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(70.45 KB 1040x428 Hello There.jpg)
Star Wars Anonymous Comrade 03/17/2020 (Tue) 21:46:43 No. 7016
Star Wars thread; To discuss, laugh and meme about Star Wars Don't be a cunt and may the Force be with you
>>18377 Neat stuff, thanks! >>18301 The show is a gem buried between the shit of the Disney movies. >>18286 >a samurai jack kind of show with this animation style about an exiled jedi exploring the furthest reaches of galactic civilization and coming across all kinds of oddities like CIS holdouts and new and weird species So basically a fantasy version of Star Trek Voyager with minimal crew.
>>18381 >So basically a fantasy version of Star Trek Voyager with minimal crew. Sorta but I imagined that he would pick up crew along the way It sucks ass that they had the Rebels crew run into Kelani (the CIS super-tactical droid) and he ended up just fucking disappearing. Instead this show would be about slowly building up an outer rim resistence group in the aftermath of the Rise of the Empire, small but powerful thanks to their skills and contacts. I think it should have a bittersweet ending though, like they all end up dying heroically in the final season but in the name for a greater cause that helps lead to the founding of the Rebellion, in a way all of the refuse of the Clone Wars era making way for the start of the early rebellion.
https://youtu.be/HnxmyUjIb30?t=92 >you will never get your ass slapped by a amazonian mandalorian girl
>>7025 He was trying to do that but couldn't. Windu was the only one that could actually defeat Palpatine in a fair fight
>>19070 Ahsoka isn’t a mandalorian she’s a togruta tf?
(18.54 MB 980x417 mandalorian buttslap.gif)
>>19102 The drawing is a meme referring to gif related but reversing the situation. >>19103 We don't like Disney-fags and steven fagverse here, /pol/
>>19103 mediocre fan art why did you post it
>>19103 I actually wouldn't mind more indie movie and tv short projects for media, reminds me of when cartoon network and nickolodeon used to do little short sketches in-between their actual shows which actually resulted in some pretty good shows being approved just by their sketches, like Courage the Cowardly Dog. I don't think it is good to do derivative media in this format though, which is most of where this thing cocks up. You can't really have some randos try to live up to the fucking Clone Wars and (to a lesser extent) Rebels.
I hope the Mandalorian isn't biting off more than it can chew. I really was digging the smaller and more personal scale of the first season. They were going through the hero's journey really well and establishing some very interesting arcs related to paternity and trauma, and I hope that wonderful story telling doesn't get lost among all these connections to the skywalker saga. I mean I trust Filoni, he didn't let me down with Rebels or the Clone Wars Finale (chefs kiss), but I'm remaining cautious optimistic about my hopes for the series. Also wtf was Ahsoka going on about not being able to train him like she's mace windu in episode I, that threw me a bit.
>>19523 if anything it will be tied more with the fate of Mandalore itself and the Mandalorian's role in his society along with his adopted kid. It will be interesting to see the Mandalorian fraternizing with all of these more progressive non-deathwatch mandos before inevitably meeting back up with members of his old Mandalorian tribe and having to awkwardly explain why he is following a much more lose interpretation of The Way. I think this is a period of building new emotional tension for the Mandalorian between if baby yoda should be raised as a Jedi or a Mandalorian Foundling, if he should abandon his ultraconservative interpretation of Mandalorian culture or not, if he should fight for Mandalore with Bo-Katan or not, ect. >Also wtf was Ahsoka going on about not being able to train him like she's mace windu in episode I, that threw me a bit. Ahsoka is still of the jedi, hasn't really thrown away the jedi code itself. And mind, this is a post-knowing Anakin is Darth Vader Ahsoka, she actually does know what attachments can do to a person without discipline, and it'd make sense that she would be afraid to train someone with such attachments.
>>19523 dude i really hate all the shit they're doing this season with asoka and the other TCW shit. It feels so forced and unnatural. Filoni or whatever his fucking name is is going to tank this shit.
>>19523 I just noticed that Grogu is wearing a Jedi robe in that concept art. Dope.
>>19540 >Grogu You mean yeed
(153.88 KB 220x159 smh.gif)
>>19535 >Ahsoka is still of the jedi, hasn't really thrown away the jedi code itself. And mind, this is a post-knowing Anakin is Darth Vader Ahsoka, she actually does know what attachments can do to a person without discipline, and it'd make sense that she would be afraid to train someone with such attachments. I really hope the lesson Ahsoka takes away from that realization isn't that attachments are bad and should be avoided... I kind of feel like the take away should be the opposite and the Jedi were wrong, Qui-gon was right... Anakin needed a dad and family and the Duel of the Fates and death of Qui-gon took that from him. I thought that was kind of the development we saw in Rebels, where Kanan did get to fall in love with Hera and he did get to be a father-figure to Ezra. Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see.
(33.49 KB 960x408 this_isnt_good_buisness.jpg)
BTW anyone here play Fantasy Flight Star Wars rpg?
(730.68 KB 1920x1080 SPOILER_unknown 1.png)
(1.33 MB 1920x1080 SPOILER_unknown 2.png)
(448.08 KB 1920x1080 SPOILER_unknown 3.png)
boba fett just got canonized as a mandalorian, as did the Mandalorian Civil Wars and the Mandalorian Supercommandos. Boba also got his armor back. plus, we got our reveal of the new Darktroopers.
(1.54 MB 1920x1080 SPOILER_unknown 1.png)
(628.51 KB 1920x1080 SPOILER_unknown 2.png)
(1.03 MB 1920x1080 SPOILER_unknown 3.png)
also some more favorite shots from the episode, for a mostly action episode it did hit hard with the feels a few times
(198.79 KB 1171x972 booba foot.jpg)
Speaking of Mandos, Twitter libs had a chimp-out over Bo-Katan prompting Shadiversity to respond about feminine armor again. >>19006 >>19753 >>19755 Weren't the Darktroopers revealed in Rogue One? Also good for Booba, I always hated the silly concept of him not being a Mandolorian, it was one of the dumber parts of the EU. >>19577 Didn't even hear about this one, is it any good? Post it on >>>/games/3265 >>19550 Definitely, it would go against a lot of the original and prequel's world building and character development otherwise. >>19542 >>19540 I don't think that's Jedi robes, Rey was wearing similar crap before she even knew about the Force or anything else. It's just good attire for the area IMO. >>19536 Filoni is a fag, but Mandolorian is succeeding so far and I think you just personally dislike TCW and therefore dislike this. It's a matter of personal taste here. >>19119 I wouldn't mind either, such Nick content was gold back in the day, as long as they kept out the liberal idpol, that's what makes it irritating. >>19523 Same, however I think they're going for a larger over-arching story, with 'adventures' episodically, sort of like a lot of other successful TV-shows. As >>19535 mentioned, they're likely to explore Mandalore, pulling more of it's culture out to explore. Hopefully they won't go "hurr stoopic macho" as I fear some of the writers may attempt
>>19756 >Weren't the Darktroopers revealed in Rogue One? Nah those were Deathtroopers. I guess for current canon you could call the Deathtroopers Phase 0 Darktroopers. >it was one of the dumber parts of the EU. Most everything Boba Fett was kinda dumb in the EU, I like his newer characterization. Legends had him pretty schitzo going between a ruthless killer to a mercenary to the benevolent ruler of mandalore but now he has gone to rebellious and caviler teen without a dad to experienced but apathetic bounty hunter to an old and hardened man who seems to want to be a part of the culture of the father he hardly ever got to know and live up to his legacy of professionalism and honor, or at least that is what it seems like from his appearance thus far.
>>19757 >Phase 0 Darktroopers Makes sense. I wonder if this means the Yuzzhan Vong will comeback? Or at least be referenced >His new appearance and progression over time Yep. It really fits the Space Cowboy vibe too.
>>19823 It's heavy and specific to the Mandolorians, traditional opponents of the Jedi - thus hard to access and rather controversial to use for magic warrior monks. It would also serve no purpose to their lightsabre based fighting styles, as the armor would weight down their movements.
>>19826 > It would also serve no purpose to their lightsabre based fighting styles, as the armor would weight down their movements. Bullshit. They're jedi, it wouldn't weigh then down when they have the force. Even without the force there are fuckhuge alien Jedi that wouldn't notice the weight. If beskar can stop lightsabers, it ruins the whole universe. Star wars is ruined now.
>>19827 Yes it would. Using the force is tiring for most Jedi and the armor is heavy on its own. >stop lightsabre Beskar can't stop lightsabres outright, it is merely dense enough that it can prevent them from cutting clean through. prolonged contact will push through it, and a stab will also (see Maul vs Death Watch or other Mandolorian fights with Jedi). >fuckhuge alien On whom the armor would not fit most likely. It is expensive and hard to acquire for humanoids and is made for battle, when the majority of Jedi members were like Nuns and Monks who rarely did actual combat and meditated with the force.
>>19823 Only Mandalorians know how to forge it and are fiercely protective of ownership of beskar - especially suits of armor, which are often passed down familial lines. Whatever protection it would afford against lightsabers would only end up giving you more trouble from Mandalorians. Plus, getting some off an actual Mandalorian isn't easy, the Mandalorian armor pattern by the Old Republic was specifically designed to combat force users through speed, maneuverability, and versatility of weapons that can't be blocked by the force (flamethrowers, slugthrowers, explosives, ect). Getting a set is hard facing down just one Mandalorian - but they usually live in large clans and are defensive for each other. You wouldn't be facing down one, but dozens if not hundreds.
(163.49 KB 1080x1268 Taller Grievous.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJO03xNlPto General Grievous: Has the size of the entire galaxy. Anakin: General Grievous! yOu ArE sHoRtEr ThAn I eXpEcTeD. (He was expecting him to be as massive as the universe.) Grievous: PROCEEDS TO DOUBLE HIS SIZE
https://youtu.be/YB9DIxdB198 the Bad Batch show just got announced - direct continuation of the Clone Wars tv series right after the proclamation of the Empire.
>>19941 >The Bad Batch Was excited that might have been about Gremlins 3 at first.
Ashoka is getting her own show
>>19941 This would be awesome, but they've changed the Bad Batch up so much from the original, don't know how good it is anymore. >>19946 That would be amusing, Gremlins are certainly a good fit among Star Wars aliens. >>19958 I hope they don't make it like they did her "lone travels" with the lesbo sisters in the final TCW season.
>>19941 >>19946 they really are going to make an endless amount of trash aren't they
>>19974 eh the mandalorian has turned out alright, lets see if they can do good again. maybe the Ahsoka show will be basically a Samurai movie while Bad Batch will be a bunch of deniable ops until it turns into a cathartic destruction of the Empire from the inside.
Science fantasy is lowbrow and peak american culture.
>>20146 Just because you have self-hatred and like being contrarian doesn't mean everyone is a neckbeard fag like you.
>>20146 Star Wars is not science fiction, it's fantasy.
(286.63 KB 548x480 1592694430847.png)
>>20174 >Science fantasy is lowbrow and peak american culture. anon... I...
(119.17 KB 464x650 TheAllegoryFag.png)
>>20174 I didn't say it was science fiction you dullard. >>20173 >contrarian For what? Saying it's lowbrow or peak american culture? Soy Wars is for mental children in an arrested mental state. >self-hatred >like being contrarian >neckbeard fag like you. Spoken like a true pozzed faggot.
>>20146 I really like vaping thc
>>20177 >Imagine being mad at people liking completely innocuous shit <Pretending like this doesn’t make you out to be an obviously miserable cunt
(32.87 KB 651x500 1610838781530.jpg)
>>20182 >Imagine being mad at a post disliking a kids movie series. <Pretending like this doesn’t make you out to be butthurt that not everyone enjoys watching soy wars
>>20183 I don’t care that not everyone likes Star Wars However you’re the one that came to the one thread specifically about Star Wars to bitch about how you don’t like Star Wars So yea, it’s obvious you’re a miserable cunt that s33thes when people enjoy things you don’t
(143.19 KB 1280x960 Grievous feels.jpeg)
>>20177 >muh soyjaks strawman caricatures are not an argument. >Soy Wars is for mental children in an arrested mental state Given that it is popular across the world with people of many different age groups, is essentially one of the most influential movies made, and tells a complete and well written story (excluding Disney fops), your opinion is entirely incorrect on a number of levels and not only does not hold up to either popular appeal but also critical appeal as well. Thus your clear hatred of Star Wars and people who enjoy it is contrarianism. Given your vitriolic wording and the fact that you went out of your way to shitpost on this thread, when it cost you 0$ to hide and ignore it, implies a great deal of negativity, likely born out of a variety of reasons, among which self-hatred; a common source among image-board contrarians. >pozzed faggot You know it to be true sweetie, get therapy before you taint peoples lives any more. >>20183 >This mad over a post <The post going out of its way to bitch and whine is not being mad LOL
(3.95 MB 425x425 butthurt spray.gif)
>>20177 Pic is you coping >lowbrow or peak american culture Lowbrow how? The original Star Wars is not incredibly complex nor did it have to be. As we can see with Nolan's works and numerous other movies of the past decade complex =/= good. Moreover the original story it told was a triumph of good over evil. The Prequels told of how evil could rise and how the best of people could be blind to that which was under their noses. How good does not always prevail and that politics are rife with misdirection, falsity and apathy that betray the people and those who fight for them. As pointed out in the thread, this is not just a reflection of US imperialism but also a reflection of Nazi imperialism and Roman Imperialism, because history often repeats itself. >allegory fag 1) All those supposed allegories save for "Allegory of the cave" are neither real allegories nor are they stated by anyone other than liberal democrats and their faggot lackeys. 2) Literally NONE of this has anything to do with Trump or Allegories, you fucking radlib. Go suck off Biden some more on twitter. >>20178 Good for you. >>20182 Based
(160.01 KB 544x479 1557098180837.png)
I obviously struck a nerve and I think it's fucking hilarious how seriously you take yourselves over a kids movie. >>20206 >I don’t care that not everyone likes Star Wars However you’re the one that came to the one thread specifically about Star Wars to bitch about how you don’t like Star Wars So far the only people 's33thing' are you bugmen with your hilarious replies. >>20216 >strawman caricatures are not an argument. It's not suppose to be an argument retard. Loosen up a little. >Given that it is popular across the world Popular with kids and boomers who grew up with it and are too oblivious not to spot obvious star wars marketing campaigns. CLASSIC CASE OF BURGER BRAINS. >people of many different age groups Yes kids will watch it, because it is a kids movie. Adults will watch star wars because they are there with their kids. Amazing right? >is essentially one of the most influential movies made So was Friends. Does that mean it's good? >and tells a complete Complete? I thought it was infamous for having several plot holes. >and well written story (excluding Disney fops) Ah yes, you're the type who insists the trilogy they grew up with is flawless but angrily posts online about the new Star Wars. Get a hobby. It seems Alec Guinness was correct. The star wars fandom festers mental illness and this thread demonstrate this — your responses confirms my belief that star wars fans are locked into eternal childhood :) >>20217 TL;DR You've all reached your entertainment quota for the day and I can't be bothered to continue for now as I have better things to do.
(47.93 KB 321x326 yousa doo doo.jpg)
>>20229 >soyjack memes aren't supposed to be an argument <I just posted them to be smug and because shitty strawmen are peak maturity >hilarious replies <Ur all childish lol <I'm not angry u are >Get a hobby <proceeds to make a hobby of being mad over people enjoying something >TL;DR <I have no argument but I want to poke at this smugly Your accusations are baseless and factually incorrect. Adults have and do see these films on their own with or without children and enjoy them. If they see them with children that does not make it childish or a "kids movie" and outside of Disney schlock, the story of the Original Trilogy, Prequels and the first 6 films independently are complete, with no real plot holes that cannot be covered by in universe explanations. Comparing a mediocre and already forgotten TV show with a film series that has global impact and is liked by many is a false equivalency. Liking, discussing and arguing about a series does not mean that it is flawless, nor does criticizing a corporate sequel for being far below the bar mean anything. >Alec Guinness <Imma misword the opinion of an old man musing about capitalist marketing influencing media to make it that anyone who enjoys Star Wars is "muh eternal childhood" Go back to reddit contrarian, your assblasted radical-lilberal shitposting is pathetic.
I just think lightsabers/the force is neat and the EU is cool.
all of star wars is dogshit i don't understand why you nerds need a general to talk and argue about these boring movies so much just because disney bought it and reignited the mediocre fantasy franchise into modern pop culture star trek>star wars


no cookies?