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(146.19 KB 569x425 stalinwriting.jpg)
Writing and Fanfiction General Gomrad Spurdo#HTmBuh 04/09/2020 (Thu) 18:21:03 No. 8063
Thread for those who like to read and write including fanfiction. Share drafts, look for beta-readers, ask for writing advice, give recommendations and do all that other cool jazz. Just remember to not bully anyone else no matter how shit their taste might be.
Edited last time by caballo on 11/19/2020 (Thu) 00:15:54.
>>15354 I would suggest fanfiction.net as a much better place. The viewership is much higher there and the format is easier to leave comments on.
>>15356 >The viewership is much higher there Is it really? I mean, I'm doing this story in spanish, not in english, so I don't know.
>>15357 Fanfiction.net is the most prolific fanfiction site currently in existance followed by archive of our own. Wattpad is generally the 3rd most common followed by various specialized sites such as Narutofanfiction and HarryPotterfanfiction.
>>15358 Yeah but is it for spanish speakers is what I'm saying. Is there a spanish fanfiction.com that regular people with no access to english can use?
>>15359 Fanfiction.net and archive of our own have spanish functions m8. https://www.archiveofourown.org/tags/Espa%C3%B1ol%20%7C%20Spanish/works
>>11901 Not the worst I've read but certainly a horrifically weird one. https://archiveofourown.org/works/3662220/chapters/8094165 TL;DR: The basilisk takes the idea of "Fuck mudbloods" literally.
>>11932 Speaking of the Giant Squid there is a peculiar but thankfully ungraphic fic where Lily Evans, under Amortentia essentially is impregnated by the giant squid.... it was wierd, but not outright horrifying. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11969154/2/I-Would-Rather
>>12466 LOL so this nigga just made a new update to his account in which he calls himself neutral and independent and that harassment is bad. Like this MoFo unironically threatens to call the police to doxx someone for "harassment" which given post related and his numerous over-reactions over disagreements is hilarious. His supposed disdain of Comicvine and Vsbattles is beyond ironic TBH. Honestly what is wrong with this twit?
>>15489 What continues to baffle me is why does he call himself Fiary Tail Dragon Slayer when EVERYTHING he posts is just Naruto-wank?
(173.97 KB 921x896 FTDS_Narutowank.png)
>>15716 >>15489 >>12466 Forgot to say but he had a joke-battles wiki page dedicated to his Naruto fagging but it was taken down September 2nd because of new rules, pic related is the screenshot.
What's the most annoying thing to have in a fanfiction? Why? I'll start >OOC main characters Why the fuck would you take a show, and a character that is the main staple of how the show works and change them entirely? If a character is perverted or really happy and make them into an edgy cunt or secretly evil or a supergenius for no reason? Just make your own ripoff series and do that.
(13.81 KB 336x330 1442195412327.png)
>>16164 >What's the most annoying thing to have in a fanfiction? Why? I don't have one specific thing because I get annoyed by quite a lot of factors, but I'll give a few examples for now. >When an author decides that they need to use their authors' notes as a platform for their political beliefs when the story itself has few, if any, political elements. Had this happen once with a Resident Evil SI story and literally in every chapter the guy kept shouting out his conservative, right-libertarian ideology (that was only relevant in the American context to begin with) and in later chapters he just went full on "commies should just die". Its really jarring to read an author telling you to vote for some candidate he likes (or liked if you're reading the story years later like I did), or complain about a policy he doesn't like, especially if you're a non-Burger. >When the author is a native English speaker but puts no effort into getting punctuation or grammar correct Like dude, at least get the punctuation correct when you start a sentence and remember that "i" is always written capitalized when used to address oneself. That already goes a long way. The way people like this write makes me think they never finished their primary education. >When the story starts off with a description of what the protagonist looks like This is jarring as hell and always makes me want to drop a story immediately, even if I like the premise based on the initial plot summary. >When its a self-insert story but the SI just wants to become friends with the main cast so they can experience the main plot but at the same time change as little about it as possible Please, just do something to change things instead of just being an idle observer. I understand its easier for you to write a novelization of the original work instead of doing your own thing within that established world, but I came to read fanfiction and a novelization is precisely not that. >When its a gamer story but the protagonist chooses the elemental mage class yet again because fuck you I want magic There's plenty of classes to choose from in most RPG systems besides the most basic-bitch magic users. Like pick a ranger or a monk for change if you're going with a D&D inspired system. >When its a gamer story and the protagonist gets a chance to make their own avatar but they yet again pick either purple or red eyes and white or black hair because they want to feel speshul If your plan is to blend in to a population that has natural hair and eye colors for the most part, having yourself look like the epitome of a gary stu/mary sue is not helping things and it also breaks immersion when nobody in-world points this out. >When the best way the protagonist (SI or OC) sees they can bring about change in the world they're stuck in is becoming an entrepreneur™ and starting their own business This is just pure petit-bourgoisie ideology, plain and simple. Unless of course you're trying to build dual power by making a worker co-op in preparation for an upcoming revolution, then its based. I hate it when this happens with settings which originally had a clear political undertone and are ripe for political intrigue, but which the author never really does anything interesting with. Even capeshit staples like DC universe's Gotham are ripe breeding ground for fermenting radical political change considering how absolutely filled with crime and poverty the place is, but I've yet to see one story that really plays with this aspect beyond the protagonist acknowledging how shitty the place is for the average person to live in and how Batman and his cohorts aren't really helping the situation.
>>16196 >platform for their political beliefs I can honestly say I've never seen this before.. but I agree it would likely be annoying AF >he way people like this write makes me think they never finished their primary education A lot of fanfic writers are young teens who don't spell-check or proof-read so you're not too far off the mark. >SI just wants to become friends with the main cast so they can experience the main plot I don't mind those stories personally however I recognize that intrinsically the presence of an SI to follow a story would lead to changes in the plot. >becoming an entrepreneur™ and starting their own business Holy fuck this, I fucking hate this, can't believe I forgot about this kind of shit.
(51.61 KB 399x464 1439226921382.jpg)
>>16203 >I can honestly say I've never seen this before.. but I agree it would likely be annoying AF It was a one off thing really, but it has stuck pretty vividly in my mind because I read pretty far into the story itself because it tickled my gun autism itch but eventually his A/N bullshit just got too cringy for me and I ended up dropping the whole thing. >A lot of fanfic writers are young teens who don't spell-check or proof-read so you're not too far off the mark. I'd get it if that was the case but the ones I'm talking about were (according to their profiles) grown-ass adults. >I don't mind those stories personally however I recognize that intrinsically the presence of an SI to follow a story would lead to changes in the plot. The problem is that not every fanfic author always recognizes the fact that having even one extra person participating in an event has the potential to cause major change in the outcome of said event, let alone a person with meta-knowledge regarding the world and future events.
>>16214 >grown ass adults LOL really? That's prtty sad TBH >let alone a person with meta-knowledge regarding the world and future events There is actually a really good fanfic that does this really well; A story about a girl who drops into Harry Potter world and with her knowledge of the Riddle Diary derails everything. It's actually really well written IMO. https://archiveofourown.org/works/24196849/chapters/58283563
>>8063 What are the most kino things of a fanfic?
>>16259 When written by good authors they can expand the verse or rewrite a story even better than the original media.
Is there any commie fanfiction? By this I mean a fic where the protagonist or any actor in it is involved in explicit revolutionary shit.
>>16344 Let me introduce you to the revelry of Communist Harry Potter. It is the most hilarious shit ever where he literally goes around calling out all the bourg shit and calling for Gulags and Guillotines https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9655837/1/Harry-Potter-Becomes-A-Communist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcHdgBqgASQ
(72.75 KB 720x720 lmao.png)
>>16358 Having read past the first two chapters, this fic seems like its just one big shitpost on the author's part down to the A/N. Then again it IS classified as a parody. Like, everyone in the fic is obviously a caricature, including Harry himself.
>>16358 What about the video sounds russian? Just because it's on a piano and in minor key?
Is it okay to post just general writing shit in here? I've been sort of doing poetry/musings and I want someone to run them by but I got nobody for that.
>>16369 Just do it
>>16371 alright here goes nothing. "How fucked up is it, the notion of dying like a dog? The dog, man’s best friend, part of the family, the lovable scamp. Stripped of dignity, lacking in honor. A cold, humiliating end. But why? Is the subservient relationship we’ve formed miserable? When did the arrangement of man and canine stop being mutually beneficial? Are dogs commodity or friends? Is the concept of friendship a commodity? Maybe we’ve been taught that living for the pack is miserable. Maybe it’s the cult of individuality. I detest this, I find it abjectly terrifying. For when you shouted, I knew we were brothers. You shook my hand, even if you were lacking in digits. We shared bread and loving glances. You could sense when I was sad, and I’d like to believe I could tell when you were upset too. When you left, I didn’t know what to say. Maybe that silence was the deprivation of your dignity. I won’t let that memory of you go cold. I refuse this premise!! I lived for your happiness, you and I, we were family! You and I, any man or beast on this cold blue planet. We all deserve dignity. I may die a dog’s death, but I reject the notion of my life having more value than yours. We all have to live for each other, you taught me that without uttering a single word. I can’t think of anything more noble than living to love." I'm very, very rusty. Tell me what parts of it read poorly. The whole idea is that it's kind of fucked up that society sees dog ownership as something of a commodity, thereby making their existence lesser or whatever. It's just sad to think about because I'm sure the animals themselves don't think the same. It creates this messy notion of hierarchy in what theoretically should be a mutual existence.
Recently read link related: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12944357/1/Multiverse-Tournament It's not the best fic but its decently written for something this vast. Unfortunately I finished reading it and google gives me shitty wattpad results that are unreadable. Does anyone have/know some multi-versal anime tournament fanfics worth reading? I just want to read characters I know from different series interact in a fight outside of lengthy crossworld fics.
(464.97 KB 1024x1024 Sovetsky Soyuz warshipgirls.png)
Reposting from /anime/ Not a big fan of these shows (mecha-musume) or their fanfictions (mostly out of how ridiculous they are), however I do enjoy some of it casually. However one fanfiction of Kantai Collection that I enjoyed very much was a rather unique fanfic called Kancolle: Exodus Initiative, a sadly incomplete fanfiction where the main character is a Soviet battlecruiser of experimental nature, The Stalingrad, the first ship of the Stalingrad Class Project 82 battlecruisers*. The Abyssals take over most of the world and rule in collaboration with the countries of the world, but there are groups of shipgirls and people who are fighting back in a revek struggle). The fic begins in a bit of a confusing way (intentionally mirroring the chaos of the situation) but eventually clarifies a bit more. One of the interesting aspects is how they address Shipgirls. They physically embody their ships, so removing and replacing ribs and taping together organs or losing arms is treated as normal for them. Another unique part that reflects a bit of the Kancolle movie, is that they retain the memories of war that their soldier's and crew fought in. A unique aspect of the main character is that, the Soviet Navy, whose forces were often stuck fighting on land, since the Germans did not seek to engage in direct naval confrontation and tried to lock them in port with mines and nets, thus Stalingrad (the shipgirl) retains vivid and horrendous memories of the war. Her soviet perspective and ideology is also an influence and interesting aspect. (SPOILERS) Her mannerisms and ideology are initially treated with jocular quality, but it becomes a bit of a plot point in the last chapters. Part of this is seen with her hidden split personality 'Koba', who enunciates her position and is more dangerously and direct (SPOILERS). I think this is so appealing to me because my Great-grandfather fought in the war and my own appreciation of the USSR. TL;DR: I liked the commie ship and the way it was done Original fic: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11720694/13/Kancolle-Exodus-Initiative Russian Translation: https://ficbook.net/readfic/9269278/24003647#part_content *These ships are insane compared to any other battlecruiser and their internal systems honestly would be a good study for future warships and the range on the experimental guns was impressive. - http://www.e-reading.club/chapter.php/1002749/11/superlinkory-stalina-sovetskiy-soyuz-kronshtadt-stalingrad.html - http://archive.is/VQJd8
I wrote a book of poetry amazon.com/dp/B08J2R4LD8
>>16488 Probably goes in the poetry thread. but not bad. At least you're doing something
>>16492 Oops sorry I thought this was a different thread. And thank you! I'm working on a second book now and am probably gonna call it quits after 3 poem books total
There is a fanfic author called Yojimbra who used to do a lot of fairly well written Naruto fanfics (often gender bender ones) but then stopped and switched to BNHA. While their profile says "a vacation" from Naruto, the author is in fact never intending to write that fiction again and is quite hostile to the fandom in general suddenly. I have no idea why though. Does anyone know what happened? https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1324405/
(72.02 KB 1317x1395 tom_myers.jpg)
any room for lads writing alt-history fiction here? i mean, it's essentially writing fanfiction versions of real life
>>16533 Yep definitely
(68.24 KB 1280x720 8gwk2.jpg)
>>16533 Technically historical fanfiction is still fanfiction, so I'd say go for it.
>>16533 Which weird timeline do you have in mind?
(112.39 KB 911x1126 Smirnov.jpg)
Reposting this edited fanfic tier green >be you >Leningrad,January 1943 >It's been two years since you lost all of your family to the Wehrmacht when they were defending the city during Operation Barbarossa >all you have left is your younger brother >both assigned to guard the western entrance of Leningrad >both in the same abandoned apartment for three months now >the temperature is cold as ever >feeling like shit, you haven't slept for days >only equipped with a coat,a hat,a pistol And a mosin-sniper >you decide to leave your brother in the building to get some food and ammo but warns him to be on alert for any enemies,he accepts >half an hour pass >you hear from the other soldiers that the red army managed to reconnect with the city and that the Nazis in Stalingrad are losing costly >happy as fuck,you decide to tell your bro. >you hurry back to the fourth floor looking for him <SEE PIC RELATED >you stand there in shock >your heart starts beating, seeing your brother with a Nazi fills you with both anger and fear >you drop what ever you were carrying and pull out your revolver >she notices you, when you grab her luger >(WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING SERGEI) >(comrade,its not what it looks like... well it is but let me explain, this is Minna, she defected weeks ago after seeing no point of fighting for Hitler and the fascists anymore and I've been hiding her here ever since) >she interrupts (It's true! when we asked that bastard for winter clothes all he said was keep going and gave false promises. He told us lies and drove us to hate your people. He is throwing us all to die just so he can fulfill his crazy dreams and drive the whole world against Germany, so if you're gonna shoot me now know this, I'm seeking revenge on Hitler and his butcher generals and to prove that I stole documents containing the proximity of Von Leebs's army and their numbers, I will fight and help you stop him! And by the way i don't know how to say this but your brother here is a good young man, who did not kill me on sight when I surrendered to him with my tale) >he responds (please don't kill her brother, I love her I really did find a connection with her, a connection that I want to keep alive) >You're in a sticky situation; on one hand your brother is what is left for you in this world and on the other you fucking hate nazis and ought to kill them... >what do you do? From a romanticized perspective, find a way to get her docs checked for legitimacy, think of a good story for the officers to keep them from just POWing her and maybe getting her to fight for the Red Army with us as a communist, once all suspicion is cleared. Maybe she was doing a Mulan to stop her sickly brother from being conscripted or something as the war forced Germany to start recruiting more people. Pretending to be him she slipped into the fighting up North. The Shan-Yu of the story would Papa Stalin or some other communist avatar, except she realizes he was right and the Nazis are worse. Then she joins a woman's sniper regiment or something. What would she do after the war? Return to the now called DDR or keep looking for her brother? Marry that guy from the story? Maybe all three and retire in the USSR? Pragmatically speaking from a real world view; disarm her and take the documents immediately then report to the nearest commissar and ask him what is to be done. Probably going to keep her POW until the war ends, though sometimes German deserters joined the Red Army. However even if she has docs she is not to be trusted under any circumstance until her intentions are proven genuine.
>>17441 https://www.wattpad.com/story/156198762-the-eternal-forbidden-love-male-soviet-x-female The original doujin, called Bad Romance, is worse - about a Nazi dominating a Soviet youth - but it's been mostly wiped from the internet http://kikostudiosadult.blogspot.com/2010/11/bad-romance.html?zx=fab9070707d1493a
https://archiveofourown.org/works/2808545 I came across this I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream-fic a while back and I must say it's one of the more vile fics I've found so far. The source material is fairly horrifying as it is (thanks Harlan Ellison), but this thing stuck with me for several days. You have been warned.
>>17493 This is a masochistic fantasy fic if I've ever seen one... not unusual, but quite vile indeed.
>>17441 Original poster here,thank you for finishing my post but i still think its not done yet
>>17530 Then finish it m, I just reposted it so it wouldn't be lost.
>>12466 >>15921 >>15716 >>15489 I found the ultimate match in a Sasuke wanker so bad every post of his is about how Sasuke is great while Naruto is not while kicking Sakura while they're at it, all using cherry-picked scans and badly translated/assumed words. Has a hateboner for Kakashi too. Really brings back the days of Sasuke-suckers of the Naruto fandom. https://archive.vn/Vpa7B
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZe94BIfkyc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaXdD21d0e8 I want a fic where Gorbachev gets stopped and videos related gets put into power, bringing the USSR back to the right path.
Fanfiction.net is going to shit, update the fanlore and download what you want. On that note, anyone got a reliable fanfiction downloader they can reccommend? https://fanlore.org/wiki/FanFiction.Net
https://archive.is/vWowL Probably one of the funniest Troll fics I've read. Really encapsulates the Banishment fic trope.
Found this gem of the old internet yesterday. https://www.aladdincentral.org/library/index.php It's rather interesting to recall how there used to be so many independent forums being made by different fandoms for their fiction and discussions. narutofic.org for Naruto The Quidditch Pitch, mugglenetfanfiction and hpfanficarchive for Harry Potter and Apartment 402 for Evangelion. I feel a certain nostalgia for the old internet TBH.
>>8812 Moe lolishit As a straight dude, I hate that as well.
>>16228 There is a similar Naruto fanfic called Dragonfly by pecollia where an SI girl is reborn as some Uchiha and knowing what Itachi will do decides to live her next decade to the fullest before accepting demise. It was both frustrating and emotional
(1.51 MB 450x360 Kat's Dance.mp4)
(11.94 KB 480x360 crazed witch apprentice.jpg)
>>10275 Sorry I missed your response and didn't reply. 4 months late, but whatever >OVA Seriously? What was it called? >a huge improvement over the kind of novels marketed at teens in the eighties True, but somewhat debateable. The quality rose with Star Wars EU and other stuff, but generally 80s paperbacks were more interesting than stuff from the 2010s. >for example ? >ost of the cartoons I remember were canadian, from the same company that made Totally Spies Ah, that might be it. I mean Canada had some banger shows, but a lot of it was cheap trash because budget constraints. I still remember Kid vs Kat and other stuff like Totally Spies (pic related). Good times. >Star and the Forces of Evil, Adventure Time I'm going to be honest, those are both terrible shows, and while the latter is defended by fans to th death, Star & Marco have been lambasted for years at this point, as has LH and other cringe. The 000s had A LOT of good stuff, but because it wasn't exported well, you probably didn't see it, stuff like Ben 10, ATLA, Generator Rex, Kim Possible Danny Phantom, Rocko's Life, Recess and more. In the past 5 years I can't name a single childrens show that I would be comfortable letting kids see or bother with. It's much easier to turn on old TMNT and other shows and let them watch that instead. >Americans got into anime very late and with bottom of the barrel tier shows. That's true, but to be fair that was the most popular product world wide, along with a lot of other things >GiTS That was popular in the USA, but it's an adult anime TBH >One of the TV channels even had hentai at night for a few years. Really? top kek, did it ever play Stainless Night or Angel City?
(331.55 KB 479x627 Z Andropov save.png)
>>18502 pic related, someone write this


no cookies?