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Joker Comrade 10/14/2019 (Mon) 18:59:34 No. 7
What are your thoughts on the Joker movie? Could it be considered somehow leftist?
(11.02 KB 396x335 huh.png)
>>7044 armpit cobwebs ?
(217.89 KB 817x1222 joker.jpg)
(93.81 KB 817x1222 capedjoker.jpg)
>>7061 Back when comics were more openly retarded they were supposed to help him glide
(11.02 KB 396x335 huh.png)
>>7076 >Back when comics were more openly retarded they were supposed to help him glide But that's equivalent of using a sieve for a bucket... Did it not occur to them the air would just go through the holes of the web ?
>>7084 >Did it not occur to them the air would just go through the holes of the web ? Considering these were comics from the 60s to the 80s? No, not even once.
>>7084 It wasn't avtually a web, it was just a transparent weaved cloth with web like 'strengthening' web patterns. It was supposed to imitate a Squirrel flight suit.
>>1581 My experience watching uncut gems. I was dying during most of the fucked up moments and people were giving me weird looks.
>>7233 what fucked up scene is there even in that movie the last shot? meh it was surprising and irritating but that's about it.
(893.68 KB 1920x1024 We lib in a society.jpg)
>>1496 >>1740 >>5603 This. It's just a centrist pseudo cool movie. I mainly think because of this cringe interview >>4664 from the director. You could really feel it during the last monologue joker gave at the show. It was like he was being some mouthpiece of some rich lib twitter righter calling for civility. >>1447 >>1150 >>1581 Regardless as these anons said. I loved it when those rich rapey bankers got shot. And smiled gleefully during the protests. Watched it a second time today and liked it even more. I am going to interpret it as I want it. I have taken the Jokerpill. This movie is not a shitty drawn out unsubtle soapbox tweet from a 50 year old hack who brought us the Hangover movies but actually a bretty movie with nice music that looks cool. It's whatever we want it to be. Take the Jokepill brothers and sisters. Start the Jokerposting. I know I will :DDD <At last I have truly become the Joker.2019.1080p.BluRay.x264-[YTS.LT]!
Okay so do radlibs solely hate Joker just because incels find it relatable? Because I’m shocked that radlibs still despise this film for effectively no reason.
(42.18 KB 600x467 spider-smell tingling.jpg)
>>9074 Usually I hate these kinds of posts, but this time its actually funny.
>HURRDURR DIS IS LEFTIST >HURRDURR DIS IS RITIST BRO... Nigger why can't you just watch the film for what it is? It's a decent homage to Scorsese films and a pretty good film all around. I think it could have done a lot better, but it's not bad. The political message is whatever people self insert into it.
>>9185 >just mindlessly coonsoom bro, never analyze popular media from leftist POV
>>9189 "Bro is this leftist bro is this leftist", isn't analysis, it's self insertion. And it certainly doesn't make you a special non-consoomer.
>>9185 >homage more like shitty rip off.
>>9190 >isn't analysis, it's self insertion True but no-one is saying this except out of ignorance. Joker has plenty of space for marxist analysis. >>9198 I wouldn't say so.
>>9869 >>9190 >It isn't analysis, it's a message FTFY
it's not left wing or right wing. it isn't trying to push any positive agenda other than "things are far from perfect"
>>11111 Checked quints, my wasteful dude. >Why Russian Because I speak the language and the reviews are quality stuff. The Russian reviewers all express leftist tendencies and are anti-capitalist.
I find it interesting that the Joker is very different in this movie to his other iterations, a crazy person who breaks under social pressure of his poverty and simply stops caring about norms and just follows his ego. Compare this to the skilled criminal, with wits on par with Batman who, with sociopathic glee, creates chaos and masterminds crime.
>>7 Anyone have the video of the Female Joker dancing? It was nice.
They're selling face-masks with the Joker smile on them now, neat.
>>11521 Isn't killing joke Joker pretty similar?
>>12617 He was more crazy and psychopathic and was killing random people for the most part. The entire point was a big fuck-you to batman. The movie Joker, killed 3 asshole businessmen after being provoked and later the TV-showman who he was disillusioned and angry with. His murders weren't noble/revolutionary in their original context, but due to the circumstances came off that way. He also wasn't looking to kill, but to become accepted and celebrated, which is what he got.
Just watched this, and although I enjoyed it and found it was good, something really bothers me about movies like these. The entire portrayal of a 'freak' who is displayed as a charismatic, good looking guy turned invincible slaughterer couldn't be far from the truth. A real freak, or a mentally ill person is someone you would probably never relate with or feel sympathy for, just because of how royally fucked up and repulsive they might seem to be. Someone who wouldn't die as a martyr, but on a lonely death bed, or a ditch in god knows where. All the pseud, edgy conversation surrounding this movie by people who 'relate' to the protagonist, and would go on the next day making fun of people they deem fit to be so. I guess the ultimate pill is, you really can never relate to a 'freak', maybe its a paradox.
>>13757 >who is displayed as a charismatic, good looking guy Did you watch the same movie as I did? He's a skinny mentally ill middle-aged dude. He isn't charismatic except in his own mind. >turned invincible slaughterer Hardly, he just lucked out in the situation >A real freak, or a mentally ill person is someone you would probably never relate with or feel sympathy for Having known a few 'freaks'... I disagree.
>>13761 I guess you should try leaving your house and interact with people.
>>13873 How is that an argument at all. If you think Arthur is anything like a charismatic, good-looking guy according to most people, you haven't paid attention to society
>>13757 That's almost always the case, seriously mentally ill are treated like tragic romantics or superhuman maniacs, when the reality is closer to something like an episode of hoarders.
>>13971 >mentally ill are treated like tragic romantics or superhuman maniacs Watch One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. The Joker is a tragic romantic he is shown as desperate and deluded, who wants to be admirable and admired but fails because he cannot understand how to do it right and his societal position only further handicaps him. And while a normal person just sucks it up and lives on, he loses it and goes on a mad streak of fame-inducing events.
Literally poor man Scorsese 70's movie. Was very bad imho.
(120.59 KB 960x640 EFyB-NRUYAomV-D.jpg)
i like this movie because it can actually spark interesting conversations unlike pretty much all other capeshit
>>14842 >Those Rambo III titles Kek
>>14842 The irony of your post is that conversation died after it was posted LOL. Revive you glorious thread.
Since this is a Joker thread I might as well ask this. Which version of Jokers - (in films, cartoons/comic-verses or games) - do you like the most? Which do you hate/dislike? Personally I think Nicholson plays a good Joker, but is overshadowed by Heath Ledger's Joker. The Joker in Mask of the Phantasm is essentially the same Joker as Batman TAS's Joker and was great. The Batman Beyond Joker was mediocre, it had a similar feel, but compared to the original dynamic was more boring, though Batman Beyond was still great. Jared Leto was a hip-hop version of Joker that was just cringe... like most DC media of the current era. Cesar Romero was memeworthy, but was a terrible Joker... (but then again Adam West was a cheesy AF Batman so whatever. The Joker in Killing Joke was just a bit too edgy and insane to my tastes, compared to the comics, the film was meh. And the version where he killed himself by twisting his head until his neck broke is just obsurd. I don't know anything about the game Jokers, but apparently one of them roids up or some shit, which was dumb.
>>17565 Just in general I've always had a preference for characterizations where he actually has a friendly sense of humor from time to time, like he will occasionally just drop the psychopathy and have a laugh with batman.
(153.77 KB 1241x641 Hahahaha.jpg)
>>17573 Cheer's Batsy! My favorite one is this "See, there were these two guys in a lunatic asylum...and one night, one night they decide they don't like living in an asylum any more. They decide they're going to escape! So, like, they get up onto the roof and there, just across this narrow gap, they see the rooftops of the town, stretching away in the moonlight... stretching away to freedom. Now, the first guy, he jumps right across with no problem. But his friend, his friend daren't make the leap. Y'see...y'see, he's afraid of falling. So then, the first guy has an idea...He says 'Hey! I have my flashlight with me! I'll shine it across the gap between the buildings. You can walk along the beam and join me!' B-but the second guy just shakes his head. He suh-says... he says 'What do you think I am? Crazy? You'd turn it off when I was half way across!'"
(45.89 KB 629x472 Joker_The_Batman_01.jpg)
>>17565 The Afro Joker from 2004's The Batman was cringe TBH. His abilities are literally the Tsukiyomi from Naruto but with green and purple colors instead of Red and Black, and it's way too wacky.
(188.20 KB 720x355 why-so-serious-ece496.jpg)
Pic related is a good encapsulation of >>17565 opinion
>>14842 Honestly while dark capeshit, or a breakdown of capeshit with real consequences is interesting, I feel that outside of escapist consumerism, it only works in films and portions. You see this with Joker (2019) and with Batman TAS and Mask of the Phantasm as they really break down the grime but in the case of TAS don't bog you down with grimdark shit, because that only works with media like Berserk which dedicates itself to that exploration. Where it doesn't work as well/gets bogged down IMO is in media like the recent arcs of BnHA - with its superpowered zombies and backstabbing and killing and deranged factionism reminiscent not of capitalist society, but of a feudal one. Stain had an impact because he was a stark contrast to normal villains and before that everything was still pretty upbeat. The Joker doesn't go into this with all the 'powers' and crap, and instead hits home with real talk - the people, poor and hungry and uncared for, who are trying to live and struggle every day. I'm sort of rambling here but my point is dark capeshit is good as singular films or arcs, but when you make massive TV series over it, it begins to get tiresome and edgy.
>>1629 what happend to socialism or barberism's channel
>>6407 kek
>>6407 this image is wrong, e-girls drink white claw
>>19916 deleto'd


no cookies?