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/fit/ general Anonymous Comrade 03/17/2020 (Tue) 16:16:12 No. 7004
Ask your /fit/ related questions here. Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide, aka "the /fit/ sticky" http://liamrosen.com/fitness.html how do i overcome the wall? i'v been working out for almost a year now, gained about 33lbs mostly muscles. i have no made any gain in the past 4 months now despite woring out and eating the same way. how do i get past this and gain muscles again?
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>>18375 been going on and off with half push ups progress was reaching where i could do 30 with extreme pain and was getting ready to do regular push ups but then I skipped 1 day and BOOM wasted 2 weeks not doing it never skipping exercise unless my body is literally sore
>>18393 do both.
>>18394 bruh how weak are you do regular push ups even if it is just one
(657.86 KB 2010x3597 11012020cs.jpg)
achievable natty?
>>18516 Yes if short.
>>18661 Yes this. People don’t realize how much easier it is for shortcels to appear bigger. My friend was 5’5 and looked ripped at 140lbs. Meanwhile I’m 510+ and I look like a lank at 170.
Glowposting aside, how do we make a bunkerbros lifting group? I’m in cali and it would be fun to train with some comrades. I don’t think glowies even lift enough to pose a threat of infiltration.
>>18664 >I don’t think glowies even lift enough to pose a threat of infiltration. Not the ones assigned to watch obscure internet forums, that's for sure.
(170.88 KB 925x504 Mike-Tyson-Neck.png)
can i build a THICK neck doing just shrugs? im a bit afraid of neck bridges
>>18683 >neck bridges you mean traps? shrugs are important, but you should be doing a lot of compound exercises that put a load on your back muscles, such as squats, rows, and pullups.
>>18719 Neck bridges are bridges where you support your weight on your head instead of your hands. If this sounds like it could lead to injury, you're right.
>>18683 there was this lolcow called AlphaDestiny who promulgated all this neck training with harnesses and shit. I remember football athletes doing neck manuals-- that is to say twists and neck motions without machines or weights but using their own hands. Like gently applying resistance as the neck twists or bends up and down. Go very easy with these at first because your neck muscles arent used to a lot of resistance. It's like doing those lower-back isolating good-mornings with a lot of weight. You don't feel it the day of, but your erector spinae down there will be crying for a week. Remember neck does not equal traps. But you should be doing shrugs anyway. And remember most neck mass comes from roid use. >>18329 Good post I've been confused about this.
(99.41 KB 1060x750 12.jpg)
Is training the neck 90 minuted a day over kill (assuming I do it safely of course) i want to combine iron shirt chi-kung,with neck pill and chin balancing to be able to withstand the fiercest punches
Hey Guys, complete noob here, I wanna start doing some exercise while in lockdown, anyone have training plans or tips? Gyms are closed and its cold af outside, so everything should be doable indoors.
>>19264 Put together a solid calisthenics routine for starters. This book has a nice set of fundamental exercises in a progression series.
>>19266 nice, thank you, any tips on doing so?
>>19178 neck training is a vain meme unless you are training wrestling. >>19264 Honestly, best just read the PDF anon sent you. Convict conditioning is probably the best calisthenics guide you're gonna get. also >boohoo it's cold unless you are in alaskan/siberian weather just dress thickly and go train on the bars. find heavy rocks to lift too, lift them to your chest or onto your shoulder, carry them around in a bear hug for leg and arm gains.
Guys, I've messed around and put off getting lifting straps for years. I don't really want to buy any at the moment though. I want to use nylon straps from an old GI backpack, but they are only 1 inch wide, are they viable? I'm lifting <400 lb. >>19356 This. Look up Iron Loo if you must, for inspiration.
>>19401 addendum: I also want gymnastics rings. Anyone have a brand they recommend? RepFitness is out of stock and Rogue is damn expensive.
>>19401 Why do you need straps though (other than for rows), just use a hook grip or mixed grip.
How do I manage my depression with exercise when I'm too depressed to exercise?
>>19541 Depends... if you're alienated from work,10-30 minutes of meditation usually works
During quarantine I started doing more bodyweight exercises and shit while I was just a cardiofag before I recently came upon a routine that goes like >Do squats until failure >then static squat until failure Basically pairing an exercise until failure then a hold for the same muscle group until failure then repeating for a set amount of times anyone ever done/heard of anything like this? Is it a meme?
>>19751 >Basically pairing an exercise until failure then a hold for the same muscle group until failure then repeating for a set amount of times anyone ever done/heard of anything like this? Is it a meme? You mean isometric holds anon? >cardio fag how much cardio are you doing now? once per week 30 mins? How much rest time do you allow yourself per exercise?
What's the benefit of training until failure? Is it about "emptying the tank" so to speak and building up the body's stamina through sheer force of exhaustion? Is there a rest time between failures or are we talking you literally can't do more and your session is done for the day?
>>19876 Usually after workout, I have rest days. Training without failure will result in DOMS
(449.12 KB 620x638 scale_1200.png)
(71.74 KB 1200x680 5698107f6ffac.jpg)
Here's some inspo: Leonid Zhabotinsky >born in a village in Uspenka, Sumy Oblast, Ukrainian SSR into a Cossack family >After graduating from the seven-year secondary school, he worked at the Kharkiv Tractor Plant and was coached by Mikhail Svetlichny at the local weightlifting club of the Armed Forces sports society >Zhabotynsky debuted at the Ukrainian SSR Championship in 1957, where he earned a bronze medal. Zhabotynsky was the flag bearer for the Soviet Union during the opening ceremonies of the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, carrying the Soviet flag single-handed when the team marched in, when all the other flag bearers used two hands >Between 1963 and 1974 Zhabotynsky set 19 world records in the superheavyweight class and won gold medals at the 1964 and 1968 Olympics. He was a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union between 1965 and 1991 >In 1964 Zhabotinsky graduated from the Kharkiv Pedagogical Institute and in 1970 defended a PhD in pedagogy >“He stole the show,” recalled Mr. Schwarzenegger, the weight lifter, bodybuilder, actor and former California governor, who as a teenager in Austria kept a photograph of Zhabotinsky taped over his bed. “He was extraordinary, another form of inspiration: If he can make it, I can make it.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonid_Zhabotinsky https://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/17/sports/olympics/leonid-zhabotinsky-strongman-for-the-ages-dies-at-77.html
How the do I get the heckin side splitserinos, fams? My groin has been a couple inches off the ground for years and I've never gotten any closer.
how do you overcome fear when practicing handstand or planche? I'm autistic and always had poor motor skills or balance maintenance so these dynamic exercises are quite challenging. I think I already meet the minimum requirement in terms of raw strength(can perform one hand push up, one hand pull up and regular dips) but want to push my skills even further.
>>20039 I struggled for about a year with my handstand glued to a wall and made little progress. While I was able to gradually increase my strength and time upside-down, it never really got me any closer to balance or getting over the fear for free-standing handstands. Eventually you simply have to get away from the wall and experiment. Do it on carpet or something with more cushion and start practicing it daily. That's what finally made the breakthrough for me during the pandemic. Make sure when you start out that you do a good wrist stretching routine each time before getting into it because your hands may end up in dangerous positions while you're learning by trial-and-error how to bail from a handstand safely.
>>20039 >>20041 Also here is the formal routine I started using over the last year. Took me a lot longer than other commenters on the video but it did eventually lead to breakthroughs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBcWjpFG5yY The key was doing some sort of handstand practice as a daily activity instead of weakly integrated into my other regular workouts as I had done in the past. Now that I've actually worked out how to balance a handstand I can develop it into a useful strength training routine in my regular workouts as handstand pushups/planche-like movements.
>>20042 thx for video. I will attempt to replicate suggested routine. would you say practicing hand stand was worth the effort in terms of return over investment(risk)? I am mainly interested in planche and hand stand because I read it stimulates my shoulder area like no other exercises (+ more fun than standard calisthenic exercise) but am too pussy for potential danger
>>19903 DOMS are not harmful. Soreness is normal. It shows you you're pushing yourself. Pain is what you should avoid.
>>20045 If you're just in it for the strength training you're probably going to be disappointed at first. Merely holding a handstand is mostly about learning a new form of coordination and balance, not necessarily about developing new strength (besides perhaps grip strength). If you have low shoulder mobility you're going to have to improve it in order to center your weight in a line for a handstand with nice form. The straighter your handstand the less energy you use to hold it. In terms of risk vs reward, the first time you actually defy gravity feels incredible, of course it's worth the small risk. Balance and coordination is an empowering kind of fitness that there is simply no substitute for. You said you were pretty strong already, are you afraid of falling on your head? Practice some forward rolls or cartwheels so you get used to the two main methods of bailing from a handstand.
>>7004 How to do pull-ups if I can't do a single one? It's like the muscles that I need for this are simply not there, it's impossible for me.
>>20059 You start with an easier exercise, like horizontal pulls.
>>20059 try jumping pull up, horizontal pull up, band assisted pull up
Nobody told me how fucking hard the home stretch is to get the results you want. I feel better and look better, but I want more. I'm in the cutting process and it just seems to take so long. Can I cut out carbs or is that gonna fuck me up?
>>20071 Horizontal pulls work different muscles. >>20080 >>20059 The simplest thing to do working up to pull ups is eccentrics. Jump up into the flexed position and use your muscles to work against gravity and control the descent. You can almost certainly pull that off and it doesn't require anything you wouldn't already have if you're trying pull ups. >>20081 You get diminishing returns the more weight you lose, that's just how it is. The question is where are you comfortable maintaining your weight. Being fit is a lifestyle, and your body will be in the shape that your diet and exercise gives it. So you have to figure out how stringent you think it's worth it to be in the long run vs how it makes you look/feel. If you just cut down real low and don't maintain a regimen to suit that body, you will bounce back to whatever your regimen will maintain.
(30.20 KB 606x758 just about done.png)
Okay, so picture is me. How the fuck can I squat? By which I mean, is there any variation that'd work? Or is it the case that it'll be leg-press and lep-gress accessories from here on out. I don't even care about my legs tbqh, I just wand to squat with the 'rads :(
>>20093 what exactly is preventing you from practicing squat? I heard it's very unnatural stance for non-asian/slavic people but not sure if that is what you are confused about provided this is meme posting
(3.73 MB 388x482 1603185661056.gif)
>>7004 i hate home work outs, just want to go back to the gym
I signed up for a gym again because I fucking hate bodyweight routines and immediately regretted it. No one was wearing a mask I doubt they are sanitizing shit ... Locked in now and get fee charged if I want to cancel. Fuck gyms
>>20158 >>20142 I honestly doubt covid is as airborne as all the libs are saying it is. I accidentally went to a few places without a mask on and got nothing. I don’t think microdroplets are infectious unless you’re in close range of someone sick for a prolonged period. When’s the last time anyone got a flu from just randomly walking into a place. I think the fomite is the main problem so as long as you sanitize your hands after touching anything public you should be ok. I haven’t “locked down” since ages now and have been ok taking basic precautions.
How do I make my back strong as fuck so I can stand like a statue for hours and not fuck my back up?? I want to put up a lot of attribute points in my back I feel like if maxed out, it can help in many things i don't have any equipment so please give me advice
>>20161 pullups, rows ~$20 worth of equipment or go to a park
>>20161 check if you have lordosis of the spine which is caused by muscle imbalances. A lot of HGH gut looking people just have muscle imbalances from the curve in their spine. standing long periods of time would stress it and you'd get pain in the lower back/etc.


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