338.jpg)
(19.19 KB 554x554 images.jpeg-339.jpg)
>>6211 I'm loving stuff like this atm.
>>13802 >day_ruined.jpg
>>14696 I kinda like the first one, second one looks too much like cowboy shoes with the engraved silver.
>>12013 Imagine showing up to a protest wearing this and there' like five other dudes wearing it there lmao
>>6713 I sort of want to get a mao suit and wear it unbuttoned over a t-shirt. Would that look stupid? I want to wear it like a jacket.
Dark blue jeans Wool Hoody/ hiking coat/ old Cagoule/Work Coat Generic trainers or boots Solid colour t-shirt Casio watch (the illuminator one, not the super basic one, the one that costs about $5 more) Surplus coat in the winter Old backpack <Me, 90% of the time I guess I'm kind of terror-wave? I feel like don't fucking care-wave most of the time, I like my clothes but I'm very aware I'm not making much of an effort, I stand out a bit in the didn't really bother kind of way in bars and stuff because of it, I look super plain which annoys me a little sometimes I'm thinking about getting some nicer clothes to combat this but at the same time I cringe everytime I get the urge to consoooom something new I don't really need, and I like having tons of pockets and high quality stuff like my coat, which is very functional and well made but isn't very fashionable or sexy, I have like 2 pairs of Jeans and a couple pairs of work trousers and maybe 10 t-shirts and a couple jumpers, I'm tight as fuck about buying fashion clothes precisely because most of the stuff seems really poorly made and fucntionally limited for what you pay, even though I have a ton of technical clothing for outdoorsy stuff, which is the only reason I own these very good boots and the Coats I own I do mindlessly consoom second hand clothes off ebay though, but its hard finding stuff that both looks good and fits me and is worth getting, I really want an anorak but I can't find a good one for sale at non retarded prices and mostly I end up buying old workwear that doesn't fit me that I either return or pass off to my worky family members, who actually use it for its intended noncringe purpose How do I get better at dressing?
>>14971 >How do I get better at dressing? wear things that will protect you from the weather and try to find clothes that overlap with that basic criteria by also looking good on you
>>14696 Looks like something a final fantasy character would wear.
>>15217 Yeah but how tho I have no idea what looks good on me
(287.55 KB 549x413 ad.PNG)
Why haven't you gone down the /addidasmarxist/ route?
>>6211 Indoor soccer shoes, shorts or flexible jeans, any t shirt and sweatshirt, either worn zippers open or tied at the waist, depending on the temperature. Don't give 2 shits about color or graphic prints. Nearly all the time carrying a backpack and wired earbuds. All bought from a street marketplace or given by friends and family.
>>15454 Literally go to the drug store and flip through the classier men's interests magazines like GQ to see what current styles appeal to you. Take pictures or notes with your phone and then seek out the closest non-designer knockoffs at whatever clothes place you can best afford. Please just don't go the dirty sneaker/graphic t-shirt route. If you ever try to do any actual organizing in that clown outfit no one will ever take you seriously or treat you like a peer.
>>17503 I have some similar pants and they're pretty comfortable
Just grabbed one of these for $75. Soviet Afghanka winter jacket
>>17728 >feelscomfyman
>>17729 >>17728 Afghankas are pretty good quality, BUT 75$ is a bit much for one.
>>17733 Damn where you do you get your combloc milsurp? I thought $75 was a pretty good deal since they easily go above $100 on ebay.
>Which trends are proletarian and which are bourgeois? lmao Anyway, reminder to always thrift for clothes.
>>7209 >You are better off getting stuff from a thrift store and then bringing it to a tailor rather than buying an expensive brand. This. Even better if you learn to tailor clothes yourself.
>How should you dress, as a Marxist? Marxism isn't a lifestyle.
>>17736 Russian online stores sell them for the equivalent of 35-45 dollars
>>12633 Fuck graphic tees. Good taste in anime girls otherwise.
>>17744 Are there any reputable russian stores? I only know of grey-shop
>>17748 Yandex store and avito.ru
>>6713 lol wtf is this fake softboy "workwear" shit? just buy Carhartt ffs.
been saving up for one of these. which should I get first?
>>17771 None of this is my style TBH, but the shoes are alright.
(899.54 KB 707x712 Versace1.png)
(827.71 KB 709x709 Versace2.png)
(1.06 MB 711x652 Versace3.png)
>>6211 Anyone buy fashion company fakies from Chyna on dhgate? I mean stuff that copies the logos and even the tags and everything, and not just logo prints on t-shirts. Waiting on $20 'Gucci' sweater to test the waters of the stuff. But anyone else got experience?
Brown pants, blue jacket that only has a zipper at the top, grey shirt. Genuinely don't care about clothes and just wear whatever. Anyway that does is most likely petit bourj
(204.59 KB 2518x1024 e5x75f6nr0a01.jpg)
>>18070 you mean replicas? that's a whole industry in itself, with differing levels of quality and distribution streams, etc.. for example, a lot of fake adidas comes out of a particular province in china because adidas has a factory there. the age-old rumour is that factories produce replicas on their off-time, which are identical or pretty damn close to the real thing. there's an entire culture of calling out fakes and unironically preferring them over real items as well. it's stupid
black long-sleeved t-shirt black sweatpants brown slip-on shoes white socks boxers (sometimes) black beanie and hoodie when its cold
>>18070 Hey hook me up with a link to that shit.
>>18252 Yeah replica was what I was thinking of but couldn't think of that word. I've just been scouring dhgate trying to find good ones. Does /fa/ have a general for replicas or something? is that where that meme's from? I guess taobao would be better to buy from if you actually knew chinese. >>18287 These are the shirts from the pics: https://www.dhgate.com/product/2019-luxury-men-s-design-t-shirt-fashion/504576609.html#mfavit-14-null and the scarf: https://www.dhgate.com/product/2020-top-designer-scarf-soft-cashmere-scarves/592213524.html#mfavit-2-null
Anyone know where to get Surplus military jackets from Soviet Poland?
BUMP cool thread
(113.72 KB 500x750 1614086374363.jpg)
yeah wtf i didn't know there was a leftyfashion thread
here's agriculturalcore
>>20317 ahh, i suppose those boots are kinda bourgeois with the yellow dress
I bought a hammer sickle pendant and I am going to wear it outside to let the world know Im communist and idgaf. It will be fun seeing all the burger expressions when I interact with them. I got this one in black: https://www.ebay.com/itm/LG-Hammer-and-Sickle-Titanium-Steel-Communist-Political-Symbol-Silver-Pendant/264868742182?hash=item3dab684426:g:kDUAAOSw0aNfQDr4


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